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Securus Technologies Achievements

Securus Technologies is the best company in the provision of technology solutions based on civil and criminal justice for investigation, public security, monitoring and corrections declared that its Associate population has risen by 2.5 times from the year 2008.

This company is highly concerned of their employees. As a result, they put their employees’ contribution first and value them so much. The tremendous growth of this company is as a result of their hard work in conjunction with their dedication and commitment. We always refer to each other as Associates since we work as partners in the business and not relate to each other as bosses or subordinates. This gives in a room for smooth flow of ideas as well as innovation up and down the organization. It also creates a sense of ownership for each and every one of us. This was brought forward by Rick (Richard A.), the chairman as well as the Chief Executive Officer of the Securus Technologies.

As Securus Technologies we offers various benefits so as to take care of their Associates needs in both the present and long term. Apart from spending 45 billion USD on self-insured healthcare over the last 9 years for our Associates, we have offered tuition reimbursements so that our Associates can still proceed with education for higher degrees. For this reimbursement education program, we offer 3500 USD per each and every Associate and provide graduation bonuses so as to the management of team members who go back to school to pursue a degree. Our incentive plan is quite attractive and enticing with quarterly bonus payments for exempted associates in reward to the company performance in conjunction with a long term equity incentive program that rewards the highest ranked senior managers for value creation over a long time duration. Securus technologies has managed to establish over 3,000 promotional opportunities that gives room for our Associates to grow in their careers. Precisely, this is 3,000 internal promotional opportunities for over 9 years.


Dr. Mark McKenna the Doctorpreneur on a great mission

Dr. Mark McKenna is a man with a unique mission, who has cut out a niche as a medical doctor with a passion for entrepreneurship. Apart from practicing medicine, McKenna has found a special love for entrepreneurship and has made significant exploits in several ventures. He is an exemplification of doctorpreneurship, which involves the rise of enterprise in the medical and healthcare sector. His prowess has attracted the attention of television hosts seeking to explore the rise of doctorpreneurs.

He is the founder and CEO of ShapeMed, a state of the art laser and aesthetic medicine center. McKenna launched the center in November 2007 after suffering the tragedy of a storm that destroyed his business interests in the year 2005.

McKenna has held several other positions. He served as a National Medical Director of Life Time Fitness Inc., and in July 2017 he became the founder and the CEO of OVME which has focused on reinventing elective healthcare. He is a man who does not take opportunities for granted. In an interview, McKenna reveals that his experience in the medical aesthetics industry led him to establish OVME.

McKenna values his family and works hard to create time to be with them. He starts early in the morning by taking breakfast with his daughter and makes sure he is at home to have time with his family for dinner.

He believes in setting goals and practicing visualization as a way of bringing ideas to life. He also practices meditation and attributes his practice to this discipline. The decline in smoking in America is a trend that excites Dr. Mark McKenna. As a successful entrepreneur, he reveals that his reading has been a significant contributor to his success.

Dr. Mark McKenna has always worked for himself and does not recount having a bad job. On hindsight, he values direction rather than speed, and this is what he would do more if he were to start all over again. Dr. Mark finds inspiration from Barak Obama, Elon Musk, and Michael Bloomberg. Being an avid reader, he recommends one to think and grow rich as a book that has awakened the power of visualization.

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Getting Foreign Money Out Of U.S. Elections Goal Of New PAC

Despite campaign finance laws that have been greatly weakened over the past decade, it is definitely still illegal for a foreign government, foreign entity or agent of a foreign power to contribute money to political candidates in the United States.

But that didn’t stop the government of Russia, a country largely hostile to the U.S., from successfully buying at least $100,000 in ads that appeared on Facebook and reached millions of people. Some experts believe that the Russians spent far more than $100,000, and possibly millions as they worked to influence U.S. elections.

One recent action that made it easier for illicit foreign money to bleed into American politics was the disastrous 2010 Supreme Court ruling that came to be known as “Citizens United.” In short, the ruling said that “money is the equivalent of free speech” in America and so regulating it in political campaigns is not constitutional.

The ruling went further in suggesting that “corporations are people.” That means that any corporation can donate as much money as it wants to the candidate of its choice because, like any “person,” in the U.S., it has a right to free speech.


