Jason Hope: defying the aging process

In the current world, there are a lot of diseases and health issues that are affecting people worldwide. These diseases vary from minor ailments to significant life-threatening conditions that have a massive consequence on villages as well as communities in whole. It is, however, a fact that aging is the only condition that affects every living organism in the world. Whether how healthy or wealthy or even geographically placed this aspect will still catch up with the person.

Various diseases become an everyday reality as the individuals keep on aging. These ailments include arthritis as well as cancer or high blood pressure and osteoporosis. Many healthcare institutions tend to cure these issues but don’t research on ways of preventing them. Jason Hope has used a different strategy. Being a philanthropist as well as an entrepreneur he strives to assist people by reversing their aging process. His passion for this venture has made him donate his own money towards funding research centers with. The mission is to change the method in which healthcare centers fight and cure the problems affecting the aging generation in the world.

Jason has been an avid supporter of SENS Foundation for a while now. The organization struggles to assist the people of the world to have access to tech that can reverse aging and prevent the illnesses that come after. He started with a donation of half a million dollars eight years ago. Jason hope pledged this donation at the Breakthrough Philanthropy event that was held at the Palace of Fine Arts in the city of San Francisco.

The SENS Foundation shares the philanthropist’s mission of using biotechnological advancements to discover new and better methods of preventing as well as treating ailments and thus improve lives of human beings all over the world. The research involves the study of live organic systems with the purpose of producing new products that can improve lives of individuals. Other sectors that are also researched on include the production of healthier food products. Another research study is the enhancing of new and improved agricultural strategies. The last research entails the analysis of how drugs and medicine can fight diseases thus improve the quality of life of an individual.

Jason Hope talked in detail about the company’s mission praising its strategy and mission. He supported and endorsed the company’s initiative to fight diseases such as Alzheimer’s as well as Diabetes. He believed the actions of the company would lead to a better life for the aging individuals.

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Richard Dwayne Blair Is A Reputable Investment Advisor

Are you looking for a knowledgeable and experienced investment advisor? Do you want to get help from a top financial planner or well known investment firm? Many people choose financial advisor for guidance on what to invest in or how to select a lucrative opportunity.

If you want to get advice or guidance from an expert, contact Richard Dwayne Blair for expert assistance. Richard is a top rated professional in the investment and financial planning field. Richard Dwayne Blair provides services to a wide variety of clients.

As an investment advisor and financial planner, Richard Dwayne Blair provides valuable services to clients who want to learn about proper money management. Many people want to plan for retirement, save money for their children’s education and for other financial needs. Before you choose a professional to assist you in this regard, you need to do your research.

Your goal is to find a financial advisor or firm that renders top notch financial services and investment advice. Start your search by checking the background and experience of the professional. Consider the track record of the professional or firm you have on your list of possibilities.

When it comes to consulting a professional for investment purposes, Richard is your clear choice. Although there are many companies and advisors that provide retirement planning and investing services, you need to find someone who is highly regarded in the industry.

Richard Dwayne Blair is a highly experienced investor and financial advisor. Richard Dwayne Blair owns a prominent firm called Wealth Solutions and is considered a leading professional. He delivers excellent investment advisory service to clients. People from all walks of life turn to him for tips, information and strategies to achieve investment success.

Richard Dwayne Blair works with clients to structure their assets in a way that helps them in pursuing their investment objectives. His approach to financial planning and investing is to focus on both the short-term and long-term goals of the client. He advises on how to build and grow their portfolio of assets, and secure their financial future.


You Won’t Believe the Review This Company Left For NewsWatch TV After the Results They Saw on Their Indiegogo Campaign

From the highest level of businesses in the Fortune 500’s, all the way to individual application creators, charity foundations, and local companies all around the globe, Newswatch TV has supported any and all sizes of organizations become successful. They are immensely honored to have built the type of relationships they’ve had in the past years.


