Desiree Perez is a Force to Be Reckoned with in the Boardroom

Desiree Perez, or Des Perez for short, is a modern day business woman who has become well known in the music and entertainment industry. This industry is massive, pulling in an estimated revenue of over $17.2 billion in 2016 alone worldwide. She’s a hard driving business woman and refuses to take no for an answer, instead aiming for excellence each time she steps into the boardroom.

Desiree Perez has a strong association with Jay Z and has been credited with helping him to become a business mogul in the rapper world. She has shown to have a talent for the business side of things, especially when it comes to the boardroom. She is involved with ROC Nation and SC Enterprises, alongside other business interests concerning Shawn Carter. Perez has displayed a fierce disposition when it comes to backroom negotiations and navigating the boardroom with a sense of power and grace, not even the best business men can achieve on their best day.  Related article on

Perez’s secret talent comes into play though when it comes to high-pressure negotiations making critical business decisions. She exudes a charisma and confidence unmatched in these negotiations and presents a no-nonsense attitude when doing this business dealing. Her negotiations have led to profitable business opportunities which have made her skill set and talent for business even more valuable. Jay Z has even credited her with being the secret weapon towards his success and has kept her as a close business associate he trusts for over twenty years.

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Des Perez also has successes trailing behind her to account for her amazing ability to do business. Know her better on  She’s netted impressive returns for her clients, one of them being her ability to negotiate a $25 million Samsung collaboration to promote the Anti tour featuring Rihanna. The deal raised Rihanna to a superstar and A-list performer.  Check

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