The NFL And Cancer Treatment Centers Of America Combine Their Efforts For Prostate Cancer Awareness

More than 160,000 men aged 40 or older will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in the U.S. in 2017, a number which has prompted the National Football League Alumni, LabCorp, and The Cancer Treatment Centers of America to partner for Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. The aim of the month is to educate men in the target range of 40 or older about the dangers of the most common form of cancer seen among men.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America and LabCorp have come together to bring a number of free and discounted prostate cancer screenings to men who meet eligibility requirements. The majority of men over 40 are recommended to undertake the Prostate Specific Antigen test which can provide a guide to physicians about the possibility of prostate cancer being found within the body of an individual patient; The Cancer Treatment Centers of America believe it important to advise patients that a positive result from the PSA is not a guarantee of prostate cancer being present.

Alongside the offer of free and discounted PSA screenings, The Cancer Treatment Centers of America is also working to raise awareness of prostate cancer with the NFL. During regular season football games during Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, a number of public service announcements will be screened featuring iconic former NFL coaches.

Founded in 1988, The Cancer Treatment Centers of America was founded by Robert J. Stephenson after the death of his own mother from cancer. Stephenson felt a better approach could be found to research and treat different forms of cancer that were available during his mother’s illness.

The use of various complimentary-therapies marks the difference between The Cancer Treatment Centers of America and other healthcare providers who do not provide nutritional and alternative therapies to aid in recovery from traditional cancer treatments.

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The Chronicles of Hussain Sajwani

There is nothing that gives us peace of mind than a place that we consider home. Sometimes finding the home of our dreams can be very challenging. This story is, however, different for the people of the Middle East and Dubai. They have the most ranked real estate business person. Hussain Sajwani of DAMAC properties has helped many residents acquire what they best describe as their perfect homes. This is because of his passion and great skills in the business.

DAMAC Properties are not only restricted in residential provision. There also deal with commercial properties like hotels and offices. He was among the first people who invested in real estate. This is at a time when the population in Dubai had increased rapidly. He built several hotels to accommodate the population. This is where the Idea of his company was developed.

The success of the company can be associated with the grip the DAMAC owner has in business. He also has prominent associates like Donald Trump. When Donald Trump assumed office, he said that he would not close any deals while in office. However, Hussein says that his relationship with Donald Trump is defined past the office.

Besides being business partners, they are friends. For example, they spend the New Year’s Eve together. Hussain Sajwani family have had multiple dinners and lunch together, with Donald Trump’s family. Hussein says that their wives have a good relationship as well. They email each other severally and constantly visit each other.

Hussein and Donald Trump are engaged in making Donald’s international golf work. He hopes that their business relationships will get stronger. He explains that it’s good when your business partner relations is no just a cold relationship. Learn more:

Only a few people give back to the society. Hussein has engaged in numerous acts of giving. He gave AED two million to clothe children. He says that the children are the future leaders of tomorrow. They, therefore, need to keep warm. His donation will help clothe 50000 children across the continent. He adds that it is only fair that they get a great environment to start their life. Other investors should learn to give back to the society. Learn more:


Equities First Holdings UK a Lending Platform for Borrowers

Equities First Holdings UK a lending platform for borrowers who need financial help. It was established in 2002, and continue to grow globally. The non-recourse loans are at low-rates, and many individuals or companies can qualify for a stock-based or a margin loan.

Equities First Holdings UK also provide shareholder financial services and strategic ways for people to obtain cash. There are global locations- U.S., UK, Sydney, Perth, and Hong Kong, that are there to help people reach their financial goals. It’s a company that allow individuals to gain access to the capital they need to grow or expand in the world of business and more


The Philosophy Behind Rocketship Education has Enabled the Program to Provide Brighter Futures for its Students

As an educational program, Rocketship Education is not only thought of as being innovative, but also as pioneering the way for other advanced learning systems. On reflecting on what they had accomplished over the past ten years, the people behind Rocketship saw where they had room for improvement as well as where they succeeded in achieving their goals. Early on, they realized the importance of combining home and school to create a more well-rounded educational foundation. After making a difference in the lives of children from low-income backgrounds they also realized they needed to encourage parents to make their voices heard within the community. It is only when the parents get actively involved in the educational process that change within the community will come about.