Avanca starting a crowd-funded effort on the popular website, Indiegogo. The goal was to get support for their “Ockel Sirius B pocket PC”. It was initially aimed for $10,000 in a 30-day time limit. Avanca wanted to make sure that the move got the attention that it needed to make sure they surpassed their goal within the time period. Avanca ended up using NewsWatch to promote a minute long message as a segment of the NewsWatch TV Reviews. The campaign would launch through NewsWatch’s web channels as well as the NewsWatch national TV show.


In the end, Avanca’s Indiegogo efforts showed tremendous positive results, allowing them to raise $456,551. This means they raised 2,939% more than their initial goal in less than 30 days. That’s over 29 times more money than their original benchmark. The NewsWatch campaign was employed to boost the funding endeavor. It was broadcasted at the same time as the crowdfunding campaign. Nathalie van Wijkvliet, Avanca’s Marketing Director, noted that the collaboration with NewsWatch was one of the top factors that made the crowdfunding campaign return positive results. The director also wanted to mention that they loved having the help of NewsWatch TV, and they highly suggest using NewsWatch. The program that NewsWatch aired for Avanca was viewed in more than 200 markets in the United States, and it was seen in more than 96 million homes. The aforementioned online push drew in more than 1 million impressions online. Avanca will remain with the NewsWatch team on their next crowdfunding projects in the future.

Academy of Art University Helps Change Neighborhoods

The Academy of Art University GAM students recently developed a smartphone app which they named “Tenderfeels”. The program was crafted to make neighborhoods safer. It uses Augmented Reality (AR) to reveal how a person is feeling at that moment in a particular neighborhood. They are beginning with the Tenderloin district in San Francisco.

GAM is the department of the University known as School of Game Development. Courses there include game design, programming, concept art, animation, visual effects, augmented reality and virtual reality. This is just one of many divisions of the school offering outstanding, hands-on learning experiences. The Academy of Art University is located in San Francisco, and therefore the Tenderloin district was a conspicuous place to begin. It is a community that is infamously fraught with problems such as crime and poverty.

“Tenderfeels” is a way for residents or visitors of a neighborhood to publicly communicate their feelings or state of mind as they walk through an area. The application gathers the information and shows why someone characterized that spot with a specific emotion. Other “Tenderfeels” users can see this data in real time. Augmented reality is used because it allows for an immersing view of the real world with enhanced, computer-generated elements that enrich the experience for the person viewing it. The objective is that authorities would use the information to designate very specific parts of a city that had problems that they could then begin to solve.

The Academy of Art University runs on the philosophy that artists are able to learn the competencies needed to become working professionals. Founded in 1929 by Richard S. Stephens, the school has upheld his ideals through generations. The University is also dedicated to the notion that professionals who have worked in their fields are the best teachers. For instance, the Executive Director of the School of Gaming Development is David Goodwine who has worked at Double Fusion, Electronic Arts, and PDI/Dreamworks. Other departments at the University include Art History, Fashion, Industrial Design, Web Design, and many more. The facilities are state-of-the-art and the school hosts at least seventy student shows and exhibitions a year.


Malcom CasSelle Is Looking To Revolutionize The Virtual Asset Trading Industry Through His New Company

Malcom CasSelle leads OPSkins as its CIO and has realized, along with the rest of his company, that a decentralized marketplace for virtual assets is what the world needs next. OPSkins has now launched the Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX), which is serving as a decentralized trading platform for virtual assets. WAX is solving some of the biggest concerns in the industry, which include security, fraud, and a fragmented market that just doesn’t work. The main reason it is not working is because many gamers are finding that they are only able to trade virtual items with people who live in the same region as them. Due to language barriers and other issues this is the way it has been for some time, but it is quickly changing. Malcom CasSelle is very happy to be a part of this revolutionary change in the way that virtual assets are traded and has commented that this move will bring cryptocurrencies out of the shadows and into the mainstream public eye.

Malcom CasSelle is a serial entrepreneur and has been active in a spread of different executive positions that startups require including marketing, raising funds, sales, and the development of products. He is an investor of early stage companies and has raised billions of dollars for venture backed startups. The industry he works in is focused on video games, cryptocurrency, ecommerce, and the trading of virtual items. He also happens to be the CIO of OPSkins and the President of the Worldwide Asset eXchange, also known as WAX.

