Duda Melzer’s Charitable Successes in Brazil Via Media

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer is a family based business owner from Brazil. He is the chairman of the board of directors of RBS Group. This media company spanning nearly four decades in business, specializes in news and radio media. More recently, Duda Melzer founded RBS Group to provide an outlet for online media. This company not only houses media for RBS Group, but also other companies. Named e.Bricks Digital, the company provides funding for businesses new to online media and advertising. The companies must show a solid track record of success, and new companies must meet even stricter criteria. The company has provided well over 300 million in funding since its opening only a few years ago.

While Duda Melzer took over for his uncle as chairman, his hard work and education poised him for success in any capacity. He graduated from a Catholic university in Brazil with a bachelor’s degree, then with an MBA from Harvard University. He then set out in the workforce as an analyst and director of a media company in the US. These connections helped RBS group advance into the international sector, and the business continues to grow globally. Known in Brazil as ranking online with Globo and Google, these efforts have certainly paid off for Melzer. More details can be found on Clicrbs.

As a family business owner, Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer recognizes the value of family in his personal and business dealings. His family works alongside him, and he also makes time to care for his children. His family also runs a charity named after Duda’s grandfather Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho. The charity helps raise awareness of social issues in Brazil that affect its youth. The government has also assisted the organization in its efforts to spread the message. The media component of RBS and e.Bricks Digital also spread the message, giving Duda Melzer’s message and causes a solid foundation for success.

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