Rodrigo Terpins Was Born To Race

Sometimes, a man is born with motor oil for blood and an engine for a brain. Sometimes, man and machine come together as a cohesive whole, and the results are usually excellence.


Brazilian race rally driver Rodrigo Terpins is one such man. He comes from a family of race car drivers, and has been racing since he was old enough to drive. His father Jack Terpins was also a well-known rally driver and Brazilian fan favorite. While he may not be that well known to the outside world, he has quickly distinguished himself as one of those competitors that the audience loves to watch. Among his devoted fans in Brazil, one can see an almost religious fervor in the way they cheer and howl for him.


According to Broadcast, these days, most of his racing is done as part of a two man team with his brother Michel. They won the 24th Sertoes Rally with flying colors, smashing all the competition with a sense of reckless abandon reserved only for the insane and the truly skillful. This is not the only example of a race in which Rodrigo Terpins completely dominated the competition.

Whether racing alongside his brother or on his own, he tears up the road like a bolt of lightning fired from a ten-ton artillery cannon.


Brazilians really love rally racing. It attracts huge audiences and generates massive amounts of revenue. In Brazil, these guys are almost like rock stars. While this particular brand of racing has not caught on as much in the United States, those who are in the know are familiar with the big name drivers like this guy.


Another event that Rodrigo Terpins regularly takes part in is the Cuesta Off-Road Rally. Though he missed the event in 2016, allowing his place to be taken by Beco Andreotti, he is expected to come back and compete there again. In his off-time, Terpins is also an entrepeneur who has invested in numerous local businesses and taken part in a lot of charitable events. Check out for details.


Rodrigo Terpins usually competes in the T1 prototype level. These are extremely long races that test the durability of both vehicle and driver. That is why it takes a driver with steel in his veins to become a legend in this sport.



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