Organizing in The Field With Digital 8


Progressive politics is becoming more nuanced and organized, thanks to brilliant and passionate activists and the latest technology. NGP VAN is an organizers dream come true thanks to a new set of digital tools called Digital 8.

What’s in The Toolbox

Targeted email is pure gold for organizers. Not only can you direct specific actions with it, you can also send fundraising appeals and thank you notes with one-click ease for your supporters. Personalize your campaign’s message and keep accurate statistics about your contacts. Turn one time contributors into active subscribers with drip campaigns unique to each supporter.

Online Actions drives supporters to do more. Organizers set up pages on the website of their choice to recruit canvassers, fundraise, and more. It taps into the database of 59 million active profiles in NGP VAN and has self-service features, freeing up field staff from updating contact information or credit card numbers. Best of all, users love it. The better the experience, the more likely you will have their future support.




Influence public opinion using the power of social media with Advanced Social Tracking. Any supporter who enters their email address has it matched to the social media platforms they use. Targeting your supporters is easy on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook thanks to this tool.

Digital 8 is cloud based, making it a versatile tool for any progressive campaign. NGP users will still be able to use their database simultaneously. Any sized campaign can use the platform, and it integrates smoothly with other platforms such as Optimizely and ActBlue.

Digital 8 takes online field organizing to the next level. Precise targeting and actions on the go allow for a flexibility unheard of in the past. With campaigns often winning thanks to slimmer margins, Digital 8 seamlessly digs out wins thanks to its ease of use and personalized features. NGP VAN is a DC based company and has between 100-200 employees.



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