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The Chronicles of Hussain Sajwani

There is nothing that gives us peace of mind than a place that we consider home. Sometimes finding the home of our dreams can be very challenging. This story is, however, different for the people of the Middle East and Dubai. They have the most ranked real estate business person. Hussain Sajwani of DAMAC properties has helped many residents acquire what they best describe as their perfect homes. This is because of his passion and great skills in the business.

DAMAC Properties are not only restricted in residential provision. There also deal with commercial properties like hotels and offices. He was among the first people who invested in real estate. This is at a time when the population in Dubai had increased rapidly. He built several hotels to accommodate the population. This is where the Idea of his company was developed.

The success of the company can be associated with the grip the DAMAC owner has in business. He also has prominent associates like Donald Trump. When Donald Trump assumed office, he said that he would not close any deals while in office. However, Hussein says that his relationship with Donald Trump is defined past the office.

Besides being business partners, they are friends. For example, they spend the New Year’s Eve together. Hussain Sajwani family have had multiple dinners and lunch together, with Donald Trump’s family. Hussein says that their wives have a good relationship as well. They email each other severally and constantly visit each other.

Hussein and Donald Trump are engaged in making Donald’s international golf work. He hopes that their business relationships will get stronger. He explains that it’s good when your business partner relations is no just a cold relationship. Learn more:

Only a few people give back to the society. Hussein has engaged in numerous acts of giving. He gave AED two million to clothe children. He says that the children are the future leaders of tomorrow. They, therefore, need to keep warm. His donation will help clothe 50000 children across the continent. He adds that it is only fair that they get a great environment to start their life. Other investors should learn to give back to the society. Learn more:


George Soros Donates a Whopping $18 Billion to Philanthropy

According to NY Times, George Soros gave eighteen billion dollars to Open Society Foundations. The donation was among the most substantial wealth transfers from an individual to a foundation. George Soros contributed quietly over the past years but only disclosed the information later in 2017.

The gift made Open Society Foundations become the second most prominent organization in the field of philanthropy. Also, it placed George Soros at the center of every political and social debate throughout the country. Mr. Soros is at the epicenter of conservative critics.

George Soros established Open Society Foundations to advocate for human and democratic rights throughout the world. Following growth in his fortunes, George Soros started to fund efforts that would promote human and democratic rights. Thus, he began his first foundation in 1984 in Hungary. As per New York Times, the organization’s name originated from a philosophy book in which the author argued for free expression, democratic governance, and respect for people’s rights.

Some of the realizations of the foundation include funding clinics during the Ebola outbreak in 2014, protection of citizens following the 2016 elections in the United States, and construction of a Roma culture and art preservation center. Mr. Soros allocated ten million dollars to finance the efforts against the countrywide hate incidents wave that followed the 2016 elections. Mr. Soros committed himself to reducing the election tension.

George Soros’ foundation is a large organization reaching to almost all parts of the world. According to NY Times, some prominent people describe the foundation as far-reaching and being more impactful compared to all the other social justice trusts throughout the world. The organization’s footprints are wider and deeper. The foundation works with civil society leaders who are facing second-class forms of justice. George Soros constantly oversees the organization’s work. Stacy Palmer describes George Soros as being transparent concerning his views.

George Soros is among the world’s most famous philanthropists according to Open Society Foundations. He continues to spend vast sums of his fortune to finance his organization’s work throughout the globe. He founded and still supports his Central European University that is in Budapest. The institution leads in social sciences study in the region. His foundations continue to support numerous underserved but promising children by paying their university and school fees.

George Soros’ donations primarily focus on those people that get discriminated for their identity or place of residence. Through his leadership, the foundations support organizations and individuals globally that fight for accountable governments, free expression, and civil societies. According to Open Society Foundations, George Soros committed to assisting others because he also experienced similar intolerance during his early years. Read this article on about George.

Born in 1930, George Soros survived the Nazi occupation of Hungary. His family escaped the invasion through securing of false identities and pledged to resist the discrimination. He later left Budapest for London in 1947 where he did part-time work to pay for his economic studies. He then proceeded to the US in 1956 and entered the world of investments and finance. Who knew that he could rise to be among the most successful US investors?


