Dr. Mark McKenna the Doctorpreneur on a great mission

Dr. Mark McKenna is a man with a unique mission, who has cut out a niche as a medical doctor with a passion for entrepreneurship. Apart from practicing medicine, McKenna has found a special love for entrepreneurship and has made significant exploits in several ventures. He is an exemplification of doctorpreneurship, which involves the rise of enterprise in the medical and healthcare sector. His prowess has attracted the attention of television hosts seeking to explore the rise of doctorpreneurs.

He is the founder and CEO of ShapeMed, a state of the art laser and aesthetic medicine center. McKenna launched the center in November 2007 after suffering the tragedy of a storm that destroyed his business interests in the year 2005.

McKenna has held several other positions. He served as a National Medical Director of Life Time Fitness Inc., and in July 2017 he became the founder and the CEO of OVME which has focused on reinventing elective healthcare. He is a man who does not take opportunities for granted. In an interview, McKenna reveals that his experience in the medical aesthetics industry led him to establish OVME.

McKenna values his family and works hard to create time to be with them. He starts early in the morning by taking breakfast with his daughter and makes sure he is at home to have time with his family for dinner.

He believes in setting goals and practicing visualization as a way of bringing ideas to life. He also practices meditation and attributes his practice to this discipline. The decline in smoking in America is a trend that excites Dr. Mark McKenna. As a successful entrepreneur, he reveals that his reading has been a significant contributor to his success.

Dr. Mark McKenna has always worked for himself and does not recount having a bad job. On hindsight, he values direction rather than speed, and this is what he would do more if he were to start all over again. Dr. Mark finds inspiration from Barak Obama, Elon Musk, and Michael Bloomberg. Being an avid reader, he recommends one to think and grow rich as a book that has awakened the power of visualization.

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