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David Giertz and Social Security Expertise

David L. Giertz is a prominent executive who works for Nationwide Financial. He serves as the company’s distribution and sales head. People frequently refer to him simply as “Dave.” He’s been in charge of distribution and sales at Nationwide Financial since the spring of 2013. Veronica Dagher pens the Wall Street Journal’s Wealth Adviser column. She recently spoke to Giertz regarding the topic of social security.

David Giertz stated in the interview that a survey indicates that the majority of advisers out there simply aren’t discussing social security matters with their clients. He also said that he believes that social security is a complicated and in-depth subject. He thinks that that’s the main reason so many advisers these days are steering clear of it. Giertz said that there are approaching 3,000 distinct rules and guidelines in the social security world on He said that that amount of information can be tough for many to grasp and properly understand.

Giertz is based in Dublin, a city that’s in the Midwestern state of Ohio. It’s part of Union, Delaware and Franklin counties. Giertz works out of an office in Columbus, the biggest city in the entire state. The broker is a seasoned professional in the finance realm on He’s been working in it for three full decades now as well. Clients have been depending on Giertz’s comprehensive financial guidance for many years and counting. The financial advisor on has a strong and solid reputation within his field.

This widely known executive regularly speaks to noteworthy publications on the topic of financial matters at He talks about serious and pressing issues that affect people all around the United States. He talks about all kinds of financial subjects that influence the decisions they make on a daily basis, too. He occasionally gives his insight to popular websites such as Fox Business.

Laidlaw and Company’s Dimension of Investment Advisory

Laidlaw operates under the mantra that more research breeds smarter investment decisions in the investment banking arena. This fact gains more relevance from the recent global financial crisis as well as other economic downturns caused by poorly informed investment decisions.

The Laidlaw investment company brings an exciting and different approach to investment banking. They offer a comprehensive investment and advisory services on to a wide range of clients starting from individuals to corporate entities. Laidlaw finds the emerging growth economies and companies of particular interest.

Based in New York City, the firm has been able to grow from its first office in London and has been able to acquire clients globally. Today, they boast of around 150 experienced professionals in capital raising and restructuring, investment advisory and capital markets. Laidlaw on is all bout healthy business practice.

One of their breakthrough services is their ease of raising capital for emerging and middle-size corporates which set them on the growth and expansion path. Clients attest to the commendable work ethic exhibited by their expert professionals. They indeed provide unique business solutions and keep close relationships with all customers.

Laidlaw’s invaluable service and expertise have made them heavy hitters in the healthcare sector where they have a substantial number of clients. They can conquer healthcare capital markets due to their execution and institutional sales. For instance, their customers benefit from minimized financial risk combined with one-off opportunities to invest in private equity establishments.

The wealth management portfolio at Laidlaw & Company
perhaps brings the largest volume of business. It also facilitates the alternative investments made by the firm. Laidlaw can reserve high-end investment solutions and partnerships to its clients in this division. In each opportunity, they balance the acceptable risk with maximum return on investments. They also diversify their interests with a view of preserving their clients’ wealth.