Avaaz: Making the World a Better Place by Addressing Pressing Issues

Avaaz is one of the world’s most influential and largest online activist networks unveiled in January 2007. This U.S.-based civic group began its operations with a democratic mission of organizing citizens of all countries to make the world a better place. It has been on the forefront in empowering millions of individuals worldwide to focus on finding lasting solutions to pressing issues such as corruption, climate change, and poverty. Avaaz has adopted a model of Internet organizing that combines thousands of personal efforts into a powerful cumulative force and learn more about Avaaz.


How does Avaaz work?

The Avaaz community carries out its activities in 17 languages. The organization has a core team in every continent as well as thousands of volunteers around the world. The main objective of this civic organization is to make sure the opinions and values of people across the world are considered before making critical decisions. It takes actions through funding media campaigns, calling, emailing and lobbying governments, signing petitions, and orchestrating “offline” protests and events and follow their Twitter.


Selection of global campaigns

Avaaz manages its global campaigns through a team of campaigners that work from more than 30 nations, including Brazil, India, Lebanon, and the UK. They get in touch with members through email and campaigning strategies like online public petitions, email-you-leader tools, and videos. In addition, the organization leverages advertisements and seeks legal advice to explain the best strategies for taking the campaign forward, staging media-friendly stunts, sit-ins, phone-ins, and rallies and read full article.



Avaaz is a brainchild of executive director Ricken Patel. Patel spent four years at the recognized Balliol College Oxford University, and a received a degree in politics, philosophy, and economics (PPE). He specialized in public policy at the esteemed Harvard University. During his tenure at the International Crisis Group, he gained exceptional experience in election monitoring, encouraging negotiation among rebel forces, and restoring public confidence in once fraudulent political systems and Avaaz’s lacrosse camp.

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