How Barbara Stokes Has Made Houses Become Homes

Housing is a basic human need. Natural calamities such as floods, hurricanes, fire, and earthquakes could easily deprive us of this right. Other than destroying houses, these calamities also threaten the financial well-being of affected communities.


It is a traumatic moment for the affected people. They could decide to seek shelter with family and friends. They can also request rental aid from the government. The US government assists the victims by giving manufactured house units. Read this article at


Barbara Stokes is the CEO of Green Structure homes (GSH). This company deals with the modern design, engineering, and manufacturing and has over 30 years of combined experience.


Barbara Stokes studied Biomedical Engineering, physics, manufacturing and management communications at Mercer University before she graduated in 2001. She worked at Boeing and Pisces Corporation. The Alabama native then established Green Structure Homes Delivered. She did it together with Scott Stokes in 2008.


GSH utilizes modern technology, quality design, engineering, and manufacturing to deliver eco-friendly and energy efficient homes. The firm is also renowned for providing temporary shelter to disaster-stricken families.


GSH designs, builds, and delivers temporary housing structures on its factory in Alabama. The homes and other commercial structures are fast to erect, have lower life-cycle costs, and are customizable. The structures are then delivered to clients throughout America.


In addition, GSH manufactures bollards and guard shacks for the US Navy. Barbara won the trust of the US Navy and other government agencies by providing quality products.


The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) awarded a contract worth $28.5 million to GSH. The company supports FEMA’s mission to provide relief to Americans affected by natural disasters.


However, the unpredictable demand for GSH’s products during a disaster is an obstacle.


This contractual partnership will see the firm set up eight manufacturing plants across the US to match the demand for temporary housing with supply. Barbara is proud of this because her firm will employ more Americans during a time when more companies are outsourcing labor. This accelerates economic growth of the affected areas.


Under the leadership of Barbara, GSH has developed housing units that are compliant with FEMA’s specifications. These houses now have fire suppression systems, and they are now designed for long-term use so that vulnerable citizens can now live comfortably for longer.


During her free time, she volunteers at non-profit organizations in Huntsville and the greater Alabama. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

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