Ambassador Daniel Taub Enhances The Relationship Between The UK And Israeli

As Daniel Taub resigns as Israeli Ambassador to the UK, Israel has reasons to celebrate his tenure. The Israeli Embassy in the UK announced that the trade between Israel and the United Kingdom has grown twice as it was four years ago.

This statement not only highlighted the doubled Israel-UK trade, but also the strengthened business, cultural and academic connections between the two nations. While addressing an audience at the British Israeli Business Awards, Sajid Javid, the British Secretary of State for Business, said that trade between UK and Israel has entered a “golden era.”

Explaining further, Sajid posited that the Israeli-Britain Chamber of Commerce revealed that over 300 Israeli businesses had opened offices in the UK. The annual bilateral trade was also over $5.5 billion.

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In 2012, Israeli boycott adopted by a student union resulted in tension among Israeli students in Britain. Daniel Taub demanded campus administrators to allow freedom of expression even from those supporting Israel.

Daniel Taub is an Israeli diplomat, a revered author and an international lawyer with British roots. Taub serves as the director of strategy and planning at the Yad Hanadiv Foundation in Jerusalem. Daniel was born in the UK where he graduated from Harvard University, University College, London and University College, Oxford.

In 1989, he moved to Israel where he served in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) as a medic combat. Later, he served as a reserve officer in the international law division of IDF. Notably, Daniel Taub rendered his services for President Chaim Herzog as a speech writer.

He joined the Israeli Foreign ministry in 1991 where he has held various diplomatic, political and legal positions. Taub worked as the principal deputy legal advisor of Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He was the legal advisor to Israel’s endeavors to the UN in New York and Geneva. Read more: Daniel Taub | About and  Daniel Taub – Crunchbase

In addition, Daniel Taub was actively involved in the peace process between Israel and Palestine where he assisted in negotiations. He also played a leading role during Israel-Syrian peace talks. His other involvements include spearheading the negotiations for Israel’s Red Cross Society, Magen David Adom, inclusion to the International Red Cross Movement and heading Israel’s observer delegation during Israel’s security barrier hearings at the International Court of Justice.

As a writer, Daniel Taub’s works on Israel and the Middle East have been featured on The Guardian, the Huffington Post and The Times. He holds the Grassroot Diplomat Initiative Honoree for helping start-ups and young entrepreneurs.

Sushi Itto’s success under Omar Yunes

The entrepreneurial skills of Omar Yunes have made him recognized all over the world. In Mexico, the entrepreneur operates a successful restaurant chain known as Sushi Itto. He runs units located in Puebla, Mexico City, and Veracruz. In Mexico alone, his brand operates over ninety restaurants. In South America, the presence of Sushi Itto is immense as well. Most of the restaurants are in Honduras, El Salvador, and Panama. Omar Yunes recently won the award for the leading franchise in the globe. This award helps brands around the world to achieve growth by encouraging franchises to improve operational processes, leadership, and teamwork and what Omar Yunes knows.

Brand growth is measured in various ways, including the upstream network growth, revenue, employee welfare, awareness towards brand growth, and franchises cost saving. Omar Yunes’s influence in changing brand-franchisees relationship earned him the award. Additionally, the award honors his efforts in fostering excellence in product offerings, customer care, and hospitality. Besides honoring the efforts of Omar Yunes, the award has also put Mexico on the world map and Omar’s lacrosse camp.


More about Omar Yunes

Omar Yunes began his Sushi Itto career at the age of twenty-one. His young age and dedication to work enabled him to make his units the best in Mexico. The estimated value of one restaurant is approximately five million pesos. His deep understanding of Mexico’s dining scene has contributed to the success of his brand and his Website.

His family is well-known in Mexico for politics. However, Omar Yunes has single-handedly made a name for himself as a successful Mexican businessman. His aggressiveness in marketing his products has made his brand what it is today. Omar Yunes has created hundreds of employment opportunities in his 13 Sushi Itto units. His goal is to grow his brand by expanding to other locations. He is confident that his restaurant chain will continue to be the best in the country and more information click here.

