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Felipe Montoro Jens’s Take On The Construction Discontinuations In Brazil

Felipe Montoro Jens’s Take On The Construction Discontinuations In Brazil

With the data collected at the end of the year 2017, the National Confederation of Industries in Brazil has come to the realization that a huge number of construction works in Brazil have been paralyzed. The area most affected has been found to be the area of infrastructure. An alarming number of projects in this area have been halted right in the implementation stage. These include more than 30 highway projects, 16 airports schemes, half a dozen projects for railways, ports, and waterways.

The reasons for these discontinuations are; budgetary and financial problems, technical issues as well as abandonment by investor companies. The issue of land ownership has also come up as a cause. Following the financial crisis the country is currently experiencing, the government is also responsible for these continuations as a way of dealing with the crisis. Among those affected greatly by this menace is one Felipe Montoro Jens who has been working on the construction of day care centers, preschools and sports facilities in the education sector, all of which have been interrupted. More about of Felipe at

Who is Felipe Montoro Jens?

Felipe Montoro is a well-known infrastructure specialist in the State of Brazil. He boasts of experience both in the private and corporate sector. He has been a financial strategist for the majority of his career. He first rose to recognition when he worked with the San Antonio state as an Energy Director. This job helped him grow skills in the fields of utilization and disposal of waste, as well as skills for mapping out financial solutions for organizations. Since then he has won contracts with the government, and several other major establishments in Brazil.

Felipe Montoro is the current Chief Executive Officer of the Energipar Captacao S.A. He also serves in the Brazilian Federal District Central Administration as the chairperson.


Sussex Healthcare Believes In Making Sure Employees Know What They Want

Sussex Healthcare always knew they wanted to help employees get a better experience for all the people they worked with. They felt they had the chances they needed to keep showing employees positive experience. Since they did everything the right way, the company spent a lot of time coming up with new ideas for the future of the facilities and the options they had with them. Sussex Healthcare focused on helping employees understand what their mission was when they had to make sure people could see them as a positive experience for everyone in the community. There were times when they had to be sure they could make things better for people who wanted to see change and people who wanted to make the most out of a change in the industry. It was their goal to keep helping others and keep making things better for the people who were in these positions.

The idea that more people can make sure they’re helping the motives that Sussex Healthcare has is important to the company. They want to be sure others understand they’re getting a positive experience based on the past they had with the company. They also want people to know what they can do and how they’re going to make more out of these situations. By looking at these things, people can try to help others realize they’ve got great goals ahead of them. They can also show positive part of the way things are done for elder patients.

As long as Sussex Healthcare knows what they need to do and how they can do things the right way, they feel they’re getting more than what they need out of these situations. There are positive experiences that come from trying new things and that’s how they push to make the most out of the industry options. It’s their goal to always show people what will happen in the future. It’s also a goal that makes more sense for people to try things that will actually continue helping them through the options they have on their own with the business.

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Jose Neto Successfully Cheers The Development Of JHSF

It is factual that the real estate market is one of the leading. In the past years, this market has registered significant growth. Even better, it promises more growth as it offers investors attractive investment opportunities. For the novice, foreign or local investors interested in putting resources into the business, commercial real estate would churn great returns. In case you are looking for a successful investor who is equipped with the right investment knowledge for the industry, Jose Neto fits the bill.

Understanding who Neto is

Jose Neto is the head of JHFS. This is a leading real estate and property development company that specializes in commercial property development in the following key areas;
Shopping malls
Neto is the serving chairman as well as the Chief Executive Officer of JHSF, SA. With his guidance, the company capitalizes on the growth of commercial as well as residential properties. Alongside overseeing general office interests in the firm, Neto has successfully walked the firm through various partnerships and acquisitions. Most importantly, he focuses on the proper allocation of resources citing their value in JHSF. Among the connections, he has fostered the acquisition of Cidade Jardim, a shopping center, Ponta Negra and Metro Tucuruz. Moreover, Neto administers public developmental projects in Sao Paulo.

