Securus Technologies Achievements

Securus Technologies is the best company in the provision of technology solutions based on civil and criminal justice for investigation, public security, monitoring and corrections declared that its Associate population has risen by 2.5 times from the year 2008.

This company is highly concerned of their employees. As a result, they put their employees’ contribution first and value them so much. The tremendous growth of this company is as a result of their hard work in conjunction with their dedication and commitment. We always refer to each other as Associates since we work as partners in the business and not relate to each other as bosses or subordinates. This gives in a room for smooth flow of ideas as well as innovation up and down the organization. It also creates a sense of ownership for each and every one of us. This was brought forward by Rick (Richard A.), the chairman as well as the Chief Executive Officer of the Securus Technologies.

As Securus Technologies we offers various benefits so as to take care of their Associates needs in both the present and long term. Apart from spending 45 billion USD on self-insured healthcare over the last 9 years for our Associates, we have offered tuition reimbursements so that our Associates can still proceed with education for higher degrees. For this reimbursement education program, we offer 3500 USD per each and every Associate and provide graduation bonuses so as to the management of team members who go back to school to pursue a degree. Our incentive plan is quite attractive and enticing with quarterly bonus payments for exempted associates in reward to the company performance in conjunction with a long term equity incentive program that rewards the highest ranked senior managers for value creation over a long time duration. Securus technologies has managed to establish over 3,000 promotional opportunities that gives room for our Associates to grow in their careers. Precisely, this is 3,000 internal promotional opportunities for over 9 years.


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