Desiree Perez: A Producer in Her Own Level

The music industry is the most expansive industry of all kind in the world. It generates over $17 billion annually and has been of great value to the people. It seems to be gaining its momentum by having come from a far. People have now started making good use of their musical talents and are now following the right channels. Roc Nation, usually the most dominated world seems to be a male dominated thing. From chairmanship to clerk duties but there is one great lady who has changed it all. Her name is Desiree Perez and she is a producer. A great producer indeed who believes that the industry needs to grow further. She is always behind the cameras but has made several celebs and more information click here.

Desiree Perez when it comes to tapping a new music talent, she is always the best. She follows to the last minute until the person being nurtured stands on his feet. She also works very well when it comes to producing music. Desiree Perez won’t stop when she talks about a talent. She makes sure she creates the best content for a person with potential. She does it exemplary well and has been a great icon when it comes to getting the most selling content. Nobody can outdo her. The last role she plays well is during the talents management. She will organize, book and ensure that the person she is managing does it exemplary well. She is always focused on results that lead to talent grow. She is a real entrepreneur to be specific. She believes that musicians deserve a better pay than everyone else and learn more about Desiree Perez.

Desiree Perez believes that after performing very well in concerts, the musicians deserve to make profits. That is the ultimate goal of every musician. She has been on the frontline working with Jay-Z. A musician or rather a celeb who has grown from zero to grace. Many of his great songs, performances, and achievements have been achieved by Desiree herself. She is an icon. She has also ensured that he grows from just being the level of a rapper to a great businessman. She is always behind his great success and every story Jay narrates about his life or growth, he must mention Perez.

Desiree also has helped Rihanna in a big way. She was on the frontline negotiating the $25 million deal between her and Samsung. It was the one that changed her whole life and made her the great musician she is today and resume her.

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Roberto Santiago: A Revolutionary Entrepreneur and Founder of Manaira Shopping Mall

Roberto Santiago is a successful, blogger, sportsman and entrepreneur in Brazil. Since his birth on 16th July 1985, Roberto Santiago has dedicated his life to entrepreneurship. He began his business career at a young age. During this time, Santiago founded a carton firm, that designed and manufactured, cardboard, folding cartons. He supplied the cartons to various companies. Roberto progressed to real-estate business, after purchasing a piece of land, in Joao Pessoa. Roberto Santiago developed Manaira Shopping Mall, one of the largest jewelry base in the city, in 1989.


Santiago is a graduate of the University Center of Joao Pessoa. He acquired his undergraduate degree in Business Administration from this institution. Before his BA, he acquired a master`s degree from Pio X-Marist College. The idea of purchasing a plot of land, to construct a shopping mall, was a result of his dedication and passion, to create a haven. He sought to develop a tour, leisure and sales center in the city.


Manaira Shopping Mall, with an area of 75,000 square meters, is the largest shopping center in Paraiba. It contains the largest leasable area in the state. The enormous shopping center is among the most famous malls in Brazil. Manaira`s location is strategic to the residents of Joao Pessoa. It is a one-stop shop for the majority of people, who visit the city. Whether you are looking to buy food, electronics, clothes, general shopping or entertainment services, Manaira Shopping Mall is the perfect place for you.


The shopping mall contains a series of food courts and restaurants, gymnasium and movie theatres. Brazilian bars, bowling alleys and delicacies are also available. The mall contains several financial institutions that offer banking services. The mall hosts the Higher Education College of Pairaba, which is attended by students from various backgrounds.


Roberto Santiago loves having fun. He has invested a lot of money in the state-of-art entertainment hub. Santiago`s mall includes movie theatres, which are technologically advanced. People can purchase ice cream and popcorns, access bar services and watch 3D movies at the cinemas. High-end dining and fast foods are offered at several restaurants that include Espaco Gourmet, Waynes and Steakhouse.


The Domus Hall contains Brazilian cultural artifacts. Visitors learn about Brazilian culture, when they visit the hall. Completed in 2009, Domus Hall is an air-conditioned room at mall`s roof. Cultural festivals, exhibitions and live concerts are also held at the Dumas Hall. The two-story structure can hold around 10,000 individuals.


