The Role of Drew Madden in Health Care

The Current Situation

  1.  Amazon took its first steps into selling medically inclined products by grabbing up licenses to sell pharmaceutical equipment in several states.
  2.  CVS was the first to fire back by establishing relations with Aetna in hopes of buying the company and providing health insurance from their own stores.
  3.  Health care IT is seeing a spike in relevance as back-end management is becoming more important to support the pharmaceutical needs of CVS and similar companies as they gear up to fight Amazon.

Drew Madden’s Role

Drew Madden is a seasoned executive with back-end tech support, including networking strategies to help medical businesses get off the ground and stay afloat. This involves a number of hardware and software decisions that are linked together with networking solutions to keep patient information, medical records, doctor’s permission and prescription details within easy reach of the relevant parties. Madden’s current perch with Evergreen Healthcare allows him to project his talents where CVS and their ilk can integrate health insurance into their brick-and-mortar establishments with due efficacy.

The proliferation of health care IT in these companies is important for another reason: the growing reliance on internet-based services. One of the reasons that Amazon has exploded with such success is due to the unmatched convenience of ordering goods and services online and having them delivered within days or sooner. By entrenching themselves more firmly into the web sphere, small-box pharmaceutical stores can take a balanced approach that allows clients to tap into their resources however they prefer. Drew Madden and his crew of IT managers can provide the expertise that these businesses will need to fight off the retail colossus that continues to move and shake industries this this day.

What This Means for Clients

This is good news all around for people who prefer the convenience of walking into a store to obtain their health insurance plans while picking up prescriptions and general goods on the way. The synergy of this all-in-one system makes for a seamless experience without the delays and reliability concerns of multiple separate companies needing to stitch their services together.

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