Malcom CasSelle earned his Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Computer Science at MIT and earned

his Master’s Degree in Computer Science while studying at Stanford University. He is also a fluent speaker of Japanese and knows Mandarin, as well, which assisted him greatly while he worked and lived in Tokyo, Beijing, Hong Kong, and Shanghai. Before serving with OPSkins and WAX, he was the President and CTO of Tronc. He also worked as the General Manager and Senior Vice President of SeaChange Int’l. Today, Malcom CasSelle is focusing on online marketing, social media marketing, branding, and blockchain technologies.

OSI Industries Acquires Flagship Europe

American company OSI Industries is one best private companies that handle the matters meat processors. The companies headquarter based in Illinois. There are many added value products of food churned out of the organization. The variety of the products of the firm ranges for the breakfasts to lunches served food. The management of the organization has set in place the perfect measures that have made the objectives of the American company OSI Industries to flow along the right lane. Some of the products from the firm include sandwich assemblies, pizza, pizza and chicken products.

OSI Food Solutions UK has won the Globe of Honour Award from one of the known council called British Safety. The reason for the grant is the outstanding management from the firm. The award was presented in the year 2016 at the Draper’s Hall in London. The step demonstrated the commitment of the staff running the system of the company.

The operations of the company fit the standards required in the niche of the food processing.  American company OSI Industries has to provide a safe manufacturing environment for employees, reduce environmental impact along with produce safe and reliable products. American company OSI Industries. The company has taken an initiative of maintaining the standard and adhering to the set law of the ISO.

The incorporate requirements set by the U.K. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), and are updated over time as regulations change on the matter taking place at the American company OSI Industries s set safety standards. The strides have enabled the industry along with impeccable legal and regulatory standards. American company OSI Industries’ social responsibility, however, is surrounded by their ethical beliefs and values.

Not to just be a food company but inspire society around the world to get up and adhere to the right standards demanded in the food processing plants. The company strives to reduce their environmental footprint with environmentally safe and biodegradable products, particularly for packaging. American company OSI Industries also puts all efforts forward on setting the industry standards for product safety and reliability.

Baho Foods has given the OSI a better chance in Europe since most of the company’s products complement the one for their needs. Furthermore, the company has acquired the Tyson Food plant at an amount worth $7.4 million. It has also managed to acquire acquired Flagship Europe based in U.K.

Read More: www.foodprocessing.com/top100/profiles/osigroup/

The Role of Drew Madden in Health Care

The Current Situation

  1.  Amazon took its first steps into selling medically inclined products by grabbing up licenses to sell pharmaceutical equipment in several states.
  2.  CVS was the first to fire back by establishing relations with Aetna in hopes of buying the company and providing health insurance from their own stores.
  3.  Health care IT is seeing a spike in relevance as back-end management is becoming more important to support the pharmaceutical needs of CVS and similar companies as they gear up to fight Amazon.

Drew Madden’s Role

Drew Madden is a seasoned executive with back-end tech support, including networking strategies to help medical businesses get off the ground and stay afloat. This involves a number of hardware and software decisions that are linked together with networking solutions to keep patient information, medical records, doctor’s permission and prescription details within easy reach of the relevant parties. Madden’s current perch with Evergreen Healthcare allows him to project his talents where CVS and their ilk can integrate health insurance into their brick-and-mortar establishments with due efficacy.

The proliferation of health care IT in these companies is important for another reason: the growing reliance on internet-based services. One of the reasons that Amazon has exploded with such success is due to the unmatched convenience of ordering goods and services online and having them delivered within days or sooner. By entrenching themselves more firmly into the web sphere, small-box pharmaceutical stores can take a balanced approach that allows clients to tap into their resources however they prefer. Drew Madden and his crew of IT managers can provide the expertise that these businesses will need to fight off the retail colossus that continues to move and shake industries this this day.

