ClassDojo: the key to happier classrooms.

ClassDojo: the key to happier classrooms.

ClassDojo is an app used by teachers to prepare daily schedules of events which are known by parents. The app has 25 employees so far. The app was set up in San Francisco. It has done a remarkable job since it allows a parent to see the student’s activities throughout the school day. This is enabled by the app’s ability to take pictures and videos that can be sent through the app. ClassDojo was created in 2011 by developers; Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don. They saw the need of creating a cultural diversity and community between students, teachers, and parents. The app is free to use and very easy. However, they face a lot of competition from other education techs like Kickboard, Nearpod, Remind among others. The apps also have the aim of connecting students, teachers and parents like ClassDojo.

Recently, it has been known that the app has 85,000 teachers in the U.S. These are schools that have taken into consideration the importance of connecting the parents with students’ daily activities hence lessening parent-teacher meetings. These schools rage from private schools to most known public schools. ClassDojo is mainly used by kindergarten to 8th-grade teachers. The app has raised $ 21 million to fund the technology. It will also help in growing the app’s team and help know the type of characteristics that are useful for use by the parents even at home. ClassDojo has GSV, SignalFire, General Catalyst among others as investors.

The app aims at helping parents connect with their kids at home and school, and support their children education and development. The parents can know their children’s behaviors and socialization advances. One of the apps investors; General Catalyst’s Director commended on the apps ability to empower students, teachers, and parents by creating a positive culture with classrooms and schools. The Director; Hemant Taneja said that the app might grow to be a social and messaging platform just like Facebook even though it was mainly created for educational purposes. He says that the app may be used in future to buy products like videos, yearbooks or lesson plans and pay fees or supplies by parents to use with their children at home.

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