Building a Name in the Finance Business

The global financial system has been on an upward trend as the markets expand to accommodate new markets. As a result, the structure of business as we knew it is gradually changing and so is the financial system. Internet and the recent development tin technology have enhanced communication which in turn has created awareness among the people. As the saying goes, information is power. The current generation living in the technology world is highly informed compared to previous generations. The improved communications systems have influenced the spread of financial information hence the growth in the number of folks seeking financial advice.

When it comes to financial advice, Ken Griffin is the man to consult. Popularly known as Ken, he has tremendous experience in financial and investment matters. He has been mostly involved in deals to do with hedges and it is in this particular area where his expertise is well known. Ken is the CEO of Citadel and he has helped the company grow in the field. With his experience, Ken has been a competent financial adviser whose services have been on demand all over the financial sector. He consults for firms, individual, as well as governments on issues concerning financial and capital investments.

Ken is an American born and raised in Florida where he spent most of his early life. He was born in 1968 and as he grew up he was developing a passion for investments and business on At a very young age, Ken had begun investing and saving his little money for future use. In his freshman year while in the university, Ken had already began a serious investment and financial management consultancy company. He did his research and h he became a very instrumental contributor to several financial policies. This was only the beginning of his pursuits in the finance industry.

One time in college he was reading a Forbes magazine which completely changed his life for good. This magazine changed his life and his view and approach towards financial security. It was from that day that his star in the field began to rise. Immediately after graduating, Ken was lucky to have attracted the eye of an investor who gambled on the young graduate’s skills. Frank Meyer was not very sure that Ken would be a good or bad investment but he decided to give the young investor a chance to try. Meyer gave Ken $1 million to invest and to his surprise he went home with 70% profits.

Ken went far beyond what Meyer had expected and this was a very encouraging move. After years of savings, Ken decided it was time to move on and establish his own business. In 1990, he began his own company Citadel which has grown into a multibillion company. He began the company with a savings capital of about $4 million and to date the company is worth more than $5 billion. Due to his business acumen, Ken has been featured in the Forbes magazine as well as the Fortune Magazine.

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