Manaira Shopping Mall has an exceptional experience that favors all types of people. It contains numerous equipment that include sports gear, furniture stores, book stores, jewelry, cosmetics and clothing stores. Roberto Santiago is also the owner of Mangeira Shopping Mall. The center was built in 2013 to increase the social and economic aspects of Joao Pessoa.


Tony Petrello’s Contribution at Nabors

The rising demand for energy in form of natural gas, oil, and geothermal power has really worked to the advantage of players in the market. This includes global players such Nabors who have been in the industry for decades now. The challenge that arises in starting up a company in this industry is the capital required and the human resource to realize your goal. However, Nabors is one of the few lucky companies that have been able to make it through in this lucrative but also very cost-driven industry. Nabors has been in the industry for a while and it stands at a very good rating among the global players in this industry.

The company pursues businesses related to oil drilling, natural gas, and geothermal power production and currently it is placed as the best there is in the industry. At the top leadership of Nabors, the brains behind all the milestones that the company has beaten is the great CEO Tony Petrello. Tony has been on the top seat in the company’s leadership structure as a CEO and the formidable president since 2003. The Harvard and Yale university graduate joined the company in 1992 when he decided to leave his job as a practicing lawyer at Becker law firm and McKenzie law firm in New York.

Tony joined the Nabors Company as a chief operating officer in 1992 and he began by transforming the company in radical dimensions that took everyone by surprise. His skills and good leadership acumen began to bear some fruits and amass accolades hear and there and before he realized it, he was fronted for the top job 10 years later. In 2003, tony was fronted as the next CEO and President of the company a position that also brought other opportunities like allowing him to sit in the company’s board of directors. Currently, Tony seats in several other boards in different companies in the US. His influence in the business realm is quite immense. He however maintains a low profile and a humble lifestyle despite the status that his job carries along.

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Using Painful Experiences to Create Impactful Solutions

Most people do not look at their painful experiences as a chance to create a viable solution to the given problem. The problems we face in life should be our motivation to develop solutions.

This will create an all-inclusive society because people will work towards developing the right solutions to various challenges in the society. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin used their painful experience to create a solution for the refugees in Arizona.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin discovered the death of two journalists who were killed for exposing the issues that the refugees faced. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin carried on with this commitment using a different approach. They created a fund to enable refugees to have a better life and meet their needs with ease.

It is important to note that the Lacey & Larkin Fund has enabled the development of the refugees in Arizona. The fund enables the refugees to face life in a dignified manner. This is because of the nature of migration that the immigrants experience.

The immigrants migrate from their countries of origin due to forced circumstances. The migration is usually unplanned. Refugees are exposed to various inhuman circumstances. Their hosts do not have policies that protect them. Available policies are those that protect the citizens from the refugees.

Various institutions have been created to enable the immigrants to have a smooth life when migrating into the new countries. Some of the institutions assist people to get documents of citizenship.

There are some that provide legal aid for people to access different services while in the new countries. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Micheal Lacey:

Some institutions fund the organizations indirectly and the refugees directly. Many refugees need the assistance of such institutions. Some bodies are dedicated to a group of people who are more vulnerable including women and children.

The different companies have impacted the lives of refugees positively. These companies have ensured that the refugees are able to access various basic needs and the services they need while in the new countries.

The Lacey & Larkin Fund has dedicated some of its resources to research. The fund studies the extent to which various policies support the refugees. It creates some of the protective measures for the various companies that support the refugees in diverse capacities.

The company researches on the different roles that the journalists can play to create a funding space for the refugees. This is achieved through awareness and sharing the various stories of the refugees. This enables the development of the policies that facilitate the improvement of the lives of refugees.

It is important to note that the fund has successfully changed the lives of refugees over the years. It has supported companies that work very hard to improve the lives of immigrants.

Companies should ensure that they protect other enterprises that are working towards a similar vision. This is because the companies depend on one another for their development. It will create a conducive working environment in the industry.