Desiree Perez: An Experienced Manager and Terrific Dealmaker

Desiree Perez is a shrewd entrepreneur and authority in the entertainment sector. Currently, she serves as an executive officer at Roc Nation, an entertainment company that offers management services to musicians. Perez works in collaboration with Jay Z, founder of Roc Nation.

Desiree Perez’s work history

Desiree Perez has worked in the entertainment sector for last two decades and has successfully negotiated deals for her clients. Perez runs activities at SC Enterprise, a premier firm owned by Jay Z. This talented executive is married to Juan Perez, the director of Roc Nation Sports Agency. Perez runs activities at Roc Nation with the help of Jana Fleischman, Jay Brown, TyTy Smith, and Chaka Pilgrim. Perez and her colleagues are also in charge of the Tidal music streaming services. Leveraging Perez’s exceptional negotiation skills, Jay Z acquired Tidal from Aspiro in 2015.   Visit for more.

Perez is a skilled negotiator and manages clients in the music arena. She has negotiated deals for renowned artists, including Beyoncé and Rihanna. In 2016, Perez arranged the Formation World tour for Beyoncé. She also assisted Rihanna to get a lucrative deal from Samsung. Perez takes great pride in her work and enjoys what she does. Aside from musicians, Perez has been instrumental in negotiating contracts for baseball players under Roc Nation Sports Agency. Perez has earned an excellent reputation for aggressiveness when it comes to negotiations.  Check this out.

Perez assists Jay Z to manage 40/40 club

In 2003, Perez assisted Jay Z in launching a sports, bar, and lounge in New York. This club seats on a 12000 square feet area in an environment endowed with sports and other entertainment arenas. The club offers an exclusive environment and platforms for clients to watch games. According to Perez, this place offers a serene environment for people to relax and have meaningful conversations.


David Giertz and Social Security Expertise

David L. Giertz is a prominent executive who works for Nationwide Financial. He serves as the company’s distribution and sales head. People frequently refer to him simply as “Dave.” He’s been in charge of distribution and sales at Nationwide Financial since the spring of 2013. Veronica Dagher pens the Wall Street Journal’s Wealth Adviser column. She recently spoke to Giertz regarding the topic of social security.

David Giertz stated in the interview that a survey indicates that the majority of advisers out there simply aren’t discussing social security matters with their clients. He also said that he believes that social security is a complicated and in-depth subject. He thinks that that’s the main reason so many advisers these days are steering clear of it. Giertz said that there are approaching 3,000 distinct rules and guidelines in the social security world on He said that that amount of information can be tough for many to grasp and properly understand.

Giertz is based in Dublin, a city that’s in the Midwestern state of Ohio. It’s part of Union, Delaware and Franklin counties. Giertz works out of an office in Columbus, the biggest city in the entire state. The broker is a seasoned professional in the finance realm on He’s been working in it for three full decades now as well. Clients have been depending on Giertz’s comprehensive financial guidance for many years and counting. The financial advisor on has a strong and solid reputation within his field.

This widely known executive regularly speaks to noteworthy publications on the topic of financial matters at He talks about serious and pressing issues that affect people all around the United States. He talks about all kinds of financial subjects that influence the decisions they make on a daily basis, too. He occasionally gives his insight to popular websites such as Fox Business.

The Traveling Vineyard: Not Your Typical Business

The business of wine can be quite a complex and altogether strenuous one. It involves perfection on every level. There is no room for even the slightest margin of error, for that itself would require an entire re-sell or back-to-stock order.

All areas of presentation, advertisement, taste and post-sale follow-up must be flawless, and that itself is a vast understatement. If the point has not been made quite clearly, then it must be repeated for an impeccably understood emphasis: wine is a fine luxury, and both its sale and overall taste must be flawless in order to ensure continued success in the business, for it is a business unlike any other in our time.

Available on Numerous Platforms

The Traveling Vineyard is a perfect example of such a neat, organized and devoted wine-selling business. It is available for questions, product and service browsing, advice and tips, contests and sweepstakes, industry networking and far more through its use of the main website and additional social media platforms. The Traveling Vineyard can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Plans for further social media platforms are in effect as we speak, and there should be more to come later in the New Year. Administrators expect to bring more photos, videos, raffle drawings and overall business opportunities to the table. I suppose that one can make everybody happy and satisfied in the world of wine, after all.

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Success Model

The Pinterest company page has nearly 4,000 followers, 72 likes, 1,200 pins, 30 boards and 98 following markers alone. The Traveling Vineyard’s Instagram page has 50 following markers, 322 posts and 3,610 followers. The Twitter page has 716 likes, 200 following indicators, 2,104 followers and 1,996 tweets with replies.

If you wish to talk about a model for widespread advertisement, promotional and sales success, then this is the one. The Facebook page alone is perhaps the most followed of all. It has almost 34,000 likes and nearly 33,000 followers as well as over 500 posted company photos.

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