Rocketship Education was founded on the belief that every child could succeed. This belief was specifically aimed at the educations received by students who came from low-income families. In order to better prepare these students for a successful future, the team behind Rocketship created a program that delivered the type of limitless possibility they wanted students to have. The charter schools in the Rocketship network stand on what is referred to as their three towers of transformation. These include personalized learning, the development of talent and the power of parents. After a decade of servicing students from low-income backgrounds the evidence for success is clearly visible.

No where can the improvement in the education received by children of low-income families be seen better than in the San Jose area. This region was once referred to as the launching pad for what people deemed to be the American Dream. The ability for children from low-income families to succeed after graduation significantly declined over the past few decades. The implementation of Rocketship Education charter schools in this area, saw a reverse of this decline. Reflecting on the change this community has seen, one educator commented on the success ratio the initial first graders in the program have had in graduating from high school and attending four-year colleges. The specialized approach to education taken by Rocketship has given these children new hope for brighter tomorrows.

Eric Lefkofsky Participates in Fight for Cancer

As the year’s pass, cost of health care has been increasing. Patients intense demands, and costly attention have contributed to the higher medical care. As reported in JAMA, growth in population and getting aged can as well result in the spending cost. According to Joseph Dieleman, the study leader, medical costs for different diseases depend on various factors.

For instance, during the period of study, diabetes recorded the most significant increase of $ 64 billion annually with $40 billion spend on medication. Each factor analyzed has an impact on the increased medical care charges. Dieleman, mentioned aging, pharmaceuticals usage, diabetes prevalence and population growth as some of the cost factors in the US healthcare upsurge.

Neck pain and low back recorded an increase of 8.5% for the inpatient care, with an annual spending of $57 billion. Regardless of reduction in medical expenditure summing up to $201 billion, the inpatient cost for all illnesses increased by $439 billion from $258 billion per annum. The efforts to reduce medical spending has not fully impacted as projected.

According to the director of Centre for Health Policy Peter Bach, pharmaceuticals are not a significant reduction of cost. The costly drugs, prescribed to patients to prevent hospitalization, is not a crucial factor in medical care spending. Cost breakdown would aid researchers in analyzing the specific spending factors.

Eric Lefkofsky

Born on 1969 September 2nd and an American businessman, Eric is a co-founder of Tempus. He chairs the technology company known to be at the forefront in fighting cancer. The entrepreneur traded carpets at the University of Michigan. In collaboration with his colleague Brad Keywell, they co-founded Brandon Apparel after the completion of law school. They later founded Echo Global Logistics, in 2005 a freight and logistics business. Eric invented Starbelly, a technology company that aimed at products advertisement.

Eric Lefkofsky is an investor who has participated in the formation of Mediaocean, Inner Workings, Uptake technologies, and LightBank. He launched a family Foundation in 2016, that is aimed at supporting educational, scientific charitable institutions. The focus of this foundation is on children and has offered support to over 50 organizations. The charity center is under the management of Lefkofsky family.

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Agora Financial Keeps the Investor in the Loop

The people that want to retire well are taking cues from Agora Financial on how they should prepare portfolios. This all comes with the financial literature that the experts at Agora Financial are providing. These are people that are giving investors a chance to learn about better steps to financial planning by providing financially literature.

Investors typically want to find out more about how they can build a better portfolio. They have multiple ways to learn about what is going to help build the best returns on investment. Some people can check out the website and look at the free reports that are offered by Agora Financial. Others may opt for the premium reports where they sign up for a subscription to certain things that are part of the Agora Financial literature collection.

People that are still in a stage of conceptualising a financial plan may start with checking Agora Financial on Twitter. Agora Financial has many links to different articles about retiring rich and gaining the biggest returns on investment.

This company is located in Baltimore, and the experts that are part of the team have analysis economic commentary. These are experts that know the market because they have studied what is happening in the financial world many years. They have the ability to help those that may not have any direction at all when it comes to saving for their future.

