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Upwork To-Do List: Tips Of Sailing

Elance-oDesk is currently known as Upwork. It is the freelancing platform that has been connecting independent professions and businesses where they collaborate remotely. The year 2015 was the time when Elance-oDesk became rebranded and called Upwork. The organization’s location is in San Francisco, California. Its name registered under is known as Upwork Global Inc. The organization has over 12 million freelancers that are registered and 5 million clients also registered. The platform is posted over 3 million jobs annually which are worth $1 billion. It is the largest freelancer market together with Fiverr.

There is a formula that powers to-do-list. After you have started to apply the method, then you will enjoy a good life where your pieces of stuff will be done and on time. You will no longer be spending any more of your evenings at the desk, and now you can start to think about vacations.

Here are powerful tips that I have indicated that will help you to sail in your to-do list.

Capture Everything

You can recall all single tasks on your plate. It will be better in case you don’t. It is because of Zeigernik effect, a psychological phenomenon. It means that when you have an incomplete task, it will keep running in your head. The thoughts make it hard to ensure you focus due to unnecessary stress.

The solution is to capture all the tasks and put them on your list, without minding whether you have a sharp memory. It will enable the brain to use limited attention, and you will focus on your task at hand.

Prepare The List In Advance

People have to start their day with a plan. In most people, it means to go through email and then create the to-do list. It isn’t a waste of time.

You have your highest energy mostly in the morning. Ensure you have used the precious morning hours to complete the day’s tasks. Ensure your to-do list is prepared in the evening.

Define Your Priorities

It is only one thing that certain your day. Everything doesn’t go according to what you plan. Your deadlines are threatened by something uncertain that crops up. Task properties are the defense against the unforeseen circumstances. When you create a task, ensure you have assigned a priority for it.

Endorsements Continue To Roll In From End Citizens United

When the traditional PAC, EDnd Citizens United was formed in 2015 with the clear aim of providing a reversal of the controversial Citizens United ruling of the U.S. Supreme Court it was said to have to narrow a focus. After playing a major role in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election cycle, End Citizens United is now seen as a major force for left-leaning candidates from across the U.S. seeking to win office at all levels. The PAC Chair Tiffany Muller has been quick to explain candidates willing to work towards reversing the Citizens United decision will be supported with the full force of her organization. As the days tick down towards the 2018 Midterms, End Citizens United has been endorsing Democrats and Independent candidates at record levels after only three candidates were willing to sign a pledge not to accept funding from special interest groups in 2016.

In contrast, more than 70 left-leaning candidates have been willing to sign the pledge in 2018 prior to the Midterms with the PAC seen as an important group to align oneself with for possible 2020 Democrat Presidential candidates. Among the candidates endorsed by the PAC before the 2018 Midterms are those challenging some of the biggest names in the GOP. The first candidate endorsed by End Citizens United prior to the 2018 Midterms was Beto O’Rourke who is attempting to unseat incumbent former GOP Presidential candidate Ted Cruz; the former Tea Party candidate is now one of the largest recipients of dark money in Washington with the Democrat outperforming Cruz in funding from the grassroots level, according to End Citizens United.

Another candidate initially looking to overcome one of the Republican heavy hitters is Randy Bryce, a candidate who took on the attempt to unseat House Speaker Paul Ryan. A major recipient of dark money, Ryan would withdraw from public life to spend more time with his family after being named to End Citizens United’s Big MOney 20 list. Bryce was already looking a good bet for the victory in 2018 because of his high level of fundraising at the grassroots level which gave the Democrat a lead of almost $2 million in funds raised by the end of the first quarter of 2018.

Randal Nardone: Helping to Lead Fortress Investment Group into Success

Randal Nardone of Fortress Investment Group

Randal Nardone of Fortress Investment Group

The success experienced by Fortress Investment Group is nothing short of miraculous. The men that stand behind the company are some of the most exceptional business personnel in the field. They have worked hard to build something that is not only trustworthy but provides a level of service that is unmatched in the field. The company began in 1998 when its founders decided they wanted to try and create something on their own. They had originally envisioned it as an equity management firm for private individuals, but it eventually grew to include businesses as well. The company also works with businesses and individuals on matters of liquid markets, credit, private equity, and other standard asset management concerns.

Fortress Investment Group has been very successful is the work that he has done because it has grown from a relatively small company to one that is managing more than $40.9 billion. This expertise in their field has been catalyzed by strong leaders such as Randal Nardone. Randal Nardone is a well-known financial guru and legal presence in the investment world. He obtained his Juris Doctor from Boston University. This gave him a solid foundation of law and business to fund his next up into investment.

Because of the success experienced by Fortress Investment Group, Randal Nardone is now considered to be one of the wealthier individuals in the United States. What is astounding about that fact is that he has made his fortune entirely on his own. He pushed himself to build something that he believed in and now he is reaping the benefits. The work that he is done is exceptional. He has used his position as a Principal and CEO of Fortress investment group to change the trajectory of not only his own life but the lives of his clients as well. Even today he continues to do exceptional things in finance. He believes that there are always ways that the company can continue to better itself. There is no doubt that as Fortress Investment Group continues to grow it will benefit from the powerful knowledge of one of its amazing leaders Randal Nardone. Meet Fortress Investment Group’s Ex-Billionaire Interim CEO

Upwork  Creating a To-Do List and How to Complete It

If you are a freelancer, then you must already be aware of the challenges one has to face professionally. First of all, having no boss can actually make you lethargic and complacent towards your work at times. However, the true secret of success as a freelancer lies in how disciplined you are. Make sure that you follow a strict routine and do not sway away from it too often as it can lead to professional issues that can impact your revenue negatively.

Upwork is one of the most famous platforms online for people to find freelancing work. There are more than 12 million active freelancers at Upwork, and depending upon the feedbacks and reviews you have received from your clients, you continue to get new works from clients on a regular basis. Millions of freelancers depend on Upwork to get regular work and keep themselves busy. There are five million registered clients on Upwork, and it is a huge amount for any freelancers’ network by any means. If you want to make sure that you achieve success as a freelancer, Upwork suggests that you make a to-do list on a daily basis and follow it religiously.

One needs to make sure that they make the to-do list a day before to save time the next day and go through it regularly through the day. It would help you know if you are missing out on any task or if any task needs urgent priority, prioritizing your to-do list ensures that you get the important task done before the deadline, and it is also important to assign a deadline to different tasks. It would help ensure that you do not miss deadlines that can potentially upset the clients and can drop your rankings on the platform. Also, it is best to create the to-do list the night before so that you can be productive from the moment you get up without having to waste time on creating the list at the last moment. Having a to-do list makes life easier, but it is only effective when you make it in such a way that it is useful to you.

How MBA Courses Can Help Address Compliance Challenge in Organizations

The topic of compliance has remained an evergreen debate area among the circles of law, higher learning schools, different government authorities, and players in multiple organizations. To realize success in conforming to rules or policies, advanced business studies like the MBA programs need to equip learners in helping organizations through challenges such as compliance. A compliance expert lawyer Bruno Fagali observes that the MBA system can also assist in diverse areas as international politics, tech, innovations, and alternative thinking.

According to Prof. Ferreira of the Rio de Janeiro University, fruitful discussions have started in large learning centers. The discussions revolve around understanding environmental and social responsibilities, transparency, and observation of governance ethics. These areas are, of course, the foundation of understanding the compliance issue.

Advocate Fagali also notes that further changes in the master of business administration systems are shaping the future of compliance issue. As an example, the Getulio Vargas Foundation incorporates course recommendations from different companies into their learning materials. The foundation holds regular meetings with these companies, as explained by the Foundation’s Academic Programs and Processes Director Gerson Lachtermacher.

Another significant change that relates to compliance and MBA courses is in executive training. As noted by Bruno Fagali the Strategic Marketing MBA in Rio is an example. The course is under the marketing, coordination, and branding from Professor Marcelo Boschi. The professor notes that the current MBA courses include new principles of executive training that are key to the dynamic society.

As compliance remains a hot topic in organizations and government circles, there is need to rethink the approach in addressing the issue. The current developments in MBA courses are positive steps, as noted by the lawyer from Fagali Advocacy. Other areas incorporated in these courses are dynamic entrepreneurship and diverse methods of teaching the subject.

Bruno Fagali is a Brazilian advocate whose law interest covers diverse areas such as compliance, ethics, administration, regulatory, and public law. He studied Bachelor’s degree in Law and Masters in Law (State Law) at the University of Sao Paulo. Apart from running his firm, he the Corporate Integrity Manager of Nova/SB, and has practiced different aspects of law since 2006.

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Adam Milstein works to inform and strengthen the Jewish people

Adam Milstein is a very accomplished man. Born in Israel, Mr. Milsein and his wife Gila moves to the US in 1981 along with their daughters. In the United states Adam Milstein went to the University of South California and earned a Master of Business Administration degree. After earning his degree Mr. Milstein worked in commercial real estate.

Now Adam Milstein sits on the boards of many organizations, such as Jewish Founders Network and the American Israel Public Affairs Committee or AIPAC. As well as being Co-founder of the Israeli American Council and the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. The Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation is an organization that Adam Milstein started with his wife to strengthen the Jewish community, both in the United States and Israel.

As well as all that Adam Milstein also writes for the Jewish News Syndicate or jns. In his most recent blog post on jns Mr. Milstein talks about an alliance between radical Muslims and radical left. As unbelievable as it is Mr. Milstein talks about how the radical left lumps Muslims and radical Muslims together and choose to ignore the hatred and violence radical Muslims bring with them.

Adam Milstein writes examples of how the Jewish people are excluded and mistreated while attempting to participate in functions from the radical left. Such as the Slut Walk in Chicago. The Slut Walk was meant to be a protest against Sexual Assault, but when Zionists marched with them the organizers condemned them. Marchers were also encouraged to hear a terrorist speak after the march. This terrorist was also convicted of murdering two Jewish students, and since been deported out of the United states. Another example from Mr. Milsein is the Dyke March, that also took place in Chicago. The Dyke March was a celebration for the LGBT community, but people were sent away from marching that attempted to combine their pride for both being apart of the LGBT community and being Jewish.

Throughout this blog post Mr. Milstein talks a lot about the hatred radical Muslims have for the freedom, tolerance, and democracy of both Israel and America and how this hatred is a threat to Israel, the Jewish people, and America.

Infinity Group Australia: Coming to the Rescue of Australians

Everyone knows that being financially secure is certainly the ideal situation. The master of your own finances ensures that an individual or family are able to have four more options in life. By being financially stable not only are options increase but also overall mood is increased. In unfortunate situations where a person is the financially stressed it can greatly impact many aspects of their life. Recognizing this is one of the reasons that financial health is key to overall life balance. This balance can ensure that not only can a person enjoying their life more in a financial sense but they also aren’t bogged down with the weight and stress associated with financial insecurity.


However practical the above advice is it doesn’t seem attainable for most people. Australians today have many things in which they have to plan for financially. The simple act of buying a home for yourself can leave you in debt for decades. Not to mention their other financial responsibilities. Many people find that it’s the responsibilities associated with maintaining their necessities leave little room for any investment beyond that. Further, there is retirement to consider. It’s hard to consider your financial health and retirement when you are focused on simply making ends meet in the here and now.


Wading through all these factors is overwhelming for a person to take on. The obligations of daily life surely impede a person’s ability to address these concerns and also live their life. That is where options such as financial advisory come into play. By employing a financial advisory service a person can free themselves from the tedious aspects of maintaining financial health while also being able to ensure that these issues are being taken care of. Infinity group Australia reviews are glowing with recommendations from former clients. These reviews express their gratitude and overall satisfaction with their choice to employ this firm.


Infinity group Australia focuses on three key services for their clients. These services include reduction of debt, wealth creation and retirement planning and financing. They are an excellent resource available to Australians that can ensure their financial health. These services can be consumed individually or a client can elect to hire them to handle all three. By starting with debt reduction infinity is able to take a lot of burden off of their clients. They are appalled by the lack of emphasis on debt reduction by larger institutions. Next in their list of offerings is the process of wealth creation. They achieve this by securing investments that are thought out’s and focus on sustainable growth. Many people are afraid of wealth creation because they do not believe that they have another money to begin. But by beginning investments clients can see their money work for them. Learn more:


Randall Nardone, CO-founder of Fortress Investment Group.

Randal Nardone is a co-founder at Fortress Investment group which was formed in 1998. He has served as its Principal since its formation and also as the Chief Executive Officer since 2013. He has been serving as a member of the management committee since establishment and also acts as a member of the board of directors after being appointed as one in 2006. He also serves as a director in the organization.Randal Nardone has also co-founded Fortress Investment fund and acts as its Chief Operating Officer, Chief Executive Officer, and even Principal. He is one of the co-founders of Fortress Registered Investment Trust where he has held the titles of Secretary, Vice President, and Chief Operating Officer. He now serves as the President and Chief Executive Officer.

Randal Nardone has worked in Newcastle Investment Corporation as Secretary before serving as its Vice President. He has been Secretary and Chief Operating officer at IMPAC Commercial Holdings. Randal has also been Chief Operating Officer of RIC Co-investment fund where he was also secretary and portfolio manager. He served as managing director at UBS and as a principal at BlackRock financial management. Randal Nardone has served as a director at Florida East Coast Holdings and also at Springleaf Holdings, Alea Group Holdings Limited, OneMain holdings, Fortress Transportation and Infrastructure Investors. He has also served at Mapleley as a non-executive director. He has also been a director at New Media Investment Group, Brookdale Senior Living, Aircastle Limited, and SeaCube Container Leasing Limited.

Randal Nardone has also been a partner at Thacher Proffitt and Wood law firm. Randal has attained a Bachelor’s Degree in English and Biology from the University of Connecticut. He also has a JD from Boston University School of Law. In December 2017 Softbank Group a Japanese company finalized a 3.3 billion dollar deal to purchase Fortress Investment Group. However, Fortress Investment continues to operate within as independent but within the Softbank group. The leadership of Fortress Investment was as well retained as the principals, Wes Edens, Pete Briger, and Nardone continued leading the business. Randal commented that selling Fortress to Softbank was the right move. This is due to their investments in private equity becoming slow. He saw that the purchase would bring about a rise in business as well as create benefits for the investors. He noted that the introduction of Softbank Group brought about a new business environment which would enable return bringing investments.

OSI Group Powers Ahead With Their Tradition of Innovation and Expansion

OSI Group has developed a strong global reputation as an innovator in food processing. What many people may not know is this tendency has been going on for a long time. Their history spans more than 100 years and involves an immigrant’s journey and a key partnership with a storied corporate titan. The remarkable range of abilities that OSI Group displays today was developed over time and the story is fascinating.

Otto Kolschowsky was a German immigrant eager to make his mark in the land of opportunity. He chose the important crossroads city of Chicago for his home and opened up a butcher shop and meat market in 1909. There was an enclave of German emigrants nearby and his business did well as he served them and others in the neighborhoods. This commercial hub was home to many new arrivals and a wonderful part of America’s history.

The opportunity for expansion came when Kolschowsky recognized an additional way forward in wholesale meats. Near the end of World War One, he took this important step and continued with his growing business. They were a trusted part of the local community in this form for over three decades. The year 1928 saw his family become partners with him and they were called Otto & Sons.

The year 1955 was pivotal for Otto & Sons as they encountered Ray Kroc who was working for McDonald’s. At the time they were still a family owned business who was exploring the chain restaurant model. He selected Otto & Sons to be the meat supplier to the planned first franchise location at Des Plaines, Illinois. With a handshake agreement, a key relationship was put into place.

The franchise concept proved to be a powerful one as both companies prospered with staggering rates of growth. One innovation that allowed Otto & Sons to keep pace with the Golden Arches was their adoption of new technology. Flash freezing made it possible for them to ship burgers all across America as they would keep long enough to be transported. It is an excellent example of the company’s continual striving to improve their operations.

The name Otto & Sons was changed to OSI Group in 1975 which was the end of an era. The original Kolschowsky family was transitioning into retirement and this also reflected the international nature of their structure. OSI Group would continue to build on the efforts of their founders with a rising executive named Sheldon Lavin. He would take their growth to the next level with his banking and investing skills.

Neurocore a Company that can Improve Brain Function and Physical Performance

Here’s the thing about Neurocore, it’s an effective treatment option for people who are suffering various stressful or neurological disorders. What makes this treatment option so viable is its ability to provide effective relief from various mental health conditions. For example, depression is a major problem today. More people are experiencing depression like never before. Neurocore’s brain therapies can help to alleviate the problems associated with depression. It can also be used to train people’s minds to become less depressed. While some mental health conditions can never be completely cured, that does not mean that people cannot find relief from this problem. Visit to know more about Neurocore.


Recently, Neurocore has made the news for helping athletes to play at a top level. These individuals used one of Neurocore’s high level brain training therapies to get their brain functions to focus and to stay in on track. So how does this therapy work? Well, a patient will be hooked up to machine and will perform some type of task that will help them to relax. Once they do this task their brain will focus on remaining calm and comfortable.

Now, if the patient’s brain functions start to wander then they will prompted to stop the task and to get back on track. What this means is if a patient starts to become tense, upset or anxious about a situation – they will be redirected so they can have the right perspective. Some athletes use this type of mental training and it works very well for them. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.

Neurocore does not promise that an athlete will become a superstar performer or a player that will always get the big numbers. What it does do is help athletes to perform at their best for most situations and most games. Remember, Neurocore therapies do not involve any type of medications or performance enhancers. No foreign substance is being pumped into an athlete’s mind or body. This approach is 100% all natural from the sense that it does not involve ingesting, digesting or assimilating anything into their blood stream. Remember that physical performance is strongly connected to mental performance. A person who is strong physically will usually be strong mentally. Neurocore can help to improve both aspects of an athlete.