How Bob Reina Uses The Mantra Of “I Will” To Live His Life And Lead His Company

Bob Reina is a businessman who was born and raised in Brandon, Florida. He says each morning when he wakes up he has two words going around in his head which are “I Will”. Following this mantra he has developed a global company while at the same time being a philanthropist as well. He is able to mix these two activities into his daily schedule as he says he looks at the bigger picture of life. He wants to be a part of creating a better world for everyone.

He says that “I will” is really the most basic and yet also most powerful phrase in English. Following this concept leads one to put their plans into motion and not be a person who just sits on the sidelines of life. Bob Reina says that he never looks back as he is focused on moving things forward at all times in his life and in his business. He says he was careful in building up his team at his company, Talk Fusion, and identified each person’s strengths before hiring them and seeing how they would fit into the overall picture of the company he envisioned. He also knows where each person of his team needs to let other people in this company help them develop their skills and knowledge. With everyone working together greater things can be attained, he says, as the whole really is greater than the sum of the parts. Learn more:

Bob Reina started out his professional life as a police officer in the Brandon area. He wanted to run his own business so that he could earn the money he wanted and so he started a direct selling business on the side. He found success working for businesses in this field but every time they would fail, taking his own business down with them. He decided he would create his own direct selling business and Talk Fusion was the result. His company has software applications which allow people and businesses to easily communicate using video. Video is the most powerful way of letting people know what your brand is all about and why they should be using your products, he says.

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