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Alexandre Gama Takes Brazilian Advertising To The Global Stage

Born in Rio de Janeiro in 1958, Brazilian advertising legend Alexandre Gama may now be a success as the founder and head of his own Neogama agency, but he has fought hard to allow himself and Brazilian advertising to become globally recognized. Gama began his career as a writer with the impressive Standard Ogilvy agency that has been the breeding ground of many successful South American advertising specialists.

Gama has achieved a number of firsts for Brazilian advertising creatives over the course of his career, including a number of Golden Lion wins at the Cannes Film Festival. The motor sports enthusiast first made a splash as a creative winning a number of awards for his work as a writer as he made his way through many of the top agencies in Brazil; Gama eventually became the first Latin American creative to give a master class at Cannes as his reputation for success began to be known before him.

It was with Neogama that Alexandre made his name after he established the agency in 1999, which prompted BBH to invest in the agency and appoint Gama as its global creative director. Alexandre Gama has once again become the independent leader of Neogama and continues to achieve success with the advertising agency as it adapts to the use of social media platforms.