End Citizens United Is A long Shot, But Support For Effort Is Robust

Some see it as a tremendous political long shot – overturning a controversial Supreme Court decision by enacting a new Constitutional Amendment – but tens of thousands of concerned Americans are determined to try.

The Supreme Court ruling in question is known as the Citizens United decision. It was handed down in 2010. The ruling allows any group or individual to contribute unlimited amounts of money to the political candidate of their choice.

Furthermore, the ruling allows for political campaign money to remain completely anonymous. In other words, thanks to the 2010 Citizens United ruling, untold billions of dollars in “dark money” can stream into American elections and no one has a right to know who is influencing which candidate or issue.

The result is that average citizens are becoming increasingly disenfranchised from their own American political system, say critics of the Supreme Court action. Now mega-rich international corporations and billionaires have first choice about who will control our government with their endless supplies of cash.

That’s why a new group is fighting back. An organization called “End Citizens United” set up a new political action committee in 2015. It’s goal is to raise money toward the ultimate goal of overturning the 2010 Supreme Court ruling.

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The effort is considered a long shot because of the enormous difficulty of what must be done. The only way a Supreme Court decision can be rescinded is by adding a new Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. To make that happen, 3/4th of the 50 states must first ratify the effort. Then congress must also ratify the Amendment with both two-thirds of the House and Senate voting to approve.

Passing a new Constitutional Amendment in the United States is a rare feat. That last one was achieved in 1992. Many others have been tried and ultimately failed. Even if successful, the process can take years.

But the leaders of End Citizens United believe they have to try. And so far, hundreds of thousands of ordinary citizens have been throwing their support behind the effort. Consider that End Citizens United was able to raise a whopping $25 million since forming in 2015. That money was spent in the 2016 election cycle.

End Citizens United is currently fund raising for the 2018 election cycle and is already well ahead of schedule to raise not just another $25 million, but expects to haul in $35 million thanks for heavy support from at least 325,000 donors so far.

Most of the money will be spent to support Democratic candidates for House and Senate seats because most Democrats favor overturning the 2010 Supreme Court decision while Republican candidates tend to favor unlimited dark money in politics.

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