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Someone Needs To Stop The Absurd Right-Winged Attacks On George Soros

You do not need to be paying close attention to the US presidential race to understand that right-wing politicians and pundits have created the monster called Donald Trump. Trump is the product of years and years of right winged propaganda on NY Times. Pundits have used channels like Fox News and shows like Rush Limbaugh to repeatedly bash facts and science to create an electorate that no longer trusts facts or science. One of the greatest examples of this happened recently when Fox News pundit Glenn Beck attacked a man named George Soros.

Fox News, the highest rated news network on television, used three hours of its precious time to attack this 85-year-old man, airing a special that played like a doomsday documentary. The commercials for this three hour special were especially telling, played on a black backdrop with fear mongering quotes from the time of the Holocaust.

But the big question here is why would such a powerful news organization take their time to attack an 85-year-old man? And why hasn’t George Soros himself stood up against this ridiculous George Soros conspiracy documentary? The answer is simple — the man doesn’t care, making him an easy target.

That’s what’s frustrating about this whole thing. The man does not defend himself because he simply does not care. He’s 85-years-old, survived the Holocaust and has made billions with high-risk gambles in money markets. He’s seen it all and a little mud slinging coming his way does not dissuade him from his passion — helping people.

No George Soros conspiracy theorist ever includes the fact that the man funds many non-profit organizations that push for government transparency and equal rights. Groups like the Open Societies Foundation and strive for a more just and equal society. These conspiracy crackpots don’t mention it because they are vehemently opposed to the groups’ agendas and revealing such information would expose them for what they are — right-winged hitmen charged with the task of taking down a liberal giant.

That’s why it is so important to help defend this man from these supposedly damning George Soros email leaks. Russia is behind a hack at the DNC. And while the hack revealed some unsavory things done to Bernie Sanders, they not not reveal anything damning about Soros, except for the fact they he is pro-refugee and anti-racist, which we already knew.

But this hasn’t stopped extreme groups, like pro-Israel Republican pundits and far-right anti-Semites, from attacking the billionaire for the George Soros Wikileaks email dump. Each group charges foul over separate issues. Pro-Israel Republicans, like Beck, accuse the Jewish man who survived the Holocaust of being an anti-Semite. Anti-Semitic far-right-wingers accuse Soros of trying to start a flow of Jewish immigrants to other countries.

All the George Soros emails really show is that the man is committed to open, transparent societies. You don’t have to believe me and you should definitely not believe Glen Beck. Check out the George Soros emails yourself.

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