Helping Wikipedia Becomes Part of University Coursework

If you can’t trust Wikipedia, correct its mistakes. That’s what some teachers at the University of Sydney have decided, according to Times Higher Education. Instead of simply telling students not to use Wikipedia as so many teachers around the world do, they have integrated learning how to create a Wikipedia page into their coursework. Instead of having students take exams or write essays, some lecturers at the university in Sydney are assigning them the tasks of making Wikipedia edits and writing entries. According to these teachers, this helps teach students the digital literacy they need. Traditional academic is “unimaginative” and growing “unappealing.” They noticed when they graded essays many students didn’t even pick them up, not wanting to even wish to know what the teachers thought of their essays. It didn’t seem worth their time to give feedback students didn’t value enough to pick up. However, they decided, if the students knew other people would read what they wrote, and it would continue to live online, maybe they would put substantial, time, effort and thought into their efforts.

In one course on magazine studies, students worked on entries for women’s magazines in Australia and their editors. In another course, students did Wikipedia page creation on contemporary issues. The experience helped teach them how to research and to cite, and they got feedback from Wikipedia editors.

Wikipedia has enormous influence online, despite all errors and omissions. Because so many people use it to look up information, there’s a common perception that Wikipedia is only for famous and historical people, not for yourself or somebody you might want to know. If you want to learn about somebody you’re thinking of doing business with, you look at their Facebook or LinkedIn page. When you Google their name, you don’t expect to see a Wikipedia entry unless they are “famous.” Therefore, when you do see a Wikipedia page on them or their business, you’re favorably impressed. It’s not easy to have a Wikipedia entry because because the online encyclopedia doesn’t want people spamming them with hype about their businesses. It’s not easy to write yourself or your business in a way that’s factual and objective which is why hiring Wiki writers from a professional service may be the best move for your company. Either you hold back too much, or indulge in sales language, which is not allowed. That’s why the Wikipedia writing company Get Your Wiki specializes in writing and monitoring your entry. Wikipedia editors for hire are trained in Wikipedia’s guidelines. They can set up a page on you and your business that will pass inspection by the editors at Get Your Wiki.

Helane Morrison Most Influential Woman In The Bay Area

Helane Morrison, Brooklyn native, received her Bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Northwestern University, Illinois and then attended the University of California Berkeley School of Law and acquired her Juris Doctor degree, It was at Berkeley that Morrison became the Editor-in-Chief of the university’s law review, putting her journalism knowledge to work.

After successfully passing the bar, Ms. Morrison gained had a couple of decent clerkships with Judge Posner on the Seventh Circuit and then-Justice Harry A. Blackmun. She was a partner at Howard Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin. From 1999 to 2007, Helane was the Head of San Francisco Office of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Her duties in this firm included securities enforcement, litigation, and supervising compliance and regulatory matters.

Morrison then joined San Francisco’s Hall Capital Partners, which manages about $22 billion for wealthy people and institutions. Helane L. Morrison is the Managing Director, Chief Compliance Officer, and General Counsel of Hall Capital Partners LLC. 

She is a woman who has a well-defined character. She has been a campaigner and supporter of maintenance of high ethical and integrity standards. She tirelessly works defending Hall Capital clients from unscrupulous brokers of the financial world. She is among the few people who have tried to kick unethical practices in the finance industry. 

Helene Morrison played a big role in exposing the bad economical practices and many corruption practices that lead to the global financial crisis that occurred in August of 2007. During her 11 years at the SEC, Helane Morrison has headed various high-level profile enforcement actions involving top executives from clients such as Google and Hewlett-Packard and has exposed corrupt auditors.

Morrison is a current member of the Board of the Regional Parks Foundation and is an active member of the Hedge Fund Subcommittee of the American Bar Association.

Check out Helane’s Bloomberg business profile or visit her Helane’s LinkedIn profile to connect with her.

Rompers Are Trending For Spring 2016


It’s hard to believe that spring is just around the corner and people are already embracing the sun with their style. One item I am seeing more of lately on fashion sites and on the street are rompers, a loose fitting one piece outfit that tends to look more like dresses on first sight. I suppose because jumpsuits are a big trend at the moment, it makes sense that the shorter version, would also be gaining in popularity.

Recently, Beyonce was featured on, wearing a $68 romper while out for the evening with her hubby. She was spotted in a flirty white romper paired with a leather moto jacket, and a pair of gold heels. The beauty of rompers is that you can easily throw on a pair of sneakers and be just as cute it’s a user-friendly trend. Beyonce may have spent a bunch of money on her accessories but it turns out that rompers were a personalized style suggestion in my March JustFab boutique. I subscribed to JustFab after seeing them featured on Project Runway. After browsing the site for a bit I essentially found the entire look for less than $100. I would call that a great way to begin the spring season.

A New York Lawyer Wants to Raise Money for Homeless Animals

Ross Abelow is a longtime resident of New York City. He is a well-known family lawyer who has spent the last 25 years defending clients who are involved in difficult family law cases. He specializes in matrimonial law. In the mid-1980’s, he was an undergrad at the State University of New York. In 1989, he graduated from the Brooklyn Law school. In the following year he applied for his license to practice law in New York State and it was granted. Since that time not only has he been working on a variety of family law cases, but he has also been giving legal and financial advice to individuals on his personal blog site and by means of his social media accounts. Many individuals have benefited from the information that he posts in his Facebook and Mashable pages.

