Freedom Debt Relief Reviews: It’s Made My Relationship With Money Healthier

The concept of minimum payments for credit cards can sometime lead you down the path to accumulating too much debt. In the Freedom Debt Relief Reviews, Anne Marie C. describes how this caused her to accumulate too much debt. In the testimonial titled “It’s Made My Relationship With Money Healthier”, says “every time I would receive a credit card application I would apply for it, and get approved”. Anne Marie failed to realize that by making minimum payments, she was accumulating more interest and this increased the principle amount of her debts to such a point that she could no longer make the payments. “You’re kind of negligent of the fact that you’re accruing more debt because the longer it takes you to pay this credit card, you’re accruing interest”.

After Anne Marie decided to join the Freedom Debt Relief program, she learnt how to manage her money better. In the Freedom Debt Relief Reviews she says “three words that describe my life before FDR are mismanaged, volatile and limited”. Anne Marie held lengthy conversations with Freedom Debt Relief before she could agree to join the program. Talking to the representatives was reassuring as they didn’t seem pushy or aggressive, were thorough and made her feel very comfortable. It was these qualities of the conversations over the phones that led Anne Marie to reach out to Freedom Debt Relief again and sign up for the program.

In the Freedom Debt Relief Reviews, Anne Marie describes how she felt relaxed after signing up for the program as the company started handling most of the complex issues of her debts and her only role was to agree to the recommended procedures. “It felt very straightforward and simple to the point where it felt like they did everything”. Some of the services she received included dealing with calls from creditors, and closing accounts. In the Freedom Debt Relief Reviews, Anne Marie says that working with the company has shaped relationship with money such that she is now very observant of her expenditures and which loans are worth taking. She is more cognizant of her us of money as she has a savings accounts and invests any excess money she holds and she relates this to her experience with Freedom Debt Relief.

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