Rick Smith and Securus Technologies Contribution to Correctional Department

Rick and Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies has a high reputation as a profit making company in the technology sector. Securus offers services to help in the maintenance of correctional facilities through various products and services aimed at reducing and preventing criminal activities. Securus Technologies has always allowed inmates to keep constant contact with family and friends.

Under the chairmanship of Rick Smith, who is also the CEO, the company has a remarkable goodwill. This is attributed to Rick’s expertise and experience as a technology guru skillful investor. Since 2008 when he became the CEO, Rick has demonstrated good leadership skills towards development and growth of Securus. His experience in the administration in several sectors has molded his personality. He was previously a senior manager at Frontiers Corporation and served in different departments amongst them, management, accounting, business development, and IT. Furthermore, He was the head of telecommunication at Eschelon where he raised the revenue from $30 million to $350 million. This was later followed by an IPO in 2005 which was quite profitable.


Rick Smith is not shy of advancing his knowledge or delving into an area he is interested in. This is shown by his numerous endeavors in seeking higher education on several occasion. To keep up with the dynamics in technology he takes professional courses and conferences to sharpen his skills and insight on the industry. He first graduated from University of New York at Buffalo with an Engineering degree before advancing it at the State University of New York. After getting the advanced engineering degree, he enrolled for a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) from the renowned. He was not done yet and he attained an associate degree from Rochester Institute of Technology.

Rick Smith Operations Management

As the company’s CEO, Rick is mandated with the daily operations of the correctional technology giant. He initiates development and executes expansion plans at Securus. For example, due to his insightful management skills, the company has used up to $600 million in coming up with new technology for the inmates. Moreover, Rick has helped Securus Technologies to enter into strategic partnership with other relevant stakeholders and companies in the correctional sector. It is important to note that he has led to the licensing of all the innovative technologies of Securus.

One of Rick strategies is entrepreneurship and teamwork at work, which he has splendidly done at Securus. Professionals at Securus Technologies work together continuously developing and making products better to make operations at correctional agencies smooth. Consequently, Securus has appealed to the hearts of many people including friends and family members of inmates, as well as correctional officers. This is shown by the high ratings the company gets and positive comments especially from the officers who find Securus products and services way better in monitoring and dealing with crimes and prison activities.

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