On January 13, 2016, Ross Abelow launched a fundraiser in order to help homeless animals in New York City. This is something that is especially important right now since winter temperatures are dropping below freezing levels. Even though many animal shelters in the New York area are working to provide shelter and housing for vulnerable animals, they simply do not have the space that is needed or the money to provide food and medicine for them.

Individuals can donate to this fundraiser easily and quickly. Ross Abelow has set up the fundraiser using a Go Fund Me account. When individuals find the page that has been set up by Ross, they will be able to learn more about this cause and all of the benefits that will come from donating to it. Individuals do not have to invest hundreds of dollars. Instead, they can donate as little as $15 or $20 to the fundraiser. Ross Abelow hopes to raise at least $5,000 that can be donated to animal shelters in New York City.

When the money is donated to the animal shelters, it will be used to expand the amount of space that is currently available for homeless animals. This is going to take care of at least half of the problem that animal shelters are facing right now. Second, the money will be used to purchase things like blankets and food for the animals. Also, medicine can be purchased. Sadly, many of the homeless animals that come to the shelters are sick.

Securus Helps Investigators

When it comes to law enforcement technology, there are some companies like Securus that are among the best on the market. This has become the technology company that is known for a video visitation program for inmates. The top recognition, however, may be the THREADS analytics tools for correctional officers and investigators. This is getting a lot of buzz, and I think that it is certainly needed.

I know that there can be a lot of suspicious activity inside of a prison. I have seen the camera systems that are in place because I used to work for the Department of Corrections. The problem, in most cases, is that the cameras are only recording at a surface level. The Securus analytical took takes things further and allows investigators to see all the different things that can be interpreted through data. This is incredibly important because a lot of crimes can be solved or prevented with the Securus THREADS application.

That is something that is putting the Securus team at the top. People are buzzing about this tool and this company. It is evidence that this company is changing the game with this new technology. Securus has been around for a while with all types of law enforcement products, but this appears to be the product that is going to put this company on the map.

I know that there is a need for more technology in law enforcement. More cameras are needed on the streets. More analytical tools are needed inside of the prison to monitor inmate communication. There are so many ways that law enforcement can be improved with the right tools. This is why Securus is such an important company.

Right now Securus is still small and privately owned. I believe the company has the potential to grow in large numbers though. More prisons are buying into the concept of the video visitation because it is easier to implement. You can register for the software on the company’s site and download the Google Play Securus app to your mobile phone.

Correctional facilities are also able to see the need for more tools like the THREADS application because it serves as a tool for resolving issues sooner. There is no need in keeping an investigator bound on a certain case for days if this this can be resolved in a single day with better technology.

The Return of Zendaya

Zendaya is returning to the music game and she brought a little help with her. She has made the decision to collaborate with Chris Brown on a new single, and it is getting a lot of buzz all over the Internet.

The reason that so many people are talking about Laidlaw and Company and its ongoing controversy has to do with the previous music that Zendaya has released. She is a budding young teenager that is becoming a woman, but most of her fans know her from Disney. This is where she has grown up and this is also where most of her fans are still tuned in. She has a show on this channel, and she has never grown much outside of the boundaries of the Disney image.

What the new track represents is Zendaya in a new light as someone that goes to the club and also makes tracks with artist like Timbaland and Chris Brown. This is definitely much more of a R&B sound, but it was expected for someone that is so heavily integrated into hip-hop dancing. A lot of people will question the decisions that Zendaya is making, but the wheels are already in motion.

A lot of fans want to know about this new music that is coming out, and they will not have long to wait. It appears that the album is already into production with Timbaland in the producer’s seat.

Coriant Appoints Shaygan Kheradpir As CEO

Coriant is a name the majority of the general public are largely unaware of, but the chances are many of us are receiving Internet, voice and text services on networks supplied by the technology company. Coriant has only been in existence in its current form since 2013, but has a long tradition of performing well in the technology industry in its previous form as a department of the giant Siemens corporation. The Marlin Equity Partners investment company formed the Coriant company from the optical networking department of Siemens before buying a number of independent companies and absorbing them into the Coriant brand.

The company has expanded by a large amount since forming and now employs more than 3,000 people providing networking services for companies in more than 100 countries globally. One of the areas the company has been looking to improve is in its profitability, which prompted Marlin to approach respected technology executive Shaygan Kheradpir to conduct a thorough review of the company. This led to Kheradpir making a number of recommendations for the future of Coriant and the decision of Marlin Equity Partners to offer Kheradpir the position of CEO after Pat DiPietro returned to his previous role with Coriant.

Kheradpir is well known in the wider communications industry for the work he completed as an executive at Verizon, but his role has not always been limited to the development of new technologies. At Verizon Kheradpir staked his reputation on his ability to provide a saving on the costs of IT that had reached levels above industry standards; Kheradpir introduced a number of new initiatives that lowered IT costs to below the standard for the communications industry. After leaving Verizon the Cornell University graduate continued to gain valuable experience in becoming the first technology executive to sit on the board of the financial giant Barclay’s.

