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The Perks of Magnises

Magnises is an exclusive club that provides members to benefits and offers like complimentary room upgrades, the best seating for sports events, getting access to the world’s best clubs, or even tickets for sold out concerts. But that is only four examples. There are many situations in which Magnises will ensure that you are treated like a VIP wherever you go whether it be local or while traveling. You will gain access to a ton of exclusive restaurants, bars, clubs, private concerts, and even luxurious getaways. This will be the case if the desired establishment on is a Magnises partner and accepts the card.

Magnises’ signature black card will enable card-holders to take their local, national, and international trips up a few notches. When you receive these black cards, one of the things you will do to get it going is to link it you’re your credit or debit card. Members are not obligated to partake of any particular thing. The card will cater to each individual card-holders tastes and preferences. Just know that just about every conceivable exclusive entertainment is open to you and will give you VIP status anywhere in the world.

The club’s concierge app, Concierge Magnises, can and will help you with the best suggestions for wherever you happen to be in the world. The app will also answer questions a member might have about their membership. To begin the process of becoming a member of this very exclusive club, go to the Magnises website. Indicate the “Join Now” button and then complete and submit an application. The Magnises management will respond at a later date to let you know whether or not you have been accepted.

After acceptance, the yearly fee is $257.55. Some of the more popular New York-based entertainment/vacation-related features include ClubPass, which gives members a guaranteed $65 admittance fee to the most exclusive New York Clubs on Crunchbase and and HotelPass which allows members to stay at the best New York The Dream Hotels for $79 per night where it will usually cost at least $245 per night. for a But entertainment is not the only area of it perks. There are also optional professional perks. To this end there is also an added benefit that members can choose to purchase.

Members can opt to pay $99 a month members can use the co-working office space at Alley, Magnises’ New York-based corporate offices where it will usually cost you $500 a month for desk. All are welcome to apply to join the club. Since its beginning it has primarily been made up of professionals ranging from 21 to 35. There has been a fairly recent surge of Millenials joining.

But the club has become popular with a vast range of many, many people applying to join. The membership that has been accepted into the club numbers more than 12,000 people. Magnises has been going since 2014 when it was founded by Billy McFarland.

Andy Wirth – Prudent Ski Resort Investor

Andy Wirth is an American businessman that finds pleasure in working in the mountain resort industry. Mr. Andy Wirth holds a bachelor’s degree from Colorado State University, and also attended Edinburg University, located in the United Kingdom. Edinburg University is known as one of the best colleges in the entire world. Mr. Wirth especially enjoys working in the ski industry; he is the the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings.

The astute businessman known as Mr. Andy Wirth has recently been appointed the chairman of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board. The Airport Authority Board serves as a catalyst of Reno’s economy, as airport traffic brings business in. It goes without saying, but since Reno is a popular tourist location, the city of Reno greatly benefits from airports and increased airplane traffic. Andy Wirth is one of nine members on the Board, and has been working for the Airport Authority Board since 2013. Only prudent, experienced businesspeople such as Mr. Wirth get appointed to the Board, let alone appointed as chairman after only two years of service.

Mr. Wirth is currently employed as the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. Andy Wirth is not only experienced in the trade and management of domestic ski resorts, as he is in the international trade and management of ski resorts. Part of being a CEO of a ski resort is having to work with airline companies, since having airports close to ski resorts is pretty important – without any airports, what vacationers are going to come? Yes, still, many are going to come, even though they might have to drive a little while, but airports close to ski resorts really do bring a lot of business.

Aside from his well-prospering business endeavors, Mr. Wirth is also active philanthropy. One of his favorite organizations to be involved with is the Wounded Warrior Support, which is an Ironman team that raises fun for the Navy SEALs. Believe it or not (believe it, because it’s true), Mr. Andy Wirth was in a skydiving accident that almost killed him, then he went on to form Wounded Warrior Support. What a man! Not many people can have enough perseverance and willpower to do something as admirable as that feat.

Joseph Bismark’s Leadership Philosophy Drives QNET’s Success


QNET is a diversified multi-national e-commerce company that focuses on direct selling with offices in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines. It has a presence in over 100 countries from Southeast Asia to Europe. QNET’s independent distributors’ sell many items ranging from health and wellness products, luxury watches and jewelry, vacation packages and educational materials. The company has recently moved most of its manufacturing operations to India which has cut down on the company’s expenses.

Joseph Bismark co-founded QNET in the Philippines in 1998 and became its managing director in December of 2008. As an advocate of healthy living, Mr. Bismark has been instrumental in the company’s growth in the development and promotion of QNET’s health and wellness products that focus on energy, nutrition and personal care. He is also a strong advocate of spiritual growth and how this growth is related to corporate social responsibility. He helps lead QNET’s Raise Yourself To Help Mankind (RHYTHM) and Vijayaratnam Foundations, both of which help to provide community development and educational opportunities to disadvantaged children in southeast and central Asia.

Mr. Bismark has a set of business principles that he believes are the keys to his success and could be helpful to all business leaders. He says business leaders should have empathy and try to understand people from their point of view. This involves having good listening skills, treating people with respect and having open lines of communication. It is important to frequently interact with employees one-on-one, face-to-face and to reduce technology usage when dealing with people. Business leaders need to be proactive and seize opportunities as they appear and be truthful about making mistake and accept responsibility for those mistakes. He feels that people need to be taught how to take control of their lives, and business leaders are in a perfect position to set the example. With these business leadership practices in place, QNET will continue to grow and be a strong force in the direct selling market throughout Asia.

The virtual shopping mall has demanded a regulator in India, specific to the direct selling and MLM business that has taken the Asia Pacific Rim by storm. The prosperous markets of Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, and Taiwan all have proceeded to regulate the MLM and direct selling Internet Marketing industry so that it will continue to prosper while statutes are put in place to facilitate the industry.

There are reports of merit that the same movement is gaining great support within the Indian government which has yet to legislate any clear cut laws that will address the MLM and direct selling industry in India. There is an initiative to amend the legislation already in place regarding the direct selling business. QNET has lobbied to set up a regulatory body that will revamp the Priz Chits and Money Circulation Schemes(Banning) Act.

The man who orchestrated and founded the Group, which established a solid position for the multi faceted and exponential proliferation of Qi, has a self effulgent smile and is known as Joseph Bismark. Since December of 2008, stability has set in to Qi. The talent of Joseph Bismark is heralded industry-wide in his stance that “everyone has a potential to do extraordinary things.”  By setting an example, he lives well as a vegetarian, eating healthy foods, and promoting the Group’s business direction into wellness, organic foods and spirituality. Eating healthy to take good care of the body or ‘the chariot,’ is one tenet of the Vedas that Joseph Bismark lives by.

The success that Joseph Bismark has achieved allows him to give back in a magnanimous way as he renders service to the world community. This is the aspect of Qi that participates in the global community in the realm of social responsibility. Mr. Bismark encourages all souls to rise above the false ego and understand the eternal spirit soul that dwells within the temporary material body. He promotes reading classic books such as The Bhagavad-Gita, As It Is, by A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada so as to begin the process of self realization. He realizes that neglecting the soul inside the body is not healthy and gives many tips about this on his personal blog about self realization.