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Securus Announces New Tool to Stop Crime

This latest news from Securus Technologies could be a game changer, really. Their latest product and service, (appropriately called the “Investigator), means an extra tool for those dedicated to protect and serve. It is another layer of safety for communities everywhere. Funny thing is, Securus would just consider this another day and another step in their business of serving public safety departments, law enforcement agencies and corrections facilities.

The “Investigator“, as it is being called, is a tool using biometric technology, to not only recognize and analyze voices, but will also locate those phone calls where that particular voice is heard and recognized. Certainly this idea has been imagined before; perhaps avid movie fans pictured the CIA or James Bond’s Intel team tracking a dangerous individual, connecting the suspect’s voice to that known terrorist. This time, it is reality.

This new tool has far reaching implications for everyone. Corrections facilities can better ensure safety and detect threats earlier. Law enforcement and public safety agencies can thwart or catch crimes before they happen, as they are being planned. Of course the safety and security of everyone is improved as criminals and their plans and associates can be uncovered and stopped.

The Texas based Securus is no stranger to delivering products and services to those in arenas of civil and criminal justice. Answering questions and finding solutions to make life better, safer and using technology to do it, Securus serves over 3400 agencies. Within the corrections facilities served are more than 1 million inmates and their families who utilize the communications platforms provided by Securus.

PR Newswire released this latest announcement, and provides more details about the Investigator Pro. So what’s next for Securus? Well at the rate at which this technology solutions provider is churning out newer and better tools and answers, give it a week or two and we will probably find out. Just kidding – maybe.


Norqa Luque music Career

Norka Luque, born on February 7 in Caracas, Venezuela, is guided in his career by the well-known Latino producer Emilio Estefan. In 2011, she premiered her first single “as you do,” that was composed by Archie Pena, the Venezuelan. With this song, Norka Luque got a nomination for “Female Pop Artist of the Year” in the “Premios Lo Nuestro.”

The start of 2012 revealed Norka’s second single by the name Miracle in honor of the name of her album, the song that was composed by Archie Pena and produced in numerous versions and arrangers renowned as master Cucco Pena, making the salsa version, which was located at the first report in Venezuela for 14 weeks. The song also performed a dance version in English. “Miracle” that was remixed by DJ Ralphi Rosario, and was located at the 11th record the Dance Club Billboard. Later on, an urban remixed version where she collaborated with Dominican El Cata.

From childhood, Norka was a humble and obedient girl who came from a humble family that loved music. He came from a blessed family, far away in Venezuela, full of real experiences, life lessons, and other cultures and languages. This led her to understand that her primary destiny is all about music. Norka attested to that when he was in the country for a showcase performance. The US-based Venezuelan, came bright into the scene of music through the exclusive support of her producer Emilio Estefan. He presented her album Miracle; that sounds in Latino radio stations and many countries in the world.

From this album, Emilio Estefan has brought together a team of major producers including Alberto Gaitan, Archie Pena, Luis Giraldo and Cuco Pena Puerto Rica, who is presently in charge of the sauce arrangements. The genre of the music is what took so long to decide, it was a fusion of rhythms, with some ballads, pop, rock and Blues.

Since childhood, Norka loved singing and participated in numerous singing competitions. After completing high school, she went to France to pursue a degree in International Business but continued parallel with her passion. Every single minute she found herself idle, music is all that could sprout in her mind. She decided to join the Bad Moon Rising, rock and funk, that made her appear on numerous platforms. This helped her become a solo artist. She took singing lessons upon returning to the U.S.

Excitement Builds Further After The Long Awaited Lovaganza Announcement Dates

The concept of Lovaganza is a wonderful one. It is an organization that is geared towards making a huge impact in a positive way on those who need it most. With the proceeds from the spectacle of their fantastic shows, they plan to do many things. Some of which include feeding and housing homeless and hungry children and families, provide safe zones in war-torn areas, clean water to drink and much more than this.