While the 2010 Supreme Court decision did not make it legal for foreign governments to contribute to U.S. campaigns, it did make it far easier. That’s because the Supreme Court also ruled that the source of campaign contributions did not have to be made public – in effect, allowing unlimited sums of “dark money” to flow into our political process.

This is why a group of concerned citizens formed a new PAC called “End Citizens United.” As its name implies, ECU wants to overturn the 2010 Supreme Court decision which drastically weakened our campaign finance laws, inviting troublemakers from around the world to meddle in U.S. politics.

End Citizens United is conducting a vigorous grassroots fundraising effort to support candidates who oppose dark money and loose campaign finance laws. After forming in 2015, End Citizens United quickly raised $25 million – all from hundreds of thousands of small individual donations from ordinary citizens – with the average contribution being about $14.

The ECU PAC is on track to raise $35 million ahead of the 2018 election cycle. Again, it will support mostly Democratic candidates who oppose an out-of-control campaign finance system featuring mega-corporations and billionaires buying U.S. elections with unlimited dark money.

ECU would ultimately like to pass a Constitutional Amendment that would negate the 2010 Supreme Court ruling. A first step will be to flip the U.S. House from Republican to Democrat control in 2018. A new Constitutional Amendment is a long term goal that will require ratification by 35 states, and then approval from Congress on a three-fourths majority vote.

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Osteo Relief Institute Offers Quality Pain Relief Services

Arthritis explains the combination of joint pain and ailments and manifests in over 100 different types. Research indicates that over 50 million U.S adults suffer from the various forms of arthritis. Also, the studies show that the disease affects mostly women and aging individuals. Osteoarthritis, also known as the degenerative joint ailment, is the most common arthritis type. The degeneration aspect of various organs characterizes the illness. The organs that degenerate are the cartilage and the soft tissue situated between joints. According to Dr. Matthew CiRullo, Osteoarthritis brings along a lot of pain in the suffering body organs. He provides that as the cartilage wears away, the bones rub against each other causing the cartilage to swell and become stiff. Additionally, the joints become weak. However, there are various treatment options available as well as arthritis self-management strategies. The treatment measures are categorized into multiple aspects entailing daily routine procedures, exercise, and medical treatment. Learn more about Osteo Relief Institute at Better Business Bureau.

Osteo Relief Institute is preferred due to its element of the incorporation of multidisciplinary clinics composed of certifies therapists and physicians. Osteo Relief Institute’s staff is guided by the principle that aims at treating its patients like family to the acquisition of positive health outcomes. The organization’s mission is directed towards identifying illnesses while they are in their early phases to prevent surgery; but rather offer effective treatments. To attain their optimality in the curing of its patients, Osteo Relief Institute incorporated the combination of precise technologies with the FDA approved techniques that provide a high probability of finding helpful solutions. Additionally, the group focuses on utilizing the most upgraded state-of-art technologies for the providence of long-lasting pain relief solutions.

Each affiliate clinic of Osteo Relief Institute is independently owned, with its team of professional medics. Osteo Relief Institute is recognized for the providence of quality pain-relief services courtesy of its staff. The company’s staff is composed of friendly and understanding medical practitioners whose intent is to help their patients in their recovery and relief periods. Additionally, the organization provides detailed treatment information explained in English for the readers to make best decisions regarding their health and their future well-being. Learn more about the location at

Freedom Debt Relief Reviews: It’s Made My Relationship With Money Healthier

The concept of minimum payments for credit cards can sometime lead you down the path to accumulating too much debt. In the Freedom Debt Relief Reviews, Anne Marie C. describes how this caused her to accumulate too much debt. In the testimonial titled “It’s Made My Relationship With Money Healthier”, says “every time I would receive a credit card application I would apply for it, and get approved”. Anne Marie failed to realize that by making minimum payments, she was accumulating more interest and this increased the principle amount of her debts to such a point that she could no longer make the payments. “You’re kind of negligent of the fact that you’re accruing more debt because the longer it takes you to pay this credit card, you’re accruing interest”.

After Anne Marie decided to join the Freedom Debt Relief program, she learnt how to manage her money better. In the Freedom Debt Relief Reviews she says “three words that describe my life before FDR are mismanaged, volatile and limited”. Anne Marie held lengthy conversations with Freedom Debt Relief before she could agree to join the program. Talking to the representatives was reassuring as they didn’t seem pushy or aggressive, were thorough and made her feel very comfortable. It was these qualities of the conversations over the phones that led Anne Marie to reach out to Freedom Debt Relief again and sign up for the program.

