George Soros and his inspirational Philanthrophy

George Soros is one of the greatest philanthropists in the world. He has donated his time, energy, and money to multiple causes. In his time on earth, he has donated more than $32 billion dollars of his money to the Open Society Foundation. They do excellent work around the world in their efforts to increase personal rights equality. The foundation serves as George Soros’s main branch of philanthropy, he was the founder, and he has done great work since its inception. George Soros has also founded the Central European University in Budapest. This university is the leader in regional studies of social sciences; they work with information on improving citizen’s quality of life.

The Open Society Foundation works hard to ensure people across the world receive equal rights. They fight for causes like freedom of speech, freedom of religious expression, holding governments accountable and preventing corruption, and justice and equality across the board. As an excellent bonus, the foundation has provided thousands of needy students with resources and money to pay tuition. They have financed the education of thousands of students searching to better their lives through receiving higher education. George Soros is a provider of opportunity. He does not believe anyone should be denied the right to a quality education simply by virtue of where they live or where they grew up; he believes they should be proud of their identity.

George Soros has dedicated his life to fighting the ills of discrimination. He fights for many groups across Europe. He has been a longtime advocate for the Roma people. When people become marginalized, George Soros stands up for them. He fights for LGBTI people, sex workers drug users. Everyone should be allowed equal rights in George Soros’s eyes.

But what made him so devout in his fight for revolution? George Soros grew up in war ravaged Hungary. His family was captured by Nazis. Born in 1930, this is the terrible world he was introduced to. He witnessed the brutal execution of more than 500,000 Jews. This horrible act provoked a deep sense of empathy within him and he promised to never allow anyone to take advantage of another group. His family escaped the Nazi war-torn world by acquiring false papers and escaping the country. He looks back upon this tough time and wonders how his family remained strong enough to prevail. He is proud to have lived. After escaping, they were lucky enough to be able to help others succeed in escaping as well.

George Soros graduated from the London School of Economics and went on to begin his career in finance. Now he had the knowledge and start-up money to fund his campaign towards social justice. He launched a hedge fund called the Soros Fund and made his first fortune. This fortune became the birth fuel for Open Society Foundations. He spread his philanthropic network across more than 100 countries. His philanthropic efforts were inspired and driven by the philosophies of Karl Popper (whom he learned about in business school). Today, he provides the funding for education in America, Africa, and Europe and Follow him

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