Adam Milstein Loves Philanthropy

Adam Milstein is the type of person who genuinely adores his fellow human beings. That’s why he does so much in the philanthropy world on a regular basis. He has a lot on his plate with his career in real estate investment, too. Milstein is even an individual who focuses heavily on community leadership matters. He originally comes from Israel and was part of the IDF (Israel Defense Force) while the Yom Kippur War was going on. He left the Technion back in 1978. He got to the United States at the beginning of the eighties. That’s when he began his studies at USC (the University of Southern California). He received an MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree from the Los Angeles institution of higher learning. Milstein started working in the commercial real estate field in 1983. He works for Hager Pacific Properties as a managing partner. Hager Pacific Properties refers to a commercial real estate company that operates privately.

Milstein is part of the Israeli-American Council. He’s a National Chairman for the organization. He’s one of its co-founders as well. He’s an entrepreneur who has a reputation for success. He credits a handful of qualities for that, too. Milstein is the kind of entrepreneur who isn’t willing to take no for an answer. He keeps at things until he gets what he wants. Milstein is also someone who believes that he’s never ever dealt with a job that he didn’t fully appreciate. He’s a person who appreciates working and all that it does for him.

Adam Milstein believes that establishing tangible objectives is somewhat restrictive. That’s the reason he never does it. Although he doesn’t establish aims, he makes a point to give everything he does 110 percent.

This professional is married to a lovely woman by the name of Gila. They reside together in a city that’s called Encino. Encino is in Los Angeles, California’s San Fernando Valley section. The pair share three wondrous children. They have three grandkids they adore a lot, too. Adam and Gila love spending time with their family members any time they get the chance.

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