Roles and Responsibilities

In 2009, Neto oversaw JHSF’s first retail contract by signing contracts withJimmy Choo, Hermes as well as Pucci. Alongside that was the opening of a prominent shopping complex that has earned JSFH stellar reputation in the real estate market. In 2012, Neto led JHSF into securing a partnership with the famous Valentino; the team launched Valentino’s first luxury brand in Brazil.

The Outline

Neto is a dedicated entrepreneur who has achieved tremendous success by fostering friendly working relations between his employees and clients. As such, he has cultivated a comfortable work environment for people.

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Award Winning Food Company OSI Industries Cashes In On Another Prestigious Award:

OSI Industries is a company that is no stranger to winning awards. The global food solutions powerhouse has received numerous accolades over the years and 2016 was no different. In addition to Chief Executive Officer and Chairman Sheldon Lavin winning the Global Visionary Award from India’s Vision World Academy, OSI Industries also took down a prestigious honor as a company. The British Safety Council, which had previously bestowed its praiseworthy 5-Star rating on the company, awarded OSI with its 2016 Globe of Honour Award in recognition of the food processing company’s outstanding commitment to running facilities that are environmentally sustainable. It was a huge honor for a company that has been making big moves in its European market in recent years.

2016 also saw OSI Industries make the acquisition of British speciality food provider Flagship Europe. The company is an excellent fit with OSI and will be rebranded under the name Creative Foods Europe. This same year OSI Industries acquired Baho Food, a Dutch company with a large distribution reach across Europe and processing facilities in Germany and the Netherlands. Baho fits perfectly with OSI Industries and the company’s current processing strengths. The Flagship and Baho acquisitions are expected by OSI officials to be excellent selling points for bringing in numerous new corporate accounts.

OSI Industries officials in Spain recently realized that they had a good problem on their hands. Demand for processed chicken in Spanish and Portuguese menus has been increasing on a yearly basis. OSI recently took action to deal with this situation and ensure that the company continues to be able to supply its customers uninterrupted. A €17 million investment into upgrades of the Toledo, Spain processing facility’s production line has been made. The resulting increase in production has seen a doubling in the amount of chicken now coming through the facility. Previous figures had the Toledo facility processing in the neighborhood of 12,000 tons of chicken per year. With the large investment pumped into the facility, that number has now been brought up to and in excess of 24,000 tons of chicken per year.

On the topic of facility upgrades, OSI Industries has recently made big upgrades in its processing abilities in the Chicago, Illinois region. The former processing plant for Tyson is now under OSI ownership. Company officials expect that this acquisition, which adds a second Chicago area facility, will serve to massively increase the company’s processing abilities in the region.

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OSI Industries: The Future Of Professional Food Services

Do you enjoy shopping at your favorite supermarkets on a regular basis? Do you enjoy dining-out at a variety of restaurants? Did you know that many of these businesses don’t manufacture their own foods? Despite the few food retailors that do manufacture their own foods, the majority of the field relies on professional food services to get their goods. These services are vital in keeping society moving. If the services were to come to a complete stop, society would literally come to a complete stop. It is safe to say that this industry will never be outdated, and it will never expire.

OSI Industries is a giant when it comes to this genre. The company is well-over 100 years old. Concept-to-table solutions is a specialty of OSI, and it certainly provides this service much more efficiently than its competitors. You are looking at one of the most successful private companies in the U.S. OSI Industries just so happens to be one of the biggest private companies in the U.S. It has been recognized by Forbes on many occasions thanks to its size and thanks to its generated profits. This for-profit company has been on the leading-edge of custom foods for quite some time. If a client can think of a unique new product, there is a high-chance that this company can turn it into a reality and that’s a fact. OSI has an estimated 10 technologically advanced plants in China. Some of the plants specialize in integrated-poultry production as well as specialize in multi protein production.

OSI Industries is also the winner of the affluent Globe of Honour Award. Lynda Armstrong, Chairman of the British Safety Counsel, presented OSI with the award back in 2016 at London’s exclusive Draper’s Hall. The company has also won this award back in 2013 and in 2015. The future of professional food services is in great hands and OSI Industries is definitely the torchbearer.

