Norka Luque’s Career is Growing Stronger

Norka Luque is a Latin music star who was born in 1986. She’s a native of Caracas in Venezuela. She’s had an immensely successful career in the music industry thus far. This success can partially be attributed to her work with Emilio Estefan Jr., a highly respected producer in the Latin music community. Luque’s debut single was called “Como Lo Haces Tu.” It came out in 2011. It was written by Archie Peña, a talented producer, percussionist and composer. This tune was such a sensation that it landed Luque a Female Pop Artist of the Year nomination for the Lo Nuestro Awards.

Luque’s follow-up single came out not long after in early 2012. This sophomore effort was known by the name of “Milagro” or “Miracle.” The single was named after her album. This track was also written by the aforementioned Peña. There were several different mixes of Milagro available to the public. Norka Luque even recorded a dance remix of the track in English. Ralphi Rosario is a famed DJ who took it upon himself to remix Milagro. The remix did so well that it found a place on Billboard’s dance charts. It actually reached number eleven.

This female vocalist lives and works in sun-kissed Fort Lauderdale, Florida. This city is approximately 45 minutes away from the energy and vitality of Miami. Luque’s primary focus is on tracks that encompass genres such as pop, dance, urban and Latin. She frequently combines elements from all of these categories in her tracks. Music is a passion that is incredibly important to Luque. She has lived and breathed music since she was a young child. Despite that, she has a healthy amount of other major interests in her life. She’s also enthusiastic about traveling and seeing the world, emotions such as love, food preparation and sports. Luque’s favorite sport is tennis.

Luque considers many prominent musical artists to be sources of motivation for her. She admires all different kinds of acts. Examples of her preferred artists include Sia, Hanson, Beyonce, NSYNC, George Michael, Britney Spears, Queen, Shakira, Nirvana, Ricky Martin, Bob Sinclair and Aerosmith. It’s abundantly clear that Luque doesn’t limit herself to one or two different varieties of genres. She appreciates it all. She also loves music from the past and the present. Luque isn’t only motivated by musical wizards, either. She works hard every day to make her father, mother and grandmother proud. Visit Norka Luque’s website to learn more about upcoming performances.

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