Dave Giertz Emphasizes that Clients Suffer a Big Loss because of Lack of Knowledge On Social Security

There are about 2700 rules that govern the topic of social security. This makes the subject hard to comprehend and break down. Nationwide Finance’s President, David Giertz, however, notes that financial advisors should not shy away from this issue. They need to find a way to understand those rules so as to pass that information to their clients. Nearly 40 percent of retirement plans are made up of the social security, which translates, to a significant number that should not be ignored. People need to be emphasized on the need to save more for retirement.

The Importance

Research was conducted on a group of people who are planning to retire and on another one, which is about ten years into retirement. The survey on About.me, which was conducted by Nationwide Finance, indicated that 4 out of 5 people who realized that their financial advisor was not talking to them about social security moved to another advisor. This clearly evidenced that people are willing to learn about this subject. There was a group of individuals who opted out of the social security earlier since they were not properly informed. According to David Giertz, this group risked losing a large sum of money, amounting to about $300,000 benefits over 25 years. Breaking down to a month, it results in a big loss that can be avoided.

About Dave Giertz

Dave Giertz became part of Nationwide Financial in June 2004. He assumed the role of the President for Financial Institutions Distributors Channel, a position he held for almost six years at https://www.linkedin.com/in/david-giertz-5aa76051. Later on, he moved to a bigger role of the Financial Institutions and Wirehouse Distribution channel’s president. In 2013, he again moved up the rank to the position President of the subsidiary mandated to oversee the National Financial’s strategic plan and distribution of the firm’s products on Twitter. Dave is also an industry arbitrator for FINRA and offers advisory services to the Millikin University’s Board of Trustee
Dave pursued business administration and management at the globally respected Millikin University to an undergraduate level and moved to the high-profile University of Miami for a master’s degree.

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