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My Interview With Alex Pall of The Band The Chainsmokers

Alex Pall, of the Chainsmokers, recently released another track called “Closer”. There past songs are “Roses” and “Don’t Let Me Down”. Alex Pall will be doing a duo with Andrew Taggart. Those who rely on other songwriters and vocalists want to add that element to master their crafted electronic soundscapes, while Alex Pall wants to become a true, genuine artist in the music field. Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart are working on revealing themselves through their music by weaving intimacy to a newer generation that’s void of emotions, except when it comes to drug-like euphoria. Recently, I did an interview with Alex Pall and asked him how he was going to establish his identity with his new track and attract an audience.

MATHIAS ROSENZWEIG: How did you start out working in the music industry?

ALEX PALL: I grew up in New York City and became a DJ. At the time, I considered it a hobby or a little career. Overtime, I had other passions beside just being a DJ. It was scary being in a big city pursuing something that’s more fun than just having a job. When I went to an art gallery, I realized that dance and music became more and more a part of my life. I started working with the same manager at the time, and he introduced me to another person named Drew, and we have been working together ever since.

MATHIAS ROSENZWEIG: How did you know it would work after meeting up with Andrew Taggart?

ALEX PALL: I believe when we both met each other, we had the same things in common. As kids, we found out we liked the same kinds of things. While chatting with each other, we found out what would work for us and what wouldn’t work for us. Everyday we worked with Drew on how we were going to build our identity through music. More and more we had a lot to learn with a lot of things to cover. Through time and hard work we both developed a talent in music and dance to reach the audience we intended to reach.

The Chainsmokers Give Sick Beats to “Sick Boy” Single

Chainsmokers have proven themselves to be one of the hottest group of producers and singing duos in the pop industry. Their music has a pop deal, but it also collects the ears of an R&B audience as well. The low bass sounds and all of the grimy drums make Chainsmokers something of a dirty pop act.

As this duo evolves it is clear that the sale that they are reaching for this even edgier audience than they have reached before. Some may say that Chainsmokers are taking a walk on the wild side that is a dark side that has been unveiled. Fortunately, this is something that their fans have graded with an A+ when it comes to this new sound. They have become intrigued with the deeper level of R&B boldness that has been brought to this duo’s production. This may be one of the main reasons that this group stands out.

The fact that they are able to play the production roll and also occupy the role of singing makes them a hard act to follow. There are few acts that are able to produce and write their own music as well. There are even fewer that are able to write, produce and sing the songs. This makes the group of triple threat. It also makes it very easy to see how their success may extend long past recent years in which they have come into the limelight.

The fact that music fans are embracing this new sound means that even more people are going to hear what the Chainsmokers are bringing to the table. The duo has been compared to producers like Timbaland during the Aaliyah era for the dark beats that often have female guess appearances on these tracks. The Chainsmokers are part of a very limited group of producers that have been nominated for Grammy awards and grossed close to $40 million dollars just in the course of 2 years. They have had number one songs like “Closer” and now “Sick Boy” is the dark new single that is climbing up the charts very quickly.

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Roc Nation’s Desiree Perez Garnering More Recognition

Desiree Perez has been the Chief Operating Officer of Jay-Z’s massive entertainment conglomerate since 2009, helping the company reach new heights year after year. While many do not know Perez, as she tends to stray from the spotlight, to those in the industry Perez is perhaps the most powerful woman in music. She was recently recognized as one of music’s most powerful executive according to Billboard Magazine.

Perez prefers to stay out of the public eye but she has been a key figure in the music industry for many years. She is a native of New York City who was a highly successful night club manager in the 1990s. During her time managing these venues Perez formed close personal and business relationships with a number of the entertainment industry’s largest names. Her most prominent relationship was formed with rap star Jay-Z and she soon became a trusted business advisor to him. That relationship has paid off for both individuals over the next 20 years. He named Perez to run his SC Enterprises and later she was named as COO of newly formed Roc Nation in 2009, and Desire Perez on Facebook.

As the COO of Roc Nation, Perez has established herself as one of the most connected and powerful music executives. She has led the company to massive growth, each year better than the previous one. She is a fierce negotiator and has secured a large number of deals that have proved lucrative. She is considered as perhaps the most invaluable member of the Roc Nation team. Perez is married to Juan Perez, who is the President of Roc Nation Sports. The two of them combined could be the most powerful husband and wife team in the business. There is little doubt that she will continue to garner further accolades for her work in the industry, and read full article.

Norka Luque: Beautiful, Talented Singer

Norka Luque is an up and coming musical star. Born in Venezuela, she has always been musical. From the time she was an infant and would fall asleep while listening to music, her entire life has been centered around music. As a child, she took voice, music and dance lessons, honing her craft.

As a young woman, she went to France to be educated, studying business administration but ultimately getting degrees in culinary arts, fashion and marketing. While in France she joined a band and was able to continue to practice her artistic endeavors, getting better and more experienced at musical performance.

After her education in France, Norka moved to the United States, where she was able to continue working on her music, which served her well when she met Emilio Estefan, Junior, the famous music producer. He was impressed with her skill and talent, and encouraged her to continue to practice and take more vocal lessons.