In the Freedom Debt Relief Reviews, Anne Marie describes how she felt relaxed after signing up for the program as the company started handling most of the complex issues of her debts and her only role was to agree to the recommended procedures. “It felt very straightforward and simple to the point where it felt like they did everything”. Some of the services she received included dealing with calls from creditors, and closing accounts. In the Freedom Debt Relief Reviews, Anne Marie says that working with the company has shaped relationship with money such that she is now very observant of her expenditures and which loans are worth taking. She is more cognizant of her us of money as she has a savings accounts and invests any excess money she holds and she relates this to her experience with Freedom Debt Relief.

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George Soros and his inspirational Philanthrophy

George Soros is one of the greatest philanthropists in the world. He has donated his time, energy, and money to multiple causes. In his time on earth, he has donated more than $32 billion dollars of his money to the Open Society Foundation. They do excellent work around the world in their efforts to increase personal rights equality. The foundation serves as George Soros’s main branch of philanthropy, he was the founder, and he has done great work since its inception. George Soros has also founded the Central European University in Budapest. This university is the leader in regional studies of social sciences; they work with information on improving citizen’s quality of life.

The Open Society Foundation works hard to ensure people across the world receive equal rights. They fight for causes like freedom of speech, freedom of religious expression, holding governments accountable and preventing corruption, and justice and equality across the board. As an excellent bonus, the foundation has provided thousands of needy students with resources and money to pay tuition. They have financed the education of thousands of students searching to better their lives through receiving higher education. George Soros is a provider of opportunity. He does not believe anyone should be denied the right to a quality education simply by virtue of where they live or where they grew up; he believes they should be proud of their identity.

George Soros has dedicated his life to fighting the ills of discrimination. He fights for many groups across Europe. He has been a longtime advocate for the Roma people. When people become marginalized, George Soros stands up for them. He fights for LGBTI people, sex workers drug users. Everyone should be allowed equal rights in George Soros’s eyes.

But what made him so devout in his fight for revolution? George Soros grew up in war ravaged Hungary. His family was captured by Nazis. Born in 1930, this is the terrible world he was introduced to. He witnessed the brutal execution of more than 500,000 Jews. This horrible act provoked a deep sense of empathy within him and he promised to never allow anyone to take advantage of another group. His family escaped the Nazi war-torn world by acquiring false papers and escaping the country. He looks back upon this tough time and wonders how his family remained strong enough to prevail. He is proud to have lived. After escaping, they were lucky enough to be able to help others succeed in escaping as well.

George Soros graduated from the London School of Economics and went on to begin his career in finance. Now he had the knowledge and start-up money to fund his campaign towards social justice. He launched a hedge fund called the Soros Fund and made his first fortune. This fortune became the birth fuel for Open Society Foundations. He spread his philanthropic network across more than 100 countries. His philanthropic efforts were inspired and driven by the philosophies of Karl Popper (whom he learned about in business school). Today, he provides the funding for education in America, Africa, and Europe and Follow him

Amazing Crown Moulding Ideas For Your Kitchen

Crown mouldings are truly a wonder inherited from the ancient Greeks and Romans. Soaring high above on cornices, pillars and walls, the effect it generates is definitely eye-catching. These days, there are many interpretations of crown moulding patterns that are more popular than others, but this guide is simply to elaborate on the many uses of crown moulding that can be adapted to your kitchen.IMG 1

Crown mouldings are essentially trim and it refers to the horizontal architectural element we use to cover up the top parts of a room; specifically the angle in which the wall meets the ceiling. Even if your kitchen space consists of floor cabinets instead of built-in ones, you can still transform the upper section of your room by installing crown mouldings. Depending on your preference, the crown mouldings can be just a subtle indication or it could even be a key feature on its own.

More modern homes emphasise streamlined looks and minimal protrusions. Because crown mouldings is a traditional feature in its own right due to elaborate patterns and large castings, this does not sit well in a contemporary setting. This is where flat crown moulding makes an appearance. By putting on two to three layers of overlapping flat panels, you’ll achieve a taller crown moulding and still present a sleek and modern feel.

