Do Not be Afraid of Lenders Any More

There is a player in town that the conventional lenders fear. Conventional lenders are charging high interest rates for equity loans. They will not lend on a high loan to value ratio of the equities first either. It is usually around 40% and less. There are some equities that the government will not let them use as collateral.

They want a business plan drawn up if you use equities for an emergency loan. They want to know why you need the funds and what the purpose of the funding is. And even after that, they will take a while to get the money to you. If that is not enough, the interest rate is going to be shockingly high.

In that case, let us hope you never have a need for emergency cash, such as paying next month’s payroll because of some unfortunate circumstance beyond your control and more information click here .

It used to be that you would have to deal with a bank or a conventional lender just like that, on their terms. If you did not like their offers, there is the door right there, they would say.

But there is somebody else in town now.

They are called Equities First AU. As the name implies, they deal in equities. They are an equities lender, in fact.

They play different than the other guys. They lend on equities, usually 60% to 80% loan to value ratio. Their interest rate is substantially lower than the conventional lenders. They do not want to see a business plan as to what you will do with the money. They can lend on any equity of their choice. They are a private lender, so it is up to them to make the choices. They will get you your money right away. They do not operate under the burden of government regulatory mandates that tell them which equities they can lend against, and how much. That is why there is a player in town that the conventional lenders fear.

If you need an emergency loan for your business, do not fear. Let the conventional lenders fear. Call Equities First, first.

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