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Greg Secker and what he does

The Greg Secker foundation has helped to establish others and their positions. He tries to encourage others about enjoying great moments in life, rather than rushing through it to establish yourself. Greg is a entrepreneur, speaker and trader. He also likes to give back to communities in need so they can benefit for the future. He has also founded the knowledge to action program. This controls companies that operate in London, Johannesburg, Sydney and Manila. Greg’s foundation is a non-profit organization committed to improving the quality of those around the world. Seeing improvement for others is something that can really encourage them to take their life to the next step.

He is also has a bevy of accomplishments that establish what he’s done with his organization. Knowledge to action was a finalist for the 2009 London excellence award. In 2010 the company placed 49th on the list for Sunday Times Fast Track 100 Awards. Learn to trade has won awards in 2012 and 2013 for Best Educator by World Finance Magazine. Greg’s philanthropy has pushed farther ahead to work ahead and give other opportunities. He was on the list of Richtopia 2017, which consisted of 200 contestants. The list is intended to promote social issues and see what others can do to help

Greg Secker is a businessman who was been in the trading business since 2003. He has worked with Forex trader, who has been praised for working with other currencies and the work they have done in the world.

There is a lot of things outside of his business that gives him joy. He enjoys mentoring people around, because he wants to see people work hard and accomplish their goals. He has also founded the Greg Secker foundation. It promotes philanthropy and the social issues around the world that have to be improved.