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Whitney Wolfe Set Sight on Social Media Domiance After Getting Married

Whitney Wolfe is excited about new possibilities in every sense of the word. She is excited about her new life as a wife. She is excited about expanding Bumble. She is excited about getting into other aspects of social media that may allow her company to grow.

There are so many things for Whitney Wolfe to be excited about in her personal life as well as her business life. She is a young entrepreneur that has the world in her hands, and she is still under the age of 30.

This may be the reason why she has been highlighted in magazines like New York Times and Forbes. This may also be the reason why her recent wedding on the Amalfi Coast was a trending topic on social media. Whitney Wolfe is the queen bee of the dating app comunity. She is the Golden Child of the social media arena that is expanding beyond dating with Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz.

It only seems right for someone like Whitney Wolfe to be in such a great position because she is actually taking the time to do the research to get to where she is. She did not rely on others to build her social media empire. To the contrary Whitney Wolfe has taken time to create a totally different app environment all on her own. She has been able to do the research in finding the things that were missing in the dating app world.

Some people may assume that her recent marriage is going to slow down all of the innovative progress that she has made. That is not the case at all. Whitney Wolfe may have gotten married recently, but she definitely appears to have her mind set towards making more progress in the dating app community. She also plans to expand Bumble in a huge way where she can even engage in other areas of social media. For more info about us: click here.

Initially, Whitney Wolfe was competing against other apps like eHarmony. As she expands she will compete against other apps like LinkedIn, Snapchat and Facebook. This is a clear sign that the recent marriage is not going to slow down her conceptual development of Bumble. She has her eyes set an even bigger prize. Dating apps are a great entry way into the app world, but Whitney Wolfe wants to become a dominant player in the entire social media spectrum.

DIY with school supplies!

In this awesome Youtube video by Wengie, you learn how to do some great DIY projects with just school supplies.

First, she takes a normal T-shirt out of her closet and uses scissors to create an awesome racer-back tank top. How cool is that? it looks so simple and she does it step-by-step so you can do it at home too! I know you have some T-shirts laying around that would look awesome this way!

Next, she takes a pair of normal jean shorts and uses highlighters, kitchen sponges and bleach to give it a one-of-a-kind look. She starts off bleaching the shorts and after that step alone gives you an awesome new addition to your closet. Who would have thought? Most people have this stuff laying around.

Lastly, she took a pair of cheap white shoes and a few sharpies and designed her own look. You can even do it with a friend and have matching shoes!

All of these DIY projects look so easy, anyone can do them! We all like to be unique and stand out from the crowd and Wengie knows just the way to do it. Man, she comes up with great ideas! Find her on Youtube for other great ideas and DIY projects.


Rompers Are Trending For Spring 2016


It’s hard to believe that spring is just around the corner and people are already embracing the sun with their style. One item I am seeing more of lately on fashion sites and on the street are rompers, a loose fitting one piece outfit that tends to look more like dresses on first sight. I suppose because jumpsuits are a big trend at the moment, it makes sense that the shorter version, would also be gaining in popularity.

Recently, Beyonce was featured on, wearing a $68 romper while out for the evening with her hubby. She was spotted in a flirty white romper paired with a leather moto jacket, and a pair of gold heels. The beauty of rompers is that you can easily throw on a pair of sneakers and be just as cute it’s a user-friendly trend. Beyonce may have spent a bunch of money on her accessories but it turns out that rompers were a personalized style suggestion in my March JustFab boutique. I subscribed to JustFab after seeing them featured on Project Runway. After browsing the site for a bit I essentially found the entire look for less than $100. I would call that a great way to begin the spring season.