Frans Schoeman: His Role in the Implementation of Corporate and Commercial Law

Corporate and commercial laws provide a framework on how businesses should be conducted. Corporate and commercial laws include laws related to companies, mergers, ventures, financial services regulations, bankruptcy, contracts, and securities.

The most important thing for businesses is to determine the implications arising from any amendments to the law. For instance, enterprises do not have to operate in the music industry, or software publishing business to be affected by copyright laws. As a matter of fact, most organizations maintain copyright protection for their company assets including patents, logos, slogans, and taglines. This requires that organizations should take instant actions to retain their copyright protections from any event because the corporate legal amendment, if not carefully scrutinized, may have an immediate effect on business operations. This situation may affect business process and lead into downsizing and affect the turnover.

Corporate and commercial legal ventures require assistance from experienced intellectual lawyers such as Frans Schoeman. This particular individual has been involved with numerous groundbreaking corporate and commercial transactions. The success of the individual in the legal field is attributed to his extensive local and international client base coupled with his broad knowledge of legal expertise.

Schoeman on possesses exceptional legal skills, which means that he is able to provide corporate and commercial law services regardless of the complexity of the situation at hand. Schoeman provides requisite legal advice in agreement with legal structures compatible with needs of modern industries.

Going with South Africans integration into the global market, the face of the economy has changed, and this has also affected the manner businesses are being conducted. Schoeman through Phatsima Corporation, the company he chairs, anticipated these changes, and today, the organization is reflecting on these patterns of change by following modern corporate and commercial legal structures. This is a situation that has affirmed the organization’s global dominant position.

Schoeman through his extensive legal experience has been involved in several ground breaking corporate transactions, by advising both listed and non-listed companies operating in diverse business sectors. Besides, Schoeman possesses in-depth experience of advising state-owned agencies and corporations. Such legal prowess provides the individual with a much firmer foundation to inform both domestic and international investors in different sectors of the economy including transport, medicine, energy, mining, manufacturing, information technology, financial services, engineering, and construction, among other sectors.

Schoeman through his legal representatives reviews service standards against benchmarks expected from high net worth clients. Also, the attorney ensures that services discharged are cost efficient. Schoeman, coupled with the size of his legal team, breadth, and depth of experience, financial resources, and geographic positions, is able to handle the most complex and time critical transactions.

Schoeman is an expert in multiple areas of law including trusts, compliance and estates, medical, labor, and constitution. He graduated from Free State University in South Africa. His well-rounded background suits him well enough to serve clienteles from diverse backgrounds, and this ensures that justice prevails upon his clients.