What This Means for Clients

This is good news all around for people who prefer the convenience of walking into a store to obtain their health insurance plans while picking up prescriptions and general goods on the way. The synergy of this all-in-one system makes for a seamless experience without the delays and reliability concerns of multiple separate companies needing to stitch their services together.

Rodrigo Terpins Was Born To Race

Sometimes, a man is born with motor oil for blood and an engine for a brain. Sometimes, man and machine come together as a cohesive whole, and the results are usually excellence.


Brazilian race rally driver Rodrigo Terpins is one such man. He comes from a family of race car drivers, and has been racing since he was old enough to drive. His father Jack Terpins was also a well-known rally driver and Brazilian fan favorite. While he may not be that well known to the outside world, he has quickly distinguished himself as one of those competitors that the audience loves to watch. Among his devoted fans in Brazil, one can see an almost religious fervor in the way they cheer and howl for him.


According to Broadcast, these days, most of his racing is done as part of a two man team with his brother Michel. They won the 24th Sertoes Rally with flying colors, smashing all the competition with a sense of reckless abandon reserved only for the insane and the truly skillful. This is not the only example of a race in which Rodrigo Terpins completely dominated the competition.

Whether racing alongside his brother or on his own, he tears up the road like a bolt of lightning fired from a ten-ton artillery cannon.


Brazilians really love rally racing. It attracts huge audiences and generates massive amounts of revenue. In Brazil, these guys are almost like rock stars. While this particular brand of racing has not caught on as much in the United States, those who are in the know are familiar with the big name drivers like this guy.


Another event that Rodrigo Terpins regularly takes part in is the Cuesta Off-Road Rally. Though he missed the event in 2016, allowing his place to be taken by Beco Andreotti, he is expected to come back and compete there again. In his off-time, Terpins is also an entrepeneur who has invested in numerous local businesses and taken part in a lot of charitable events. Check out crunchbase.com for details.


Rodrigo Terpins usually competes in the T1 prototype level. These are extremely long races that test the durability of both vehicle and driver. That is why it takes a driver with steel in his veins to become a legend in this sport.



Check out: http://rodrigoterpins.com.br/

Susan McGalla Providing Her Two Cents to Women on How To Make It Big in the Corporate Sector

Finding success in the corporate world is not easy, especially if you are a woman. Susan McGalla, Vice President of Creative Development and Business Strategy at Pittsburgh Steelers, has been able to achieve considerable success in the corporate world as a woman. It has helped inspire other women as well and showcased the fact that if you are willing to work hard with perseverance and determination, achieving anything that you set your mind to is not impossible. Susan McGalla says that while growing up, she was treated same as her brothers at home, which made her outlook towards gender equality very fair from the very beginning. Susan McGalla says that she never expected any preferential treatment for being a woman and that neither should anyone else.

Susan McGalla has also worked with several other firms in the past, including Wet Seals Inc and American Eagle Outfitters. At both these companies, Susan McGalla worked at top positions as CEO and President respectively and helped the organizations in achieving their business goals. The unique business and marketing strategies applied by Susan McGalla supported the companies’ revenue shoot up considerably and also helped Susan McGalla to become a famous corporate executive. After leaving these companies, Susan McGalla started her consulting firm by the name of P3 Executive Consulting, which went on to become one of the top consulting and business advisory firms in the country.

Susan McGalla says that women who are looking to make it big in their career must give priority to completing their education and building their resume. Once that is done, Susan says that it is critical to work in their companies dedicatedly and ensure their performance is at par with men. Susan McGalla says that passionate and invested workers are always noticed, and believes the women who are heavily invested in their work would be seen as well. Susan said that the corporations these days must focus on mentoring and sponsorship opportunities as it can help the women in the companies get the guidance they need to achieve their professional goals. Susan McGalla says that providing mentors with an incentive is the first step to helping mentors stay motivated to mentor the women employees who are good at their job. Find out more about Susan McGalla: https://risnews.com/top-10-highest-paid-female-executives-retail