Paul Mampilly Introduces More Americans To Investing

In many films, an investor is depicted as someone who is extremely wealthy and usually able to buy a company outright if they wanted to. On the big screen, it would appear that very few people get to invest their money because they don’t have enough of it to do so. In reality, tens of thousands of regular everyday normal people invest their hard earned dollars in the hopes that they will see a return on their investment and their overall wealth will grow. The number of investors in the world would undoubtedly be higher if more people knew where to start investing and if the process were to be made more main stream. This is where financial experts such as Paul Mampilly come into play with their breadth of knowledge on investing. Mampilly firmly believes that everyone, no matter what their income, can actively invest their money and watch it grow as long as proper safeguards are adhered to. Mampilly notes that innovative technologies and ideas can always be looked to as a solid investment. Three such innovations he reccommends looking more closely into are:


Electric Vehicles

Mampilly predicts that in the future people will drive more electric cars than traditional fossil fuel powered vehicles and thus provides an innate investment opportunity as the industry is still relatively young. Eventually, the maintenance required of more traditional vehicles will be far too time consuming to justify their purchase making the choice to buy an electric vehicle that much easier.

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— Paul Mampilly(@Paul_M_Guru) October 12, 2017

Precision Health Care

With the increase in medical technology, medical professionals understand human DNA better than ever and are in the process of unlocking its many secrets. If someone’s DNA is properly sequenced, certain diseases which that individual may be susceptible to reveal themselves and thus doctors can pay closer attention to them. This life saving breakthrough provides one of the most promising investment opportunities that Mampilly is personally excited about.


Meal Delivery Services

A growing trend all across the world is that people are eating healthier and willing to spend more money on food that is good for them. For this reason it is easy to see why food delivery services offering healthy meals already prepped are an interesting investment opportunity, and learn more about Paul Mampilly.

Investing always carries some inherent risks but with the advice of investing gurus such as Paul Mampilly at your disposal, you can rest assured that your risk of losing your hard earned dollars has been greatly minimized, and

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