Take a Good Look at Jon Urbana’s Really Cool Blog

Former professional lacrosse player Jon Urbana has a lot of interests. He made news recently when the FAA recognized him as a pilot. Those who follow his career realize he has many personal and business-related interests he enjoys perusing. His valuable blog highlights his interest in photo art and more.

Urbana’s fondness for the environment and photo art come together quite frequently. “Granola Breakfast with Berries and Yogurt” is something athletes are going to love eating. Not only does the breakfast taste awesome, the meal provides healthy carbs for daily endurance and energy. The photo he shared on Instagram last week is a fantastic work of art that captures the true aesthetic beauty of these natural food selections.

Food has to be cooked somewhere and the “Kitchen at Monet’s house in Giverny” is one great place to take part in the activity. The photo from his website that captures the golden accessories and the blue and white printed wall is not the only reflection of art. The kitchen is extremely artistic in its design, style, and look. The kitchen really is a cooking wonderland to be sure.

Readers looking to check out something fun and upbeat should look at the video “Allround Atje by anton withagen”. Jon Urbana’s Vimeo output is a little offbeat and that is surely a good thing. The video not only gives the reader a slight smile, the presence of the moving images leads many to wonder what exactly is Urbana going to post on Facebook each day.

And for those who want a super-funny and lighthearted video, “How to be a Klingon Male” really fits the bill. The title of the video tells all, but there still may be a few surprises for those who click on the video to see the pictures that Jon Urbana has captured on the years. Listen to his songs first in the morning to start the day out on a good note.

Starting the day right also includes enjoying a “Fresh healthy breakfast“. The photo on Urbana’s Tumblr captures the wondrous brilliance of a seemingly simple and basic breakfast. Sometimes, the simple things are the best things.

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