Coriant is looking for Kheradpir to use the skills he is known for in lowering costs and negotiating contracts for lowered expenditure for the companies he has worked for. The Coriant brand is looking to challenge the established giants of the communications industry and make inroads into their established customer base.

Take a Good Look at Jon Urbana’s Really Cool Blog

Former professional lacrosse player Jon Urbana has a lot of interests. He made news recently when the FAA recognized him as a pilot. Those who follow his career realize he has many personal and business-related interests he enjoys perusing. His valuable blog highlights his interest in photo art and more.

Urbana’s fondness for the environment and photo art come together quite frequently. “Granola Breakfast with Berries and Yogurt” is something athletes are going to love eating. Not only does the breakfast taste awesome, the meal provides healthy carbs for daily endurance and energy. The photo he shared on Instagram last week is a fantastic work of art that captures the true aesthetic beauty of these natural food selections.

Food has to be cooked somewhere and the “Kitchen at Monet’s house in Giverny” is one great place to take part in the activity. The photo from his website that captures the golden accessories and the blue and white printed wall is not the only reflection of art. The kitchen is extremely artistic in its design, style, and look. The kitchen really is a cooking wonderland to be sure.

Readers looking to check out something fun and upbeat should look at the video “Allround Atje by anton withagen”. Jon Urbana’s Vimeo output is a little offbeat and that is surely a good thing. The video not only gives the reader a slight smile, the presence of the moving images leads many to wonder what exactly is Urbana going to post on Facebook each day.

And for those who want a super-funny and lighthearted video, “How to be a Klingon Male” really fits the bill. The title of the video tells all, but there still may be a few surprises for those who click on the video to see the pictures that Jon Urbana has captured on the years. Listen to his songs first in the morning to start the day out on a good note.

Starting the day right also includes enjoying a “Fresh healthy breakfast“. The photo on Urbana’s Tumblr captures the wondrous brilliance of a seemingly simple and basic breakfast. Sometimes, the simple things are the best things.

Choosing An Attorney In New York

Choosing an attorney can be a complicated and a stressful process. It can be overwhelming and you want to make sure that you are making the right decision for your needs. No matter your needs, you should follow a few rules to ensure that you are getting the best New York lawyer for your needs. By knowing what you want, choosing an attorney with experience and giving yourself everything that you need, you can make the right decision for your needs. Following these will give you the best lawyer shopping experience possible.

Attorneys are able to specialize in different areas and knowing exactly what you need an attorney for will give you the option of choosing one who can suit your needs. Make sure that you find an attorney who has expertise and experience in your chosen field. Ross Abelow is an attorney who focuses mainly on family and matrimonial law, but he also has experience with entertainment and litigation. He chooses to make his law firm focused around these areas and is able to provide people with the best of the best when it comes to these options. Choosing him if you have one of these options is a great idea.

By finding out how much experience your attorney has, you will be able to see how much he or she has worked in a certain area. For example, Ross Abelow has worked in the law field since 1989. He has been able to navigate many different cases and has worked with many different individuals to ensure that they get what they want out of the lawyer experience. He ensures that he has dealt with similar cases and you will have the peace of mind knowing that he knows what he is doing while handling your case.

If you can manage to get everything that you need from your attorney, you will have a better experience while you are shopping around. This will give you the opportunity to find an attorney that you like who is able to suit all of your needs. By making sure that you get the most out of your experience, you can choose a lawyer that will give you all of your needs. Making sure that you choose the right one is the most important decision that you will make while you are shopping around. Always make the good choice with lawyer Ross Abelow.

Check out Ross Abelow on LinkedIn

Coriant Just Hired The Great Shaygan Kheradpir

Coriant, a provider of network system solutions prominent around the world, has hired Shaygan Kheradpir to be a member of their team as the chief executive officer. Mr. Shaygan Kheradpir is the successor to Mr. Pat DiPietro, the former CEO. Mr. DiPietro wanted someone with more experience in technological fields to lead Coriant, which is why he stepped down to let Mr. Kheradpir take the reigns.

Shaygan Kheradpir has a long history in working for technological companies such as Verizon Communications, where Mr. Kheradpir was first realized as an executive genius. Shaygan was initially named the president of the online business division of Verizon Communications. One of the best things that Mr. Kheradpir did while at Verizon Communications was the implementation of a new review system with thirty-day intervals.

Anyone who would like to read more about Mr. Shaygan Kheradpir getting hired on to Coriant as the CEO should check out this article on Fierce Telecom

Coriant provides nine of the largest ten Tier 1 Communications Service Providers with networking systems to use for their customer service representatives. Being able to pull a customer’s or client’s information at will is very crucial for these companies because customers might become disgruntled if they do not have an answer quickly enough.

Mr. Kheradpir has firmly established himself as one of the best executives to assume the roles that he has throughout his nearly thirty years of service to technological companies. It is great that he went to Cornell University to earn three degrees in electrical engineering, a study that is very hard to grasp the concept of.

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