Modern crown mouldings is one of the main players when it comes to closing off the space between your kitchen cabinets and ceiling. Older homes are more likely to have a kitchen soffit to hide wiring and to bridge the gap, but if that doesn’t exist, that’s where crown mouldings come in handy. Depending on the size of the gap, you might need to use more than one layer of crown moulding. On the other hand, you can also leave a little space in-between to distinguish between the cabinets and the ceiling.

IMG 2Doors, windows and entrances are a staple in our homes, but we often forget that crown mouldings can play a part in determining the end look. If your walls are left bare, you can install crown mouldings above the trim of your doors and windows to achieve an elegant finish. There are plenty of choices available in the market: from simple cove crown mouldings to a more traditional dentil crown moulding or even egg-and-dart detailing. 

Instead of the conventional plank and braces when it comes to installing a wall shelf, you can consider a crown moulding shelf instead. Having a wider top means that you’re able to display or store even more items compared to using a narrower crown moulding. If you’re pretty handy with tools, you should definitely consider this project for your own kitchen as you determine just what size and length crown moulding shelf would be suitable. 

The presence of warm, brown tones definitely adds to the homey feeling in a kitchen. Solid wood crown mouldings have a natural grain that cannot be duplicated with any other method and is still a popular material choice even today. With this versatile choice, you can select any kind of design (from elaborate to simple) and have it custom-made. Just remember that any wood is susceptible to warping and shrinking depending on temperature and humidity levels so you’ll have to take preventive measures for a long-lasting crown moulding.

IMG 3Since kitchens are always exposed to moisture, it makes sense to choose a crown moulding material that’s impervious to rotting and warping. PVC is definitely a top choice and it is also suitable for having in our bathrooms and outside our homes. The only real drawback to this material is that you’ll be more limited in terms of design choices. You’ll also have to apply a layer of paint as a finish if you do not want to view a crown moulding with a distinctive plastic sheen.

If you’re considering how to upgrade your kitchen, you should definitely check out what you can do with crown mouldings that will suit your preferences and budget. This long-lasting element is bound to bring the wow factor to any home.

Lori Senecal — The Calm Leader

Lori Senecal doesn’t fit the mold of classic CEOs. She is extravagant in her fight for perfection and persistent in her mission. She has been lauded as a fighter for women’s rights and workplace equality. She even garnered a small following of loyal executives whom meet every year to discuss ways they can help women excel in the workplace. In a time when the industry and America is focused on assisting women, her efforts are dutifully applauded.

Her favorite place to meet is the Crosby Street Hotel in SoHo, New York City. This is where she holds meetings with clients, agency executives, reporters, and her fellow executive women. While in a one-on-one meeting with a reporter, she candidly discussed her struggles with shyness. She described herself as “a shy introvert.” Oddly enough, when meeting with clients, they find this a refreshing turn of pace from normally gregarious CEOs. They find her charming. She cites her authenticity and propensity for positive chemistry reasons for her continued success. Agencies want someone who is down to earth, easy to speak with, and straightforward. Gone are the days when flair and exaggerated flash would win over clients. Her best clients gleam in the face when speaking about how interesting they find her even-keeled, calm, and intriguing attitude. For more details check out Ideamensch.

Lori Senecal prides herself on her cool temperament and steady hand. The qualities came in handy while working such a chaotic agency as Crispin. Because of her personality, she was able to assist the agency with the Domino’s campaign. Domino’s is now the largest provider of pizza. Their adverts are hailed as engaging and entertaining. Since Crispin has been the head of Domino’s creative AOR for more than eight years, this achievement is major. She changed the face of fast food delivery in the United States. Visit GCReport to see more.

Lori Senecal is a soft-spoken woman who speaks with pride. She walks with her head high and sits with absolute poise. She has become one of the most powerful businesswomen in the world. While some may consider expression of mass emotion more appropriate, Lori is conserved and composed. She is changing the way business in the world is run.

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Ambassador Daniel Taub Enhances The Relationship Between The UK And Israeli

As Daniel Taub resigns as Israeli Ambassador to the UK, Israel has reasons to celebrate his tenure. The Israeli Embassy in the UK announced that the trade between Israel and the United Kingdom has grown twice as it was four years ago.