Together, they worked to produce music that ended up being major hits. The song, “As You Are” resulted in her nomination for “Female Pop Artist of the Year” at the Lo Nuestro Awards, in the same category as such luminaries as Shakira, Gloria Trevi, and Natalia Jimenez.

Her next big hit, “Miracle” went on to become smash hits in many countries, including the United States and her native Venezuela, in not only its regular pop version but in the various remixes, the dance version, the salsa version, the urban version and the dance version. As a major star in the Latin music category in many different countries and places, Norka Luque continues to impress and amaze.

She is currently preparing for the release of her new song, “Tomorrowland,” which is expected to be as much of a hit as the previous two singles. The anticipation is based not only on the beauty and talent of this singer, which has been showcased in many different places, including at the Billboard Bash, but because her work has been so tremendously infectious and popular.

For those who are interested in Latin music, or in the dance songs that are destined to be at the top of the charts all over the world, Norka Luque is a must-see artist, whose work is transformative and exciting. Her music is now available on itunes as well as anywhere else music is sold. Give a listen to one of Norka Luque’s songs and find out for yourself why she is one of the most celebrated new artists of the Latin music world.

Norqa Luque music Career

Norka Luque, born on February 7 in Caracas, Venezuela, is guided in his career by the well-known Latino producer Emilio Estefan. In 2011, she premiered her first single “as you do,” that was composed by Archie Pena, the Venezuelan. With this song, Norka Luque got a nomination for “Female Pop Artist of the Year” in the “Premios Lo Nuestro.”

The start of 2012 revealed Norka’s second single by the name Miracle in honor of the name of her album, the song that was composed by Archie Pena and produced in numerous versions and arrangers renowned as master Cucco Pena, making the salsa version, which was located at the first report in Venezuela for 14 weeks. The song also performed a dance version in English. “Miracle” that was remixed by DJ Ralphi Rosario, and was located at the 11th record the Dance Club Billboard. Later on, an urban remixed version where she collaborated with Dominican El Cata.

From childhood, Norka was a humble and obedient girl who came from a humble family that loved music. He came from a blessed family, far away in Venezuela, full of real experiences, life lessons, and other cultures and languages. This led her to understand that her primary destiny is all about music. Norka attested to that when he was in the country for a showcase performance. The US-based Venezuelan, came bright into the scene of music through the exclusive support of her producer Emilio Estefan. He presented her album Miracle; that sounds in Latino radio stations and many countries in the world.

From this album, Emilio Estefan has brought together a team of major producers including Alberto Gaitan, Archie Pena, Luis Giraldo and Cuco Pena Puerto Rica, who is presently in charge of the sauce arrangements. The genre of the music is what took so long to decide, it was a fusion of rhythms, with some ballads, pop, rock and Blues.

Since childhood, Norka loved singing and participated in numerous singing competitions. After completing high school, she went to France to pursue a degree in International Business but continued parallel with her passion. Every single minute she found herself idle, music is all that could sprout in her mind. She decided to join the Bad Moon Rising, rock and funk, that made her appear on numerous platforms. This helped her become a solo artist. She took singing lessons upon returning to the U.S.

Norka Luque’s Career is Growing Stronger

Norka Luque is a Latin music star who was born in 1986. She’s a native of Caracas in Venezuela. She’s had an immensely successful career in the music industry thus far. This success can partially be attributed to her work with Emilio Estefan Jr., a highly respected producer in the Latin music community. Luque’s debut single was called “Como Lo Haces Tu.” It came out in 2011. It was written by Archie Peña, a talented producer, percussionist and composer. This tune was such a sensation that it landed Luque a Female Pop Artist of the Year nomination for the Lo Nuestro Awards.

Luque’s follow-up single came out not long after in early 2012. This sophomore effort was known by the name of “Milagro” or “Miracle.” The single was named after her album. This track was also written by the aforementioned Peña. There were several different mixes of Milagro available to the public. Norka Luque even recorded a dance remix of the track in English. Ralphi Rosario is a famed DJ who took it upon himself to remix Milagro. The remix did so well that it found a place on Billboard’s dance charts. It actually reached number eleven.

This female vocalist lives and works in sun-kissed Fort Lauderdale, Florida. This city is approximately 45 minutes away from the energy and vitality of Miami. Luque’s primary focus is on tracks that encompass genres such as pop, dance, urban and Latin. She frequently combines elements from all of these categories in her tracks. Music is a passion that is incredibly important to Luque. She has lived and breathed music since she was a young child. Despite that, she has a healthy amount of other major interests in her life. She’s also enthusiastic about traveling and seeing the world, emotions such as love, food preparation and sports. Luque’s favorite sport is tennis.

Luque considers many prominent musical artists to be sources of motivation for her. She admires all different kinds of acts. Examples of her preferred artists include Sia, Hanson, Beyonce, NSYNC, George Michael, Britney Spears, Queen, Shakira, Nirvana, Ricky Martin, Bob Sinclair and Aerosmith. It’s abundantly clear that Luque doesn’t limit herself to one or two different varieties of genres. She appreciates it all. She also loves music from the past and the present. Luque isn’t only motivated by musical wizards, either. She works hard every day to make her father, mother and grandmother proud. Visit Norka Luque’s website to learn more about upcoming performances.