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Jay Z and Desiree Perez at Roc Nation Ponder New Deal

The music industry is about to light up with interest as Jay Z and his company, Roc Nation, become free agents to be wooed once again. Jay Z sparked a deal with Live Nation nearly a decade ago for 10 years and $150 million. The deal was signed with the backing of partner and exec, Desiree Perez. Now Live Nation is looking to re-assess how their deal operates and that means that Roc Nation could be shifting gears.  Additional article on

Reports have shown that Live Nation isn’t explicitly in the hunt for a deal with Jay Z’s recorded albums. An insider with sources said, “Live Nation is not in the business of buying recorded music any more.” With that being said, Live Nation knows the value that Jay Z brings with his live show so there is still interest there to recoup a deal for Jay Z’s work on the road. Still, insiders say not to be too optimistic. Another source stated, “Jay’s 360 deal with Live Nation is not being extended. Live Nation had bought into the artists’ rights and recorded music, but they are not extending any of those relationships.”  Check for more related article.

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Roc Nation has already begun to engage in talks with other potential suitors. Desiree Perez, a longtime associate of Jay as well as a close friend, sat down with Sir Lucian Grainge for lunch and a conversation. Grainge is the CEO down at Universal Music Group and his company could be right in the hunt for what Jay Z has to offer. UMG Insiders have already started to try and downplay the meeting, “There has not been a discussion about the fact that the Roc Nation’s deal with Live Nation is coming up.” But we have to believe that this might just be smoke to obscure a very real deal in the making.  For update on Dez recent timeline activities, click

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Desiree Perez: Masterminding The Comeback Of Tidal

There is a myriad of multi-billion dollar industries in the corporate world, among which is music streaming. Tidal is often seen as a minnow, but Desiree Pérez is confident that her relentless efforts will transform the company’s fortunes. She has gone on record and stated unequivocally that Tidal is here to stay. Head over to this.


The services have undergone turbulent times recently, with a couple of its top brass stepping down. However, Jay Z, the founder, has remained faithful to his creation. He weathered the storm, trying to find a way out in the process. His efforts, bolstered by the resilience of Desiree Perez seem to be finally paying off. Lately, subscriber numbers have soared considerably, reaching previously unimaginable levels. Check


During the hard times, Jay Z employed several strategies without success. The appointment of Desiree, however, changed this concerning trend. Since she took over, Tidal has experienced a revolutionary renaissance, and can now compete with the big boys in the game. In her short period at the helm, Perez has closed numerous deals that have restored the reputation of Tidal among investors and clients.


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A testament to this prosperity is the production of record-breaking albums by the enterprises’ elite artists. Rihanna, Kanye West, and Beyoncé, who are Tidal’s flag bearers, all released platinum-rated albums nearby. As a result, the firm has registered over a million new subscribers to its already vast network. Click on


Tidal has adopted a new tactic, with an aim to increase its appeal to the youth. For this reason, the business has placed emphasis on upcoming musicians rather than concentrating on veterans. All in all, Desiree Perez has proven to be the person to steer Tidal back on the right track.


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