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The Traveling Vineyard: Not Your Typical Business

The business of wine can be quite a complex and altogether strenuous one. It involves perfection on every level. There is no room for even the slightest margin of error, for that itself would require an entire re-sell or back-to-stock order.

All areas of presentation, advertisement, taste and post-sale follow-up must be flawless, and that itself is a vast understatement. If the point has not been made quite clearly, then it must be repeated for an impeccably understood emphasis: wine is a fine luxury, and both its sale and overall taste must be flawless in order to ensure continued success in the business, for it is a business unlike any other in our time.

Available on Numerous Platforms

The Traveling Vineyard is a perfect example of such a neat, organized and devoted wine-selling business. It is available for questions, product and service browsing, advice and tips, contests and sweepstakes, industry networking and far more through its use of the main website and additional social media platforms. The Traveling Vineyard can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Plans for further social media platforms are in effect as we speak, and there should be more to come later in the New Year. Administrators expect to bring more photos, videos, raffle drawings and overall business opportunities to the table. I suppose that one can make everybody happy and satisfied in the world of wine, after all.

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Success Model

The Pinterest company page has nearly 4,000 followers, 72 likes, 1,200 pins, 30 boards and 98 following markers alone. The Traveling Vineyard’s Instagram page has 50 following markers, 322 posts and 3,610 followers. The Twitter page has 716 likes, 200 following indicators, 2,104 followers and 1,996 tweets with replies.

If you wish to talk about a model for widespread advertisement, promotional and sales success, then this is the one. The Facebook page alone is perhaps the most followed of all. It has almost 34,000 likes and nearly 33,000 followers as well as over 500 posted company photos.

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