Rompers Are Trending For Spring 2016


It’s hard to believe that spring is just around the corner and people are already embracing the sun with their style. One item I am seeing more of lately on fashion sites and on the street are rompers, a loose fitting one piece outfit that tends to look more like dresses on first sight. I suppose because jumpsuits are a big trend at the moment, it makes sense that the shorter version, would also be gaining in popularity.

Recently, Beyonce was featured on, wearing a $68 romper while out for the evening with her hubby. She was spotted in a flirty white romper paired with a leather moto jacket, and a pair of gold heels. The beauty of rompers is that you can easily throw on a pair of sneakers and be just as cute it’s a user-friendly trend. Beyonce may have spent a bunch of money on her accessories but it turns out that rompers were a personalized style suggestion in my March JustFab boutique. I subscribed to JustFab after seeing them featured on Project Runway. After browsing the site for a bit I essentially found the entire look for less than $100. I would call that a great way to begin the spring season.

One thought on “Rompers Are Trending For Spring 2016”

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