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Some of the Medical Missions Dr. Saad Accomplished In His Career

Pediatric surgery is among the most reputable and admired professions in the medical field. Whenever you come across a board-certified pediatric surgeon, you definitely know that this is a learned person and highly competent. Dr. Saad happens to be one of the highly reputable pediatric surgeons across the world. He is not just a qualified surgeon but an accomplished one. He is located in Eatontown, New Jersey. His career has been very successful especially when it comes to bringing innovation and expertise to the medical field. Many humanitarian groups and doctors have been attracted to Saad. Even the Saudi Royal Family has affirmed that what doctor Saad did is great. Saad has actually performed successful surgeries to a large number of patients throughout his career.

Dr. Saad is remembered for the 3 successful surgeries he performed on Palestine children in the United States. The Palestine Children’s Relief Fund (PCRF) approached Saad in 2002 and asked him to carry out a surgery on a child who was 15 years old. The child has been shot in the West Bank and developed a serious gunshot wound. Although the local doctors did all they could to save his life, he still had some complex injuries that needed a surgical approach. The PCRF took the matter to itself and flew the child to the United States after getting the appointment with doctor Saad.

Saad performed yet another successful surgery in May 2010 on another child still from West Bank. This was a girl who was born with a serious medical condition where her intestines were exposed outside. The Palestine doctors had tried all they could to help the child at the local level for about 1 year and 6 months, but it didn’t bear the expected results. The PCRF had to send the sick girl to doctor Saad in the United States. Dr. Saad expertly did a lot of work to ensure the girl’s exposed abdominal intestines were covered. Although the surgery that Saad did to this child took about five hours, the kind of medical help she received was unmatched and worth it.

This wasn’t the end of Dr. Saad’s interaction with children in need of surgical attention. The PCRF approached Saad yet another time in June 2013 requesting him to operate another child. This was a Gaza Strip boy whose one leg got paralyzed after being hit by a bomb. He couldn’t move anymore on his legs after this incidence. He got confined in a wheelchair although he was a passionate and talented soccer player before. Now that the boy needed a nerve transplant surgery and Dr. Saad wasn’t in this line, Saad had to look for nerve surgeon and cater for everything else that was needed. 11 months later, the boy walked on his legs and went back to his soccer field. Learn more: