A Growing Member of the Dallas Business Community

NexBank SSB is a regional community bank based in Dallas, Texas. It serves the north Texas area. NexBank SSB was originally chartered almost a century ago in 1922, and it is a member institution of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

NexBank SSB is a part of NexBank Capital, Inc. The parent firm is a diversified financial products company serving the banking industry. NexBank Capital has a national client base in addition to its community banking operation through NexBank SSB. It focuses on investment, commercial and mortgage banking.

As part of NexBank Capita, NexBank SSB serves financial, commercial and institutional institutions. For example, it may act as a mortgage capital “wholesaler” for providers of mortgages. However, NexBank SSB also offers services to individuals. This is a growing firm, and recently completed the acquisition of College Savings Bank of New Jersey in December, 2015. College Savings Bank is a specialized financial institution that focuses on helping college-bound individuals save through tax-advantaged 529 plans. CSB manages several state-sponsored 529 programs.

NexBank is known for its support of the community and development efforts in the Dallas Metroplex. For instance, NexBank SSB partnered with the Dallas area Habitat for Humanity in 2016. NexBank will provide up to $50 million in mortgage funds to finance loans for low income housing over a five year period in the south Dallas area.

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