What most people will notice about Agora Financial is that it has a lot of information on market forecast through books and email publications. There are also conferences where Agora Financial experts give advice to people that are planning to retire well.

This company has gained a lot of exposure for keeping people informed about market trends. It is the company that provides extensive financial literature.

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Paul Mampilly Introduces More Americans To Investing

In many films, an investor is depicted as someone who is extremely wealthy and usually able to buy a company outright if they wanted to. On the big screen, it would appear that very few people get to invest their money because they don’t have enough of it to do so. In reality, tens of thousands of regular everyday normal people invest their hard earned dollars in the hopes that they will see a return on their investment and their overall wealth will grow. The number of investors in the world would undoubtedly be higher if more people knew where to start investing and if the process were to be made more main stream. This is where financial experts such as Paul Mampilly come into play with their breadth of knowledge on investing. Mampilly firmly believes that everyone, no matter what their income, can actively invest their money and watch it grow as long as proper safeguards are adhered to. Mampilly notes that innovative technologies and ideas can always be looked to as a solid investment. Three such innovations he reccommends looking more closely into are:


Electric Vehicles

Mampilly predicts that in the future people will drive more electric cars than traditional fossil fuel powered vehicles and thus provides an innate investment opportunity as the industry is still relatively young. Eventually, the maintenance required of more traditional vehicles will be far too time consuming to justify their purchase making the choice to buy an electric vehicle that much easier.

Amazon Is Going to Crush This Entire Group of Companies. #Amazon #Investing #Stocks #BanyanHill $amzn $cvs $wba

— Paul Mampilly(@Paul_M_Guru) October 12, 2017

Precision Health Care

With the increase in medical technology, medical professionals understand human DNA better than ever and are in the process of unlocking its many secrets. If someone’s DNA is properly sequenced, certain diseases which that individual may be susceptible to reveal themselves and thus doctors can pay closer attention to them. This life saving breakthrough provides one of the most promising investment opportunities that Mampilly is personally excited about.


Meal Delivery Services

A growing trend all across the world is that people are eating healthier and willing to spend more money on food that is good for them. For this reason it is easy to see why food delivery services offering healthy meals already prepped are an interesting investment opportunity, and learn more about Paul Mampilly.

Investing always carries some inherent risks but with the advice of investing gurus such as Paul Mampilly at your disposal, you can rest assured that your risk of losing your hard earned dollars has been greatly minimized, and

Sentient AI Promotes Technologically Advanced Marketing for Companies

Sentient AI has contributed to a variety of advancements in digital marketing. This has been possible through the technology of Artificial Intelligence. Employees have now adopted a way of having their work days planned technologically with the technology of this new advancement. Everything that they engage in has been programmed effectively to enhance efficiency and save the time they take to market their products.

Artificial intelligence has technologically advanced marketing such that clients’ can now get their services from the comfort of their homes and offices. Most of all, Artificial Intelligence has improved the components of digital marketing such as Google Maps used by suppliers to reach the target markets and have elevated their services to issuing home delivery. This has been possible since the invention of Uber which is now the world’s most popular fast and affordable means of transport.

Various companies have now recorded huge sales following the advancements in the marketing of their products. The wearisome processes that existed before in the marketing and sales companies have been scrapped out by this new technological invention. Employees have been trained on the basics of Artificial Intelligence and this has reflected positively on their sales records in the companies that they work for.

One of the components of AI technologies invented by the chief executive officer of AI companies, Node, has simplified the procedures involved in identifying reliable customers. This has been possible through the conversations that the employees have had with the various customers. This has made marketing more personal for the customers compared to the times when buyers would just read information on the websites of companies without getting the opportunity to inquire more about the products. However, Node has eliminated all these. Thanks to the emergence of AI technologies. Visit to know more about Sentient.

Increase in human interactions with Node has enhanced technologically advanced marketing by strengthening customer service delivery hence maximizing on the companies’ profits. Most importantly, the AI technologies have contributed chiefly in advancing human intelligence hence the merging of this marketing strategy and other components of this technological advancement to generally promote marketing of products online.

Companies have noted major increases in the sales of their products since the adaptation of AI technologies. This has taken e-commerce to a different level with high operational standards. Human intelligence being at the forefront of digital marketing, AI technologies has improved the marketing strategies that these employees employ for them to win customers for their products.

