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Brian Bonar Receives Another Honor

Brian Bonar who is the Chairman/chief executive officer of Dalrada Financial Corporation was recently honored by being selected as the “Executive of the year.” He was given the recognition by Cambridge who’s who.

The honor has been described as “well deserved” by friends and associates of Brian Bonar. It is obviously a remarkable achievement. Such recognitions don’t come cheap.

To give out this prestigious award, two females and two males are usually nominated from each discipline. The annual award is based on the recipients’ professional and academic achievements coupled with their leadership skills and contribution to their discipline. Even if you doubt Bonar’s eligibility for the award, a quick Google search on Brian Bonar’s biography will give you a second thought.

A career that was built on thirty unblemished years in finance industry is not what you come across often. Being the current CEO of a notable organization like Dalrada Financial Corporation speaks volumes about who Brian Bonar is.

Having held the position for over decade is a big icing on the cake and this qualifies him for the honor. Needless to say nobody holds any position for long if the organization isn’t doing well.

Dalrada Financial Corporation has been in operation for over two decades and it is worth several million dollars. In other words, the organization isn’t just a company, it is a financially sound company. By virtue of being at the helm of affairs, Brian Bonar takes credit for the financial success of the organization at least for their performance within the last ten years.  Learn more about Brian Bonar:

Dalrada Financial Corporation selects employees and recommends their benefits and they also provide some aftermarket products like business management, risk management, financial management etc. Dalrada also helps to increase employees’ productivity by organizing several job related training for them.

Apart from his position in Dalrada Financial Corporation, Brian Bonar is also the current chairman and the chief executive officer of another successful organization and also holds several executive positions in some other organizations at the same time. This is a mark of excellence. It shows that he is so much sought after.

According to XRepublic, Brian Bonar’s sound academic background could be the major foundation of his impressive career. He is currently an associate of American Finance Association and he holds a Ph.D. Before then, he got a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in James Watt Technical College and Stafford University respectively.  Read more: Brian Bonar | LinkedIn

Before now, he worked in several other notable organizations like QMS and IBM.

Despite holding several positions at the same time, Bonar still finds time to be with his family. In spite of his huge official responsibilities, he still creates to time to engage in golfing and boat trips occasionally.

This recognition could not have been given to a better recipient. Like one of his associates said, the award is well deserved.