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Award Winning Food Company OSI Industries Cashes In On Another Prestigious Award:

OSI Industries is a company that is no stranger to winning awards. The global food solutions powerhouse has received numerous accolades over the years and 2016 was no different. In addition to Chief Executive Officer and Chairman Sheldon Lavin winning the Global Visionary Award from India’s Vision World Academy, OSI Industries also took down a prestigious honor as a company. The British Safety Council, which had previously bestowed its praiseworthy 5-Star rating on the company, awarded OSI with its 2016 Globe of Honour Award in recognition of the food processing company’s outstanding commitment to running facilities that are environmentally sustainable. It was a huge honor for a company that has been making big moves in its European market in recent years.

2016 also saw OSI Industries make the acquisition of British speciality food provider Flagship Europe. The company is an excellent fit with OSI and will be rebranded under the name Creative Foods Europe. This same year OSI Industries acquired Baho Food, a Dutch company with a large distribution reach across Europe and processing facilities in Germany and the Netherlands. Baho fits perfectly with OSI Industries and the company’s current processing strengths. The Flagship and Baho acquisitions are expected by OSI officials to be excellent selling points for bringing in numerous new corporate accounts.

OSI Industries officials in Spain recently realized that they had a good problem on their hands. Demand for processed chicken in Spanish and Portuguese menus has been increasing on a yearly basis. OSI recently took action to deal with this situation and ensure that the company continues to be able to supply its customers uninterrupted. A €17 million investment into upgrades of the Toledo, Spain processing facility’s production line has been made. The resulting increase in production has seen a doubling in the amount of chicken now coming through the facility. Previous figures had the Toledo facility processing in the neighborhood of 12,000 tons of chicken per year. With the large investment pumped into the facility, that number has now been brought up to and in excess of 24,000 tons of chicken per year.

On the topic of facility upgrades, OSI Industries has recently made big upgrades in its processing abilities in the Chicago, Illinois region. The former processing plant for Tyson is now under OSI ownership. Company officials expect that this acquisition, which adds a second Chicago area facility, will serve to massively increase the company’s processing abilities in the region.

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OSI Industries: The Future Of Professional Food Services

Do you enjoy shopping at your favorite supermarkets on a regular basis? Do you enjoy dining-out at a variety of restaurants? Did you know that many of these businesses don’t manufacture their own foods? Despite the few food retailors that do manufacture their own foods, the majority of the field relies on professional food services to get their goods. These services are vital in keeping society moving. If the services were to come to a complete stop, society would literally come to a complete stop. It is safe to say that this industry will never be outdated, and it will never expire.

OSI Industries is a giant when it comes to this genre. The company is well-over 100 years old. Concept-to-table solutions is a specialty of OSI, and it certainly provides this service much more efficiently than its competitors. You are looking at one of the most successful private companies in the U.S. OSI Industries just so happens to be one of the biggest private companies in the U.S. It has been recognized by Forbes on many occasions thanks to its size and thanks to its generated profits. This for-profit company has been on the leading-edge of custom foods for quite some time. If a client can think of a unique new product, there is a high-chance that this company can turn it into a reality and that’s a fact. OSI has an estimated 10 technologically advanced plants in China. Some of the plants specialize in integrated-poultry production as well as specialize in multi protein production.

OSI Industries is also the winner of the affluent Globe of Honour Award. Lynda Armstrong, Chairman of the British Safety Counsel, presented OSI with the award back in 2016 at London’s exclusive Draper’s Hall. The company has also won this award back in 2013 and in 2015. The future of professional food services is in great hands and OSI Industries is definitely the torchbearer.

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