George Soros Donates a Whopping $18 Billion to Philanthropy

According to NY Times, George Soros gave eighteen billion dollars to Open Society Foundations. The donation was among the most substantial wealth transfers from an individual to a foundation. George Soros contributed quietly over the past years but only disclosed the information later in 2017.

The gift made Open Society Foundations become the second most prominent organization in the field of philanthropy. Also, it placed George Soros at the center of every political and social debate throughout the country. Mr. Soros is at the epicenter of conservative critics.

George Soros established Open Society Foundations to advocate for human and democratic rights throughout the world. Following growth in his fortunes, George Soros started to fund efforts that would promote human and democratic rights. Thus, he began his first foundation in 1984 in Hungary. As per New York Times, the organization’s name originated from a philosophy book in which the author argued for free expression, democratic governance, and respect for people’s rights.

Some of the realizations of the foundation include funding clinics during the Ebola outbreak in 2014, protection of citizens following the 2016 elections in the United States, and construction of a Roma culture and art preservation center. Mr. Soros allocated ten million dollars to finance the efforts against the countrywide hate incidents wave that followed the 2016 elections. Mr. Soros committed himself to reducing the election tension.

George Soros’ foundation is a large organization reaching to almost all parts of the world. According to NY Times, some prominent people describe the foundation as far-reaching and being more impactful compared to all the other social justice trusts throughout the world. The organization’s footprints are wider and deeper. The foundation works with civil society leaders who are facing second-class forms of justice. George Soros constantly oversees the organization’s work. Stacy Palmer describes George Soros as being transparent concerning his views.

George Soros is among the world’s most famous philanthropists according to Open Society Foundations. He continues to spend vast sums of his fortune to finance his organization’s work throughout the globe. He founded and still supports his Central European University that is in Budapest. The institution leads in social sciences study in the region. His foundations continue to support numerous underserved but promising children by paying their university and school fees.

George Soros’ donations primarily focus on those people that get discriminated for their identity or place of residence. Through his leadership, the foundations support organizations and individuals globally that fight for accountable governments, free expression, and civil societies. According to Open Society Foundations, George Soros committed to assisting others because he also experienced similar intolerance during his early years. Read this article on about George.

Born in 1930, George Soros survived the Nazi occupation of Hungary. His family escaped the invasion through securing of false identities and pledged to resist the discrimination. He later left Budapest for London in 1947 where he did part-time work to pay for his economic studies. He then proceeded to the US in 1956 and entered the world of investments and finance. Who knew that he could rise to be among the most successful US investors?


Securus Technologies Achievements

Securus Technologies is the best company in the provision of technology solutions based on civil and criminal justice for investigation, public security, monitoring and corrections declared that its Associate population has risen by 2.5 times from the year 2008.

This company is highly concerned of their employees. As a result, they put their employees’ contribution first and value them so much. The tremendous growth of this company is as a result of their hard work in conjunction with their dedication and commitment. We always refer to each other as Associates since we work as partners in the business and not relate to each other as bosses or subordinates. This gives in a room for smooth flow of ideas as well as innovation up and down the organization. It also creates a sense of ownership for each and every one of us. This was brought forward by Rick (Richard A.), the chairman as well as the Chief Executive Officer of the Securus Technologies.

As Securus Technologies we offers various benefits so as to take care of their Associates needs in both the present and long term. Apart from spending 45 billion USD on self-insured healthcare over the last 9 years for our Associates, we have offered tuition reimbursements so that our Associates can still proceed with education for higher degrees. For this reimbursement education program, we offer 3500 USD per each and every Associate and provide graduation bonuses so as to the management of team members who go back to school to pursue a degree. Our incentive plan is quite attractive and enticing with quarterly bonus payments for exempted associates in reward to the company performance in conjunction with a long term equity incentive program that rewards the highest ranked senior managers for value creation over a long time duration. Securus technologies has managed to establish over 3,000 promotional opportunities that gives room for our Associates to grow in their careers. Precisely, this is 3,000 internal promotional opportunities for over 9 years.