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Securus Technologies – Enhancing The Efficiency Level of Law Enforcement Agencies

For many years the world of correctional sphere didn’t witness much change, even though technology continued to advance in every other sector. However, in the recent years, companies such as Securus Technologies have helped transform the world of prisons across the United States completely.

Securus Technologies has played a pivotal role in modernizing the incarceration experience and helped change the lives of many prisoners for good. It is because there were very limited means for the prisoners to talk and see their friends and families. However, Securus Technologies offer affordable and secure video and calling services that enable the inmates to meet virtually as well as talk to their folks and loved ones back home. It is one of the most vital facilities for any inmate who want to stay in the known of what is happening in the lives of their loved ones.

Securus Technologies also offer criminal justice and crime prevention technology, which helps the law enforcement agencies to work efficiently and reduce the crime rate in their respective communities. The company has invested millions over the years in research and development in coming up with innovative crime prevention and inmate communications services that can make a positive impact in their respective sectors. Securus Technologies has over 600 patents to its name till date, and with the rapid pace in which it continues to develop its services, that figure is going to increase in the days to come.

Recently, in an online press release, the company showcased what the law enforcement officials feel about the company and how the products and services are helping make a difference in the efficiency levels of the law enforcement agencies. The company also invited the customers as well as the investors to visit its high-tech technology center based in Dallas, Texas. I hope the company continues to make advancement in the inmate communication and crime prevention field to make out communities and jails much safer and crime free.



Securus Announces New Tool to Stop Crime

This latest news from Securus Technologies could be a game changer, really. Their latest product and service, (appropriately called the “Investigator), means an extra tool for those dedicated to protect and serve. It is another layer of safety for communities everywhere. Funny thing is, Securus would just consider this another day and another step in their business of serving public safety departments, law enforcement agencies and corrections facilities.

The “Investigator“, as it is being called, is a tool using biometric technology, to not only recognize and analyze voices, but will also locate those phone calls where that particular voice is heard and recognized. Certainly this idea has been imagined before; perhaps avid movie fans pictured the CIA or James Bond’s Intel team tracking a dangerous individual, connecting the suspect’s voice to that known terrorist. This time, it is reality.

This new tool has far reaching implications for everyone. Corrections facilities can better ensure safety and detect threats earlier. Law enforcement and public safety agencies can thwart or catch crimes before they happen, as they are being planned. Of course the safety and security of everyone is improved as criminals and their plans and associates can be uncovered and stopped.

The Texas based Securus is no stranger to delivering products and services to those in arenas of civil and criminal justice. Answering questions and finding solutions to make life better, safer and using technology to do it, Securus serves over 3400 agencies. Within the corrections facilities served are more than 1 million inmates and their families who utilize the communications platforms provided by Securus.

PR Newswire released this latest announcement, and provides more details about the Investigator Pro. So what’s next for Securus? Well at the rate at which this technology solutions provider is churning out newer and better tools and answers, give it a week or two and we will probably find out. Just kidding – maybe.


Securus Helps Investigators

When it comes to law enforcement technology, there are some companies like Securus that are among the best on the market. This has become the technology company that is known for a video visitation program for inmates. The top recognition, however, may be the THREADS analytics tools for correctional officers and investigators. This is getting a lot of buzz, and I think that it is certainly needed.

I know that there can be a lot of suspicious activity inside of a prison. I have seen the camera systems that are in place because I used to work for the Department of Corrections. The problem, in most cases, is that the cameras are only recording at a surface level. The Securus analytical took takes things further and allows investigators to see all the different things that can be interpreted through data. This is incredibly important because a lot of crimes can be solved or prevented with the Securus THREADS application.

That is something that is putting the Securus team at the top. People are buzzing about this tool and this company. It is evidence that this company is changing the game with this new technology. Securus has been around for a while with all types of law enforcement products, but this appears to be the product that is going to put this company on the map.

I like what Securus is doing because this company is essentially helping law enforcement do their job better. I know that there is a need for more technology in law enforcement. More cameras are needed on the streets. More analytical tools are needed inside of the prison to monitor inmate communication. There are so many ways that law enforcement can be improved with the right tools. This is why Securus is such an important company.

Right now Securus is still small and privately owned. I believe the company has the potential to grow in large numbers though. More prisons are buying into the concept of the video visitation because it is easier to implement. You can register for the software on the company’s site and download the Google Play Securus app to your mobile phone.

Correctional facilities are also able to see the need for more tools like the THREADS application because it serves as a tool for resolving issues sooner. There is no need in keeping an investigator bound on a certain case for days if this this can be resolved in a single day with better technology. Securus give investigators this type of efficiency for their jobs.