George Soros Donates a Whopping $18 Billion to Philanthropy

According to NY Times, George Soros gave eighteen billion dollars to Open Society Foundations. The donation was among the most substantial wealth transfers from an individual to a foundation. George Soros contributed quietly over the past years but only disclosed the information later in 2017.

The gift made Open Society Foundations become the second most prominent organization in the field of philanthropy. Also, it placed George Soros at the center of every political and social debate throughout the country. Mr. Soros is at the epicenter of conservative critics.

George Soros established Open Society Foundations to advocate for human and democratic rights throughout the world. Following growth in his fortunes, George Soros started to fund efforts that would promote human and democratic rights. Thus, he began his first foundation in 1984 in Hungary. As per New York Times, the organization’s name originated from a philosophy book in which the author argued for free expression, democratic governance, and respect for people’s rights.

Some of the realizations of the foundation include funding clinics during the Ebola outbreak in 2014, protection of citizens following the 2016 elections in the United States, and construction of a Roma culture and art preservation center. Mr. Soros allocated ten million dollars to finance the efforts against the countrywide hate incidents wave that followed the 2016 elections. Mr. Soros committed himself to reducing the election tension.

George Soros’ foundation is a large organization reaching to almost all parts of the world. According to NY Times, some prominent people describe the foundation as far-reaching and being more impactful compared to all the other social justice trusts throughout the world. The organization’s footprints are wider and deeper. The foundation works with civil society leaders who are facing second-class forms of justice. George Soros constantly oversees the organization’s work. Stacy Palmer describes George Soros as being transparent concerning his views.

George Soros is among the world’s most famous philanthropists according to Open Society Foundations. He continues to spend vast sums of his fortune to finance his organization’s work throughout the globe. He founded and still supports his Central European University that is in Budapest. The institution leads in social sciences study in the region. His foundations continue to support numerous underserved but promising children by paying their university and school fees.

George Soros’ donations primarily focus on those people that get discriminated for their identity or place of residence. Through his leadership, the foundations support organizations and individuals globally that fight for accountable governments, free expression, and civil societies. According to Open Society Foundations, George Soros committed to assisting others because he also experienced similar intolerance during his early years. Read this article on about George.

Born in 1930, George Soros survived the Nazi occupation of Hungary. His family escaped the invasion through securing of false identities and pledged to resist the discrimination. He later left Budapest for London in 1947 where he did part-time work to pay for his economic studies. He then proceeded to the US in 1956 and entered the world of investments and finance. Who knew that he could rise to be among the most successful US investors?


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