This statement not only highlighted the doubled Israel-UK trade, but also the strengthened business, cultural and academic connections between the two nations. While addressing an audience at the British Israeli Business Awards, Sajid Javid, the British Secretary of State for Business, said that trade between UK and Israel has entered a “golden era.”

Explaining further, Sajid posited that the Israeli-Britain Chamber of Commerce revealed that over 300 Israeli businesses had opened offices in the UK. The annual bilateral trade was also over $5.5 billion.

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In 2012, Israeli boycott adopted by a student union resulted in tension among Israeli students in Britain. Daniel Taub demanded campus administrators to allow freedom of expression even from those supporting Israel.

Daniel Taub is an Israeli diplomat, a revered author and an international lawyer with British roots. Taub serves as the director of strategy and planning at the Yad Hanadiv Foundation in Jerusalem. Daniel was born in the UK where he graduated from Harvard University, University College, London and University College, Oxford.

In 1989, he moved to Israel where he served in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) as a medic combat. Later, he served as a reserve officer in the international law division of IDF. Notably, Daniel Taub rendered his services for President Chaim Herzog as a speech writer.

He joined the Israeli Foreign ministry in 1991 where he has held various diplomatic, political and legal positions. Taub worked as the principal deputy legal advisor of Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He was the legal advisor to Israel’s endeavors to the UN in New York and Geneva. Read more: Daniel Taub | About and  Daniel Taub – Crunchbase

In addition, Daniel Taub was actively involved in the peace process between Israel and Palestine where he assisted in negotiations. He also played a leading role during Israel-Syrian peace talks. His other involvements include spearheading the negotiations for Israel’s Red Cross Society, Magen David Adom, inclusion to the International Red Cross Movement and heading Israel’s observer delegation during Israel’s security barrier hearings at the International Court of Justice.

As a writer, Daniel Taub’s works on Israel and the Middle East have been featured on The Guardian, the Huffington Post and The Times. He holds the Grassroot Diplomat Initiative Honoree for helping start-ups and young entrepreneurs.

Rick Smith and Securus Technologies Contribution to Correctional Department

Rick and Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies has a high reputation as a profit making company in the technology sector. Securus offers services to help in the maintenance of correctional facilities through various products and services aimed at reducing and preventing criminal activities. Securus Technologies has always allowed inmates to keep constant contact with family and friends.

Under the chairmanship of Rick Smith, who is also the CEO, the company has a remarkable goodwill. This is attributed to Rick’s expertise and experience as a technology guru skillful investor. Since 2008 when he became the CEO, Rick has demonstrated good leadership skills towards development and growth of Securus. His experience in the administration in several sectors has molded his personality. He was previously a senior manager at Frontiers Corporation and served in different departments amongst them, management, accounting, business development, and IT. Furthermore, He was the head of telecommunication at Eschelon where he raised the revenue from $30 million to $350 million. This was later followed by an IPO in 2005 which was quite profitable.


Rick Smith is not shy of advancing his knowledge or delving into an area he is interested in. This is shown by his numerous endeavors in seeking higher education on several occasion. To keep up with the dynamics in technology he takes professional courses and conferences to sharpen his skills and insight on the industry. He first graduated from University of New York at Buffalo with an Engineering degree before advancing it at the State University of New York. After getting the advanced engineering degree, he enrolled for a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from the renowned. He was not done yet and he attained an associate degree from Rochester Institute of Technology.

Rick Smith Operations Management

As the company’s CEO, Rick is mandated with the daily operations of the correctional technology giant. He initiates development and executes expansion plans at Securus. For example, due to his insightful management skills, the company has used up to $600 million in coming up with new technology for the inmates. Moreover, Rick has helped Securus Technologies to enter into strategic partnership with other relevant stakeholders and companies in the correctional sector. It is important to note that he has led to the licensing of all the innovative technologies of Securus.

One of Rick strategies is entrepreneurship and teamwork at work, which he has splendidly done at Securus. Professionals at Securus Technologies work together continuously developing and making products better to make operations at correctional agencies smooth. Consequently, Securus has appealed to the hearts of many people including friends and family members of inmates, as well as correctional officers. This is shown by the high ratings the company gets and positive comments especially from the officers who find Securus products and services way better in monitoring and dealing with crimes and prison activities.