Eric Lefkofsky is Investing in the Future of Our World’s Health Through Tempus

Eric Lefkofsky is the billionaire who is working with Tempus as its co-founder to save people’s lives. Recently, Tempus raised $70 million from investor to help with its mission to give doctors the tools they need to combat cancer. Tempus, according to sources, with all of its previous fundraising included, is now worth roughly $700 million. As CEO, Lefkofsky, and his partner, Keywell, are the companies largest investors, and Lefkofsky has said he would have no problem investing $100 in Tempus. Revolution Growth, a company that only invests in 2-3 companies every year, has also decided to invest in Tempus.

Eric Lefkofsky got into the healthcare business, because someone close to him had cancer, and during the experience, he learned that there needed to be an update in the way that information was shared about cancer patients. Tempus uses tech to do this, and Eric has commented that it is good that the tech is now available to be able to gather genome and molecular data that can help patients.

Eric Lefkofsky is an American businessman and entrepreneur who has started up a spread of successful companies and ventures. He attended law school at the University of Michigan and later became a teacher at Chicago business schools. Currently, he teaches at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business where he passes on his knowledge about entrepreneurship and putting together companies that are based on tech. He is also an author and has published a very popular book named, “Accelerated Disruption,” which covers how new technologies can affect business.

Eric Lefkofsky believes that life is not fully lived unless a person is helping other people. To this effect, together with his wife, he has started up the Lefkofsky Foundation. This organization exists to help out a variety of other charitable organizations; many of them existing within the Chicago area. Some of the groups that the Lefkofsky Foundation has helped include AUSL (Academy for Urban School Leadership), Young Women’s Leadership Charter School, Human Rights Watch, Johns Hopkins Medicine, Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center, the Museum of Science and Industry, and more. Eric plans to continue to do as much as he can for humanity in the future.

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