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Freedom Checks, $34.6 Billion, And Banyam Hill Publishing – What’s The Deal?

When you think of the phrase “freedom checks,” what comes to mind? The first word, “freedom,” obviously refers to not living with limits, not being tied down by others, and essentially doing exactly what you want. The phrase’s second word, “checks,” seems like it refers to the checks people cash every week or two from their employers.

“Freedom checks” doesn’t really mean anything. However, Freedom Checks – that’s a proper noun – very much has solid meaning.

Radio news broadcasts and commercials have been littered with the words Freedom Checks over the past four or five months – but why?

These commercials, public service announcements, or parts of radio broadcasts essentially start off by saying the United States federal government is slated to break down some $34.6 billion and give it to American citizens. However, no government agency will deliver this payment to you; you must contact Banyan Hill Publishing, the creators of the aforementioned commercials, to receive your so-called “Freedom Check.”

Is this opportunity legitimate or nothing but a scam?

You may have noticed that the deadline to receive such payments via Banyan Hill Publishing’s “Freedom Check” disbursement system was pushed back several times. Government programs typically don’t act in such a manner. If you have felt that these so-called Freedom Checks are nothing but Waste Your Time Checks, that’s totally normal.

However, rest assured that the Freedom Check system is entirely legitimate – keep reading.

Banyan Hill Publishing is effectively drawing in attention through its far-off claims that it will be giving away parts of $34.6 billion. However, the company is, in fact, selling investment opportunities called master limited partnerships, or MLPs.

A master unlimited chocolate chip – what?

MLPs are investments in which you send in however much money that you’re comfortable investing. They are similar to stocks, except the companies using master limited partnerships to connect with investors have to generate a vast majority of their income directly through the United States market. Investors receive a return based on how well the companies using MLPs perform.

This effectively ensures investments are tied up in companies that actually boost the American economy.

All considered, MLPs are a sweet deal.

Matt Badiali: It’s Time to Invest in Gold Mining Stocks

Matt Badiali is one of the world’s leading experts on investments regarding the commodities and natural resources market. In comparison to the stock market, the commodities market involves investment in tangible assets such as rare metals, oil, and even energy. What has made him so successful at investment advice in this market is that Matt Badiali is a trained scientist. His original career plan was to be a career academic. In fact, at the time of his introduction to the finance market, he was teaching classes in geology at the University of North Carolina while working on his Ph.D. He had already graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a Masters degree in geology whenever an expert in the finance industry contacted him was in the process of building a team of researchers that would help him construct investment advice in the commodities market. This expert realized the value of having a trained scientist would be able to look at the operations of companies and see the validity of potential investment opportunities. Visit the website to learn more.

Matt Badiali now works for Banyan Hill Publishing Company as the companies leading expert for commodities investment. He spends most of his time working on the publication of his personal newsletter Real Wealth Strategist, where he advises his readers on potential investment opportunities in the commodities markets. He also publishes investment advice through his blogs.

Recently Matt Badiali has stated that one area the poses great room for growth in the commodities markets is gold and gold mining companies. During December 2015 gold hit its lowest price in five years, $1051 per ounce. This served as a breaking point for a number of gold mining companies. For a gold-mining company in order to be profitable, they must have a balance between the cost to produce their gold and the profit they make from selling it. Follow Matt on Facebook. Whenever the price of gold hit the low point in 2015 most of the world’s big mining companies knew that there needed to be changes.

Since the low point in 2015, some of the world’s largest mining companies have managed to turn things around. Today they are posting record profits as they have paired their operations down to bare bones levels. The price of gold is currently increasing and as the price of gold continues to increase so do the profits of gold-mining companies which in turns pushes the stock of these companies even higher.