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Matt Badiali, Creating A New Path For Retirement Investing

From the start of his educational pursuits, Matt Badiali was destined for a unique career path. It wasn’t a planned and carefully prepared profession, it came in a rather surprising manner. First Matt attended Pennsylvania State University, where he earned his undergraduate degree. After completion of his B.S. studies, Matt would go to Florida Atlantic University, where he received his graduate degree, a Master’s of Science. Having an established interest in Geology and Science and armed with two degrees wasn’t the end of his learning. He decided to remain in school, so he went even further into Earth Science and began to pursue his PHD. Matt stopped short of the dissertation, because he received a sudden nudge to go into an entirely different direction.

Matt Badiali is now known as a “financial guru” thanks to the input by a friend. What started with a “nudge”, blossomed into a full-time career. Matt Badiali jumped at the opportunity when a friend wanted him to develop written advice to guide investors. Matt Badiali recalled how his own father had tried and failed as an investor. Soon, he was creating articles filled with prudent advice about “doubling” and “tripling” initial” investment funds. Matt discovered that it was possible to link his background in Earth Science to natural resource investing. Because unlike other stocks, natural resources are a valuable commodities based stock, which remain stable, despite declines in general market values. Natural resources include gold, coal and lumber.

The articles helped set the tone for a popular following that lead to Matt Badiali evolving into a Senior Analyst and Chief Resource Investment Expert. His powerful investment advice made him a regular at Banyan Hill Publishing. When he realized that investors could capitalize on a lesser known tax code, he developed the “Freedom Checks” program. The program introduced the tax code law to investors, with it retirees could maintain their standards of living. By potentially realizing higher returns, more than with traditional savings plans, such as 401Ks and IRAs. Now, Matt Badiali travels the country teaching investors about the benefits of Freedom Checks.

Freedom Checks, $34.6 Billion, And Banyam Hill Publishing – What’s The Deal?

When you think of the phrase “freedom checks,” what comes to mind? The first word, “freedom,” obviously refers to not living with limits, not being tied down by others, and essentially doing exactly what you want. The phrase’s second word, “checks,” seems like it refers to the checks people cash every week or two from their employers.

“Freedom checks” doesn’t really mean anything. However, Freedom Checks – that’s a proper noun – very much has solid meaning.

Radio news broadcasts and commercials have been littered with the words Freedom Checks over the past four or five months – but why?

These commercials, public service announcements, or parts of radio broadcasts essentially start off by saying the United States federal government is slated to break down some $34.6 billion and give it to American citizens. However, no government agency will deliver this payment to you; you must contact Banyan Hill Publishing, the creators of the aforementioned commercials, to receive your so-called “Freedom Check.”

Is this opportunity legitimate or nothing but a scam?

You may have noticed that the deadline to receive such payments via Banyan Hill Publishing’s “Freedom Check” disbursement system was pushed back several times. Government programs typically don’t act in such a manner. If you have felt that these so-called Freedom Checks are nothing but Waste Your Time Checks, that’s totally normal.

However, rest assured that the Freedom Check system is entirely legitimate – keep reading.

Banyan Hill Publishing is effectively drawing in attention through its far-off claims that it will be giving away parts of $34.6 billion. However, the company is, in fact, selling investment opportunities called master limited partnerships, or MLPs.

A master unlimited chocolate chip – what?

MLPs are investments in which you send in however much money that you’re comfortable investing. They are similar to stocks, except the companies using master limited partnerships to connect with investors have to generate a vast majority of their income directly through the United States market. Investors receive a return based on how well the companies using MLPs perform.

This effectively ensures investments are tied up in companies that actually boost the American economy.

All considered, MLPs are a sweet deal.

Investment Firm Highland Capital

Highland Capital Management is among the top investment firms in the world. The firm specializes in managing credit based securities for a diverse group of investors. What has set apart Highland Capital from many other investment firms is its offering of a finance option known as collateralized loan obligations. With this option, Highland Capital has been able to assist a number of investors manage debt. Along with offering collateralized loan obligations, Highland Capital Management also offers a number of other financial services that help many clients on a regular basis. The firm has expanded itself to overseas markets to better serve a wider client base.


The firm known as Highland Capital Management first began as a company that provided life insurance for a number of businesses and individuals. Founded by longtime finance professionals Mark Okada and James Dondero, this firm quickly became one of the leading life insurance providers in the United States. With its success, the co founders looked to expand the firm’s offerings in order to meet the growing demands of its current client base. As a result, the firm would begin offering a wider range of financial services that focus more on asset management and advisory services. By 1993, the firm looked to offer a number of other services such as wealth management, hedge funds and private equity securities management.


After expanding to other types of financial services, the firm would then look to become more innovative by offering financial options that were not offered by other firms. It began offering collateralized loan obligations starting in 1996 which established the firm as the first institution other than banks to offer this option. A year later in 1997, the firm would become known as Highland Capital Management. With its new identity, Highland Capital Management would continue to establish itself as one of the leading financial services firms around. Nowadays, this firm continues to serve the needs of many clients such as pension fund investors, individuals, government entities and corporations. Highland Capital has also expanded to other nations including Brazil, Singapore and South Korea in order to establish a strong presence internationally.