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Aloha Construction Wins 2017 BBB Torch Award For Ethics

Aloha Construction is located in Lake Zurich, Illinois. It provides construction services to the entire state of Illinois and southern Wisconsin. Aloha Construction is a family-owned business that has grown over the last 10 years into one of the region’s leading contracting firms. It has completed over 7000 local projects and has gained a reputation for excellence, safety, and integrity.

The company is proud to announce its recent reception of the Better Business Bureau Torch Award for Ethics. This prestigious award is earned by a select group of companies that have demonstrated exceptional ethical practices throughout the year. The BBB Torch Award for 2017 went to Aloha Construction for many reasons, according to the judges, including its regular contributions to the local community.

The high standards and excellent service provided by the company is delivered by a high quality team of claims specialists, field supervisors, managers, installers, inspectors, and administrative staff. From roof repair to home renovation, the team delivers a range of construction services.

If your roof has been damaged owing to wear and tear or extreme weather, you can count on the company to help you restore it. When you call Aloha Construction, you will receive prompt and friendly service. The company will dispatch a roof repair team immediately to your home. Once there, they will evaluate the nature and extent of the damage, give you a cost and repair time estimate, and then get to work straightaway on the repair.

Aloha Construction also specializes in gutter system repair. Gutters are essential components of your home. They collect the rain water that falls onto your roof and deposits it safely into a ground-based drainage system. Without a functioning gutter the water would go directly into the ground, which would cause soil erosion and the flooding of your basement. The specialists at the company will send a team to your home to repair or replace your gutter and downspout system.

The company can also help you with renovation and refurbishment work. If you want to redo your floors or replace your windows and doors, the team at Aloha Construction can be counted on for the right service and assistance.

Fortress Investment Group: Offering Investment And Asset Management Services To Clients In New Yrok

Good investment and asset management are one of the most essential and useful tools that a company can implement for the development of their business. Companies that want to expand and improve have to take into account their financial backing and the intricacies of the work that they have to conduct. Because the task of being able to determine the right course of action might be difficult, people tend to turn to professional help in order to seek out the best development route for themselves and their business.

Fortress Investment Group is an investment and asset management company that has time and again demonstrated that they are the firm to lookup when it comes to this. The company has worked with a wide array of clients coming to them from a variety of different sectors. All of the clients coming to the company want, in some way or the other, develop their business model and investment capabilities, which is what the company tries to fulfill. The company works to identify what it is that a client needs from them, and tries it’s very best to offer them nothing short of that.

The professionals working at Fortress Investment Group are considered to be one of the biggest reasons why the company was doing so well. Since a client’s first impression is with a financial advisor and other related staff, it is imperative for the company to maintain good approach. This is why Fortress Investment Group only employs those who have a great amount of skill and experience in the field and who have worked in similar positions in the past. Through implementing this, they have managed to maintain a high standard, not just for the services that they provide, but also for the people working at the company.

Overall, Fortress Investment Group is considered to be a company worth noting. The portfolio that this company possesses is also one of the reasons why the company has gained such a brilliant reputation for themselves. Currently, the total assets that Fortress Investment Group manages easily cross the $70 billion mark. For a company that wanted to take on a unique approach to investment strategies, Fortress Investment Group has undoubtedly surpassed the competition to emerge as one of the top investment companies in the state.

Fortress Investment Group first started offering its services in 1998 and since then has grown tremendously over the years. Because it has been around for so long, the company has had to develop and adapt to the changing market trends and economic conditions. The leaders of the company – Wesley R. Edens, Rob Kauffman, and Randal Nardone are considered to be top level financialists who have years worth of experience to back up the moves that they are making. By offering their knowledge and skill to the company, the three leaders worked tirelessly to transform the company and take it to new heights. Fortress Investment Group underwent the most noticeable change when it changed over to a public company and decided to list itself on the New York Stock Exchange.

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