This is quite possibly the main reason for the anticipation of this event to be at a fever pitch. People helping people. This is the driving force of the organization and their cause on This was also the main reason for so many folks to be disappointed back in 2015 when the date was pushed back to 2020. The decision to do so was to make use of the upcoming technologies which weren’t available at the original announcement date.

This Bohemian style show of Lovaganza around the world is going to be sure to captivate its massive and diverse audience in a show of appreciation. The other announcement is of their traveling show that will not only make use of these new technologies but will also be spreading the message about their mission statement for the cause. The Lovaganza traveling show will hit the streets in 2017 and is sure to give spectators a treat and a taste of the show that is to come in 2020. A lot of the excitement around this traveling show is a display of their new 3D film technology that doesn’t require glasses for viewing.

This alone is enough to get many people interested in what’s to come. The films will also be displayed in 2D and 3D theaters around the globe. The scope of Lovaganza is huge with an emphasis on the diversity of human cultures and how we interact with them. The goals of the organization are really two-fold. Use the funds to put on a better show for the masses while generating income to help a number of regional and global initiatives. With all of the excitement around the coming attractions, they are sure to achieve these lofty goals.

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Lovaganza from Colin Hesterly on Vimeo.

Someone Needs To Stop The Absurd Right-Winged Attacks On George Soros

You do not need to be paying close attention to the US presidential race to understand that right-wing politicians and pundits have created the monster called Donald Trump. Trump is the product of years and years of right winged propaganda on NY Times. Pundits have used channels like Fox News and shows like Rush Limbaugh to repeatedly bash facts and science to create an electorate that no longer trusts facts or science. One of the greatest examples of this happened recently when Fox News pundit Glenn Beck attacked a man named George Soros.

Fox News, the highest rated news network on television, used three hours of its precious time to attack this 85-year-old man, airing a special that played like a doomsday documentary. The commercials for this three hour special were especially telling, played on a black backdrop with fear mongering quotes from the time of the Holocaust.

But the big question here is why would such a powerful news organization take their time to attack an 85-year-old man? And why hasn’t George Soros himself stood up against this ridiculous George Soros conspiracy documentary? The answer is simple — the man doesn’t care, making him an easy target.

That’s what’s frustrating about this whole thing. The man does not defend himself because he simply does not care. He’s 85-years-old, survived the Holocaust and has made billions with high-risk gambles in money markets. He’s seen it all and a little mud slinging coming his way does not dissuade him from his passion — helping people.

No George Soros conspiracy theorist ever includes the fact that the man funds many non-profit organizations that push for government transparency and equal rights. Groups like the Open Societies Foundation and strive for a more just and equal society. These conspiracy crackpots don’t mention it because they are vehemently opposed to the groups’ agendas and revealing such information would expose them for what they are — right-winged hitmen charged with the task of taking down a liberal giant.

That’s why it is so important to help defend this man from these supposedly damning George Soros email leaks. Russia is behind a hack at the DNC. And while the hack revealed some unsavory things done to Bernie Sanders, they not not reveal anything damning about Soros, except for the fact they he is pro-refugee and anti-racist, which we already knew.

But this hasn’t stopped extreme groups, like pro-Israel Republican pundits and far-right anti-Semites, from attacking the billionaire for the George Soros Wikileaks email dump. Each group charges foul over separate issues. Pro-Israel Republicans, like Beck, accuse the Jewish man who survived the Holocaust of being an anti-Semite. Anti-Semitic far-right-wingers accuse Soros of trying to start a flow of Jewish immigrants to other countries.

All the George Soros emails really show is that the man is committed to open, transparent societies. You don’t have to believe me and you should definitely not believe Glen Beck. Check out the George Soros emails yourself.

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Norka Luque’s Career is Growing Stronger

Norka Luque is a Latin music star who was born in 1986. She’s a native of Caracas in Venezuela. She’s had an immensely successful career in the music industry thus far. This success can partially be attributed to her work with Emilio Estefan Jr., a highly respected producer in the Latin music community. Luque’s debut single was called “Como Lo Haces Tu.” It came out in 2011. It was written by Archie Peña, a talented producer, percussionist and composer. This tune was such a sensation that it landed Luque a Female Pop Artist of the Year nomination for the Lo Nuestro Awards.

Luque’s follow-up single came out not long after in early 2012. This sophomore effort was known by the name of “Milagro” or “Miracle.” The single was named after her album. This track was also written by the aforementioned Peña. There were several different mixes of Milagro available to the public. Norka Luque even recorded a dance remix of the track in English. Ralphi Rosario is a famed DJ who took it upon himself to remix Milagro. The remix did so well that it found a place on Billboard’s dance charts. It actually reached number eleven.

This female vocalist lives and works in sun-kissed Fort Lauderdale, Florida. This city is approximately 45 minutes away from the energy and vitality of Miami. Luque’s primary focus is on tracks that encompass genres such as pop, dance, urban and Latin. She frequently combines elements from all of these categories in her tracks. Music is a passion that is incredibly important to Luque. She has lived and breathed music since she was a young child. Despite that, she has a healthy amount of other major interests in her life. She’s also enthusiastic about traveling and seeing the world, emotions such as love, food preparation and sports. Luque’s favorite sport is tennis.

Luque considers many prominent musical artists to be sources of motivation for her. She admires all different kinds of acts. Examples of her preferred artists include Sia, Hanson, Beyonce, NSYNC, George Michael, Britney Spears, Queen, Shakira, Nirvana, Ricky Martin, Bob Sinclair and Aerosmith. It’s abundantly clear that Luque doesn’t limit herself to one or two different varieties of genres. She appreciates it all. She also loves music from the past and the present. Luque isn’t only motivated by musical wizards, either. She works hard every day to make her father, mother and grandmother proud. Visit Norka Luque’s website to learn more about upcoming performances.

Enjoy Fabletics Clothing By Going Into Their Store

Having an online store is great because there is no physical merchandise that needs to be kept in a storefront, which is why many online stores can be successful. Even if a warehouse is housing all of the products that the online store ships, it can still be more profitable for the company to have an online store as opposed to storefronts. Fabletics is opening many storefronts because they want to reach as many customers as possible, especially the ones that don’t want to shop online as can be seen on the website Racked. Even though online shopping is very popular these days, the fact is, not everyone will feel safe using their credit or debit card online.

The wonderful thing about shopping in the Fabletics stores is the fact that anyone can become a member, and membership for Fabletics gives a lot of perks. Those who pay the $49.95 monthly membership fee will always be able to access the fee, which is uncommon with many companies that charge membership fees. Anyone who walks into a Fabletics store can pay for membership, and they can use the membership within the store or in the online store. Every member enjoys low prices as well as discounts, and those who choose to shop online can enjoy free shipping as well. Even with fast shipping that’s free, some prefer to shop within the Fabletics store, so the person can pick up their clothing right away.

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Fabletics turnaround story

Fabletics is not only for women, even though the face of the company is Kate Hudson, who is a woman. Fabletics allows men as well as women to make purchases for athletic wear, and some of the clothing they have is fabulous. Many women will be able to find yoga pants, and men will be able to find shirts and shorts that make it comfortable for them to exercise. Comfortable clothing is not all that Fabletics sells because they also have low prices, which is what sets them apart from many activewear companies out there. It’s not just the famous face on this brand that makes it popular but the fact that the company wants to keep their prices low.

A lot of the clothing that can be found in their complete wiki article, as well as online are extremely fashionable, which means that a person can be active while looking great in the clothing that they purchase. Many can agree with the fact that they save up to 50% or more on purchases that are made on the Fabletics website or in the store, compared to many similar stores that have prices that are much higher. Anyone looking to purchase activewear can choose to go to the Fabletics stores, or the person can continue shopping online.

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Brian Bonar Receives Another Honor

Brian Bonar who is the Chairman/chief executive officer of Dalrada Financial Corporation was recently honored by being selected as the “Executive of the year.” He was given the recognition by Cambridge who’s who.

The honor has been described as “well deserved” by friends and associates of Brian Bonar. It is obviously a remarkable achievement. Such recognitions don’t come cheap.

To give out this prestigious award, two females and two males are usually nominated from each discipline. The annual award is based on the recipients’ professional and academic achievements coupled with their leadership skills and contribution to their discipline. Even if you doubt Bonar’s eligibility for the award, a quick Google search on Brian Bonar’s biography will give you a second thought.

A career that was built on thirty unblemished years in finance industry is not what you come across often. Being the current CEO of a notable organization like Dalrada Financial Corporation speaks volumes about who Brian Bonar is.

Having held the position for over decade is a big icing on the cake and this qualifies him for the honor. Needless to say nobody holds any position for long if the organization isn’t doing well.

Dalrada Financial Corporation has been in operation for over two decades and it is worth several million dollars. In other words, the organization isn’t just a company, it is a financially sound company. By virtue of being at the helm of affairs, Brian Bonar takes credit for the financial success of the organization at least for their performance within the last ten years.  Learn more about Brian Bonar:

Dalrada Financial Corporation selects employees and recommends their benefits and they also provide some aftermarket products like business management, risk management, financial management etc. Dalrada also helps to increase employees’ productivity by organizing several job related training for them.

Apart from his position in Dalrada Financial Corporation, Brian Bonar is also the current chairman and the chief executive officer of another successful organization and also holds several executive positions in some other organizations at the same time. This is a mark of excellence. It shows that he is so much sought after.

According to XRepublic, Brian Bonar’s sound academic background could be the major foundation of his impressive career. He is currently an associate of American Finance Association and he holds a Ph.D. Before then, he got a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in James Watt Technical College and Stafford University respectively.  Read more: Brian Bonar | LinkedIn

Before now, he worked in several other notable organizations like QMS and IBM.

Despite holding several positions at the same time, Bonar still finds time to be with his family. In spite of his huge official responsibilities, he still creates to time to engage in golfing and boat trips occasionally.

This recognition could not have been given to a better recipient. Like one of his associates said, the award is well deserved.

DeVos the Next Rockefeller Family?

There is a saying that goes “more money, more problems.” More money is not a problem for Dick DeVos, an American billionaire who is deeply involved in philanthropy along with members of his family. The DeVos family has been very charitable with their money for decades, most notably in their home state of Michigan. Recently it was revealed that the DeVos family has given over 1.2 billion dollars of lifetime contributions according to a 2015 report from In 2014 alone, 94 million dollars was donated to various causes (these causes range from health and community services to arts and culture, and faith-based organizations such as churches) and organizations. Some notable donations include 2.9 million dollars to Grand Valley State University and 3.1 million dollars to Hope College by the DeVos family. Also according to a 2016 report from, the DeVos family in 2013 donated 90.9 million dollars (60 million of the 90.9 million was given to organizations in Michigan). It should be noted that the patriarch of the DeVos family, Richard DeVos, along with his wife, have their own foundation, the Richard and Helen DeVos Foundation and so do their four children. The five foundations work together to insure the bulk of their donations are sent to west Michigan, where Richard DeVos and his best friend Jay Van Andel, founded the company Amway in 1959. Amway started in a basement and it was reported in 2014 that Amway had made 10.8 billion dollars of sales. Aside from philanthropy and business success, the DeVos family also have numerous connections that have resulted in DeVos family members serving on various nonprofit boards around the United States. Pamella DeVos (the wife of Daniel DeVos, one of Richard DeVos’ sons) for example, is a member of the board of the Whitney Museum of American Art. Doug DeVos (another son of Richard DeVos) currently is the chairman of the board of the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia. Betsy DeVos (the wife of Dick DeVos) was appointed by President George W. Bush in 2004 to serve a six year term on the Kennedy Center board in Washington, D.C. It is probably no surprise to you, the reader, that the DeVos family will most likely continue to give more of their money to worthy causes not only in the state of Michigan, but anywhere that help is needed to make the world a better place.

How Does Philip Diehl Of The US Money Reserve Feel About Gold Coin Ownership?

The US Money Reserve was featured on EPNS Radio because it is the only place that people can get the coins that they need if they really want to making money from these items.

The coins that are sold by the US Money Reserve are something that Philip Diehl thinks can help people make a ton of money.

He wants people to remember that they will be able to make money from just one coin, a collection of coins or a cache of coins that is going to be perfect for them.

That means that all the people who shop with them can pick something they love. It all depends on what everyone wants, and they can find something fun when they check the catalog at US Money Reserve.

There are a lot of people who will just keep a lot of coins all together because they will be able to hold them until they are really valuable.

They are going to see pretty big profits, and they are going to make a lot of money from them when they sell them.

It is something that people need to keep in mind when they are going to start buying, and it is important for people to remember they could just start collecting. Read more: U.S. Money Reserve Encourages Visitors To Explore Its New Website And E-Commerce Coin Catalogue and U.S. Money Reserve featured on EPN’s Enterprise Radio

There are a lot of people who will just start collecting coins because they want to be able to have something that looks good together. That means that a lot of people are going to be able to have something they can show off. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

They might sell those coins in the future, but they might also just hold their collection.

Everyone has options at the US Money Reserve, and they will be able to buy out of the catalog any time they want to for a new gold coin investment.

The Making of IAP Worldwide Services Logistics Company

The initials UAP stand for Ingenuity and purpose. The organization is a market leader in the logistics niche. They have a team of world-class professionals and a dedicated workforce in 20 countries. The family of 1600 employees is a resource. They have used the number to become innovative and to solve problems.

How do you keep such a large group motivated? IAP organizes an award ceremony to honor Employees. The IAP NOAA Employee earns Distinguished Award has been awarded to Scientist Keil Oneill.The Biologist Heather Balkoswsky used the award ceremony to admonish the NOAA committee for bad reporting.The organizing body took the observation in good light. There should be an improvement over the coming years.

IAP Worldwide’s mission is to make the hard possible. They seek to help manage natural events. A natural event is unexpected and causes unimaginable damage. The company has the experience to manage these occurrences. On such areas, they can quickly set up a small camping base. Military installations as big as an upscale development are easily set up.

Civilian facilities and research laboratories help build a relationship with citizens. IAP Worldwide is not an overnight success. They have spent the last 60 years, beating market benchmarks and keeping their customers satisfied. What keeps their clients up at night, keeps them off of theirs. In short, they made the customer the king.

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IAP: Home

IAP Worldwide Services jobs at

The company’s spirit is centered on customer service. The level of success is a measure of how well the clients are doing. After a good service delivery package, gratitude and thanksgiving have kept the focus. A unique feature about the company is its mission. They make the customers goals theirs. Four principles support the company culture.

The four pillars which hold the company in place are; Leadership, History, Partners, and Ethics. Leadership is important for the perpetuation of the company. As the CEOs and the top brass are busy guiding, middle-level management is being molded. Leadership is all about influence.

History keeps repeating itself over and over again. History helps us see how far we have come. Interns get to learn they have a place. Additionally, history is a good way to set and achieve milestones. Partnerships keep the company relevant in an ever-evolving space.By aligning with those going in the same direction, the sense of mission becomes stronger.

Ethics is all about the company’s moral compass. What does the company culture regard as wrong? Is the same opinion shared by other organizations in the same niche? Ethics go hand in hand with professionalism and morals.

The recent acquisition of DRS Technologies and the Tactical Communication Network is a step in the right direction. Both acquisitions are strategic. One company is an aircraft repair company. The other is an information technology company. The move is set to have a significant effect on profits.

Learn more about IAP Worldwide